How to control my Samsung mobile remotely from my PC

The versatility of technological devices is not limited to their internal use, that is, in making the most of the internal tools that are in the different teams, and based on their functions. The use can transcend the borders between the teams and in unison run into each other along the way.

With the above we mean that the technological devices or equipment can be used as vehicles or means, for the use of other equipment, this is how a mobile can be controlled from the PC , or in the opposite sense of the function, a PC control from a mobile.

Under this line of ideas, the mobile can be used for other purposes, such as using it as a keyboard or mouse for the PC , or covering other aspects of life and using the Android cell phone as a remote control for Smart TV , the possibilities being very diverse, we must focus on one in particular, that of how to control the Samsung mobile remotely from the PC.

Control Samsung mobile remotely from PC

This possibility is not an absurd or improbable wish, it is a perfectly executable action that can be done from Samsung devices. There are tools and applications that enable this action in Samsung.

use cell phone from pc

There is a famous one, for its feasibility and efficiency in the use of the PC, from the mobile phone, despite little talk about its inverse function, which is what concerns us. We are talking about Teamviewer Host.

Its use is especially recommended, since other applications and mechanisms, intended for the same function, may require, or even require complicated processes, involving connections, cables and even the application of a Root to be able to execute the configuration and achieve the objective. desired to control the Samsung mobile remotely. By virtue of that, let’s see how to achieve it.

Procedure to control the mobile remotely from the PC, with Teamviewer Host

In the first order it will be necessary to install the application. For this we must bear in mind that there is a special variant of the application, which is dedicated to its use in conjunction with Samsung devices. This is Teamviewer Host for Samsung.

To download and install it, we refer to the Play Store, where the upper segment can write the name of the App and search for it. Once found, we click on install, which will start the download and installation process in a self-taught way, when installed, it will notify us and we can open the application to proceed to configure it.

To configure the account, no great process is required, since most of it is executed automatically by the same application, but it does require some user intervention. To do this, you access the application just installed on your mobile, where you must log in. Which is simple, a user record is created, entering the required data, within the segment that says “Register”.

use the cell phone remotely from the pc

At this point the process of obtaining the medium is ready, and the registration, now it only remains to proceed to link or make the connection with the PC, to be able to control the Samsung mobile remotely. What is done as follows.

Process to link the Samsung mobile with the application and the PC

Once the mobile device is registered, a link, or connection, between it and the PC will be necessary, from where you want to control remotely. What proceeds as follows.

It will be necessary to achieve a link between the PC and the Samsung device, therefore, most of it has already been done, since the mobile phone is registered, with the previous procedures.

To achieve remote control of the device, the application must be downloaded and installed for the particular version of the operating system used, where there are three specific versions. The one offered for Windows, for Mac and for Linux. Based on what the user uses, it is downloaded and installed on the PC.

Once that is done, proceed to open the session from the PC, with the account that was created on the Samsung device. As it is already linked, a control of the Samsung mobile can be carried out remotely from the PC.

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