How to Google Search Using Android Auto – Learn the Tricks Here

Android Auto has been considered as the last innovative factor of this characteristic company, which every day looks for a new way to improve the usability and efficiency of the equipment, including its capabilities.

Working hand in hand with the Google Assistant, it is a program that will allow users to make use of important applications within the device while they are driving or inside their vehicle.

Thanks to this, many drivers will not have to worry about diverting their concentration to manipulate the mobile, since now they will be able to perform common tasks through voice commands.

Step by step to achieve wireless Android Auto connection to the vehicle

The latest generation of cars have acquired a wide range of capabilities that facilitate the use of other devices while driving, in order to make the driver’s experience a real pleasure.

That is why, in order to synchronize the mobile device of your choice with your own car, you must decide which is the connection mode that you like the most, and then run it comfortably.

Currently, wireless connections are the most popular, as they allow the total autonomy of both computers, which saves a significant amount of time for those users who make use of both.

install connect android car phone

By following these steps, you will be able to automatically synchronize this vehicle to the Android Auto app : turn on the car, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile device and press on the adapter that identifies the car to link it with your phone.

Upon achieving this, you must proceed to open the aforementioned application on the phone and wait for the notification to appear automatically on the car screen, so that when you select it, the synchronization between both computers is completed.

Use Android Auto to search while driving

One of the great advantages of this program is that it allows you to perform endless tasks by simply saying the appropriate sequence of words, including browsing the Internet.

Whether you want to search for a colorful image through Google , or simply find relevant information within the browser while driving, you should know that thanks to this app it is possible. To achieve this, you have two options.

Use Google through its assistant

Previously we had mentioned that Android Auto works hand in hand with the Assistant that Google has, because when driving, it is more effective to carry out verbal communication with the device to accomplish tasks.

At the bottom of the program interface you can find the microphone icon, which will allow you to interact directly with “Ok Google”, just by stating the desired order and letting the assistant do all the work.

Using the program’s favorite applications

There is also the possibility of using the Google search engine through the preferences established by the Android program, since its interface also has direct access to those applications that the user uses on a recurring basis in the car.

Once the Android Auto application is open, try to establish the Google search icon among your favorites, so that it is only necessary to press on it to navigate.

In this way, and clearly stating the orders correctly, you can navigate to find relevant information or search for a game like Pacman so that your companions can entertain themselves during the trip.

touch panel android auto

As far as tasks are concerned, there is no limit that can stop you from using any other application inside the car, because you can even work with the music player, the calendar, Google Maps, among others.

It is important to mention that Android Auto works based on the settings established by each user, so in case your children also want to navigate within this application, we recommend that they use the children’s search engine that the Google company has programmed for them.

Finally, and thanks to these new utilities, you will no longer have to stop to use the browser or app of your choice, nor will you have to risk an accident again to use your phone.

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