How to connect a mouse and USB memory to an Android tablet – Quick and easy

There are different theories about who created the first device that will perform computing activities. However, it is known to all that Konrad Zuse was the creator and developer of the first computer that would start a movement that would allow the evolution of technology.

Currently, there are devices that allow the exchange of information and in turn help make the performance of other computers more efficient. An example of this is the mouse or USB.

And is that although many people believe that connecting a mouse or a USB memory is a very simple process, it may have its complications for novice users. Because of this, in this article we will teach you step by step how to do it.

How to connect a mouse and a USB memory to an Android Tablet?

Red mouse

At present it is estimated that there are more than thirty computer corporations that are responsible for designing and manufacturing new electronic devices and marketing them worldwide. Some of the most famous are Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola and Apple, although the latter does not work with an Android operating system.

By virtue of this, different devices have been developed, such as the Android tablet that basically has functions similar to those of a Smartphone or smart phone. Of course, with some points in favor such as a much larger screen.

An Android tablet allows its owner to manage various applications and tools that are also contained in a mobile device. But in this case you can include other options such as connecting headphones via Bluetooth , a mouse to operate it or a USB memory to extract or view its content.

Connect a mouse and USB memory to an Android tablet

The input port on an Android tablet is quite small compared to the ports used to connect a USB stick or mouse to a computer. This is why an additional tool is required. In this case an OTG cable .

The OTG cable has an input port at one end similar to that of an Android mobile device or a tablet. And towards the other end it has an input similar to the ports that are used to connect the cable of a mouse or a USB memory.

To connect to the mouse:

OTG cable

  • The first step is then to obtain an OTG cable, which is sold in computer product stores and whose price is quite accessible.
  • Once the cable is obtained, it is first connected to the Android Tablet, which recognizes it almost instantly.
  • After connecting to the Tablet, the mouse cable is connected to the excess end of the OTG cable.
  • In this way, the user will be able to handle the Tablet at will as if he were using his own finger.
  • With the sliding button you go from one page to another (widgets), with the main button you click on an application or tool, and with the secondary button you can choose “backwards” or back.
  • In case the mouse is wireless, then the wireless sensor is connected to the end of the OTG cable.

To connect a USB memory:

  • We connect the OTG cable again  first in the Android Tablet and then to the USB memory.
  • We wait a few seconds for the device to recognize the memory.
  • We can see that it has already been recognized because the USB icon appears at the top of the screen.

If we follow these steps, we will have an excellent result in our connection. Since in addition to being a simple process, it is not very time consuming.

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