How to download or download LG Mobile Support Tool for free for my PC

One of the most common problems in smart devices is when they begin to generate certain failures or errors of the device software, which forces us to look for various options to be able to solve the failure that our device has, and likewise we download certain files and programs that are able to remedy the software error that the smartphone is going through, this normally occurs on devices with Android operating system.

This is a problem that becomes very frequent more than everything in the LG brand android devices and the same users who use these devices affirm that after the device began to present software problems and they tried to root it or restart it, it stopped starting from normal form, or it was faulty as it was used.

Therefore, the best way to root a smartphone with an Android operating system of the LG brand is through the official tool offered by the same company, it is a program capable of solving any problem that is specifically related to the firmware of the device, We are talking about LG Mobile Support Tool, which we are going to show you how to download in this article.

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What is LG Mobile Support Tool?

The LG Mobile Support Tool program is a software developed by the same LG electronics company which is used for file recovery and firmware repair of LG devices.

The program can be very useful to fix the device in case it does not boot due to a failure during the operating system update process or even some error that the keyboard itself presents , below we will show you how to download LG Mobile Support Tool in a free on your PC to fix your Smartphone:

How to download LG Mobile Support Tool for free to my PC

  1. The first thing to do is download the LG Mobile Support Tool program, for this you will have to access the official LG page  where you will find the links to download
  2. When you are on the official LG website, you will have to fill in the boxes on the same page with the model of your mobile device so that the page can offer the necessary software to download to your device.
  3. After filling in all the boxes and choosing the software, it will automatically start downloading the drivers and the LG Mobile Support Tool Software, select both options to be able to download later to your Android device

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How to use LG Mobile Support Tool software to fix my LG device

Once you have installed the Drivers and the LG Mobile Support Tool software, it would be necessary to use it on the mobile device to do so, follow the steps that we will show you below:

  1. The first thing you will have to do is turn off your mobile device and then put it in Emergency mode, generally this action can be activated simply by pressing the volume up button, although of course this depends on what device you have, and then connect the device to the computer .
  2. Having connected the mobile device to the PC, it will be necessary to verify that the equipment has been able to recognize the device, we will know this if we receive a firmware update message , after having verified that the device has been recognized, you will have to open the LG Mobile program Support Tool.
  3. When you open the software, press the download button and select the device to which you want to download the files, in this case your mobile device, when you press download, the download process will begin that should be highlighted, it can take a long time, so there is no to disconnect the USB cable for no reason.
  4. After finishing the download you will have to enter the IMEI number of your phone in the bar that shows the program
  5. After having entered the IMEI number, click on the OK option and wait for the installation process to finish loading.
  6. After that, the phone will begin to update and repair the system, the only thing left to do at this time is to wait for the download and repair process to finish, when this process has finished, close the program and disconnect your mobile device from the PC.
  7. And ready! Your phone will have installed the necessary updates for its proper functioning, and it will return to its factory state so that you can start configuring it from scratch.

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