How to format a Micro SD from any Android device?

Sometimes most devices apart from their already integrated memory, which is the so-called internal memory, does not reach the full amount of information that the device has, usually because users demand a lot of information from their devices.

This is why a Micro SD card is attached to android devices to remove the annoyance generated by seeing that your mobile does not have enough storage capacity, to improve the experience of its use.

What is a Micro SD card?

It is a device similar to a flash memory , because it fills up with a considerable amount of storage in a minimal amount of processing.

Its size is very small. They were developed in order to enter any device, not only your mobile but also laptops.

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They are present with more force in the market since 2005 because the devices that have been released during this time have the need to improve their storage .

They have capacities ranging from 4gb to 64gb and you can store photos, videos and applications, regardless of whether the applications you use are large or small storage.

Advantages of formatting a Micro SD

  • You can step to new files or applications.
  • Your mobile device is not going to slow down because it is not as demanding in terms of the use of the files it has.
  • If your device shows that you have a virus, by performing this action you will automatically free yourself from that problem.
  • You can transfer your files that you need to another device and format the other files with the peace of mind that the Micro SD card will not be damaged .
  • You can not only format it once but as many times as you want.

Disadvantages of formatting a Micro SD

  • You completely lose your files.
  • You don’t have a recycle bin if you decide to format it.
  • It may be that after formatting it a write protection will be generated that will not let you use it again.
  • Sometimes the complete training process is not fulfilled due to factory problems in your Micro SD.


Why don’t you use your Micro SD memory?

Sometimes when we acquire a new android device, they offer us the option of an original Micro SD card , this in some telephone or technology agencies is optional.

Mobile repair nurses

Sometimes they include the card in the mobile, however, some people do not pay attention to this and lose the benefits of it. Or they just don’t know it.

For this reason, it is advisable to check the micro SD slot on your android device after purchasing it.

In case you do not have a built-in Micro SD, it is a good time to get ready to store files in your Micro SD memory in order to have more range, performance and efficiency on your device.

If what happens is the opposite where you have too much information inside your Micro SD, what we propose is that if the information you have in the future will not be of any use to you, you have to format it from your android device.

Steps to format your Micro SD from your Android

  • The first thing you should do is go to the settings or configuration option .
  • Depending on the design of your mobile, some have the option of “capacity and USB” others can say “storage memory” or simply say “storage”.
  • After you enter you will notice that there are two options, the first that you will see will be the internal storage, while the second will say Micro SD or SD memory.
  • You are going to press the Micro SD option and when you enter you will see all the content that is in that SD memory, there you will not take into account the folders.
    You should go to the upper right corner where you can see more options, there you will have to go to the settings option.
  • When you enter you will realize that you have two options, one is to deactivate the Micro SD, the other is to format. Logically you will have to select the format option so that, in this way, you can get rid of all the files that you are not going to use.

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