How to delete duplicate files, photos and documents on my Android mobile

It is important that our mobile device is always available space, a device with little space may run slow, have problems opening applications or downloading files, photos and new applications due to lack of space.

There are different options that we can use to free up space inside our device, but they all lead to the same thing: deleting files, videos, photos that we no longer need or that in many cases are duplicated within it.

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How do I delete files, photos and videos from my Android device?

  1. We enter our Google Photos within our device and then there we will look for the option to be able to delete files to free up space.
  2. Within Google Photos we will go to the menu option, a new menu of options will be displayed where we must find the option to “Free up space on the device” and inside a new tab will open where we will be asked for confirmation to free up the space inside the device.
  3. It eliminates what it thinks is junk content inside our device and thus it will tell us the percentage in kbts of the amount of space that was freed at that time.

Duplicate Files Fixer – Delete any file on your device

This application allows us to delete files within our device, being able to select which ones and even see files that the Google Photos application does not allow us to delete from there.

A free application that we can download Duplicate Files Fixer from the Play Store on our device without much difficulty. We will teach you how to use it and get the most out of it.

  1. First we must download the application from the Play Store to be able to access and thus install it on our device.
  2. Once installed on our device we must open the application and there we will see that there are different sections each highlighting what it would be, they can be files, photos, videos and others, the program will show you everything that is possible to delete within your device.
  3. By marking the files, photos or videos we can access their permanent deletion, it is interesting to know that this application does not delete elements from your device without making a prior clarification and that you accept this in order to eliminate it completely.

An extremely important application to have on our device and use it at least once a week, thus keeping our device free of unwanted and duplicate files, photos, videos and more.

In this way, the performance of your mobile device will return to normal and you will improve navigation, you will be able to install new applications and more.

Today’s devices do not always have enough space to store duplicate files, it is not always possible to have unlimited space and it is necessary for us to optimize the mobile by increasing the ram memory of your Android device, for optimal maintenance.

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Improve up to 50% more the operation of your mobile

A mobile device that has maintenance once a week, will improve its performance by 50% more and will work better, with greater fluidity.

Using the application “Duplicate Files Fixer” you can optimize your device to the maximum, it has more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store, placing it as one of the best in its category.

If you choose to only use Google Photos services, you will only agree to delete videos and photos, the downloaded files that are duplicated or that are not necessary, you will only find it with an application designed to eliminate unwanted files.

If this guide was helpful to you to improve the performance of your device, learning how to delete duplicate files, photos and documents on my Android mobile , then you can find more information on how to move my Android applications from internal memory to SD card step Step.

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