How to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile?

In short, what you must ask from now on, is that it cannot do our Android device. Is that there is an application or function that allows us to do a certain task, turning our device into a true Swiss army knife.

Maybe you don’t know that you can have different horrendous zones and coordinate them. This is why here you will learn how to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile?

mobile coordinate different time zones

It is possible that for work reasons it is required to know the time in another part of the world, it can also be for study reasons or simply out of curiosity. For whatever reason, it is possible to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile. Today we will teach you to do this simple task, using an extraordinary tool.

Most of the problems that we can find in the future of life can be solved through the use of the Apps. We also use free Widget and we can find out which ones are the best for our Android devices. The truth is that we use these tools on a daily basis and allow us to have a better quality of life.

How to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile

It is possible that the information regarding time zones may interest you because we may have family or friends in other latitudes. And it is advisable to know what time it is in your current country of residence, so that we can communicate with them at prudent times and not when they are sleeping.

It could also happen that you are looking at the announcements about the premiere of a new series or movie, but this one offers you the time of the country of origin. So, how to know what time it will be in my country to see that premiere. From what we can see there are many reasons that motivate us to know other time zones and if it can be done through my mobile, much better.

We will use My Time Checker to be able to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile, it is a free application and you can get it through the Play Store . It is very simple to use, light and its interface allows you a perfect interaction. Then go directly to the Google store and download this fabulous tool.

How to use the App to coordinate different time zones

After you have installed and opened it on your device, it will immediately access the current database of the different time zones. And it works as follows, on the screen you will find a circle that is divided into 24 parts. These are the 24 hours of an earth day, it will also show you colored bars around the circle that are the working hours.

Thus, by setting these working hours, both yours and those of your friends who are in another country, you can know when to call. You can do this from the Settings section, and add all the people you want to know their time zone and coordinate with the times when you can communicate with them.

If you realize it is very simple to use, the same application tells you what to do, maybe it will complicate you a little because it is in English. But I assure you that you can use it without problems, you must select for each user a color, name, also choose the continent, the country, etc. Like a GPS , when you have made all these adjustments and return to the home screen of the App you will see that the changes will be applied.

You should know that the top part will show you the current situation, and at the bottom you will have a legend with the data of each user that you have entered and their respective color. If you want to make any changes, you can do it easily and quickly by entering the Settings, in short, it is very easy to use.

cell phone different time zones

Thus, in this way we conclude this explanatory tutorial, which will teach you the use and operation of a very useful App in these modern times. And without wasting time and in a few minutes you learned how to coordinate different time zones with my Android mobile.

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