How to clear the cache and cookies in my Android browser?

As the period of use of a device increases, so does the need to maintain clean and uncluttered software, avoiding storing unnecessary data. Clearing the browser’s cache and cookies is a very common option when this is required, as it will help improve the user experience.

This is a very popular terminology within the Internet community, as they are characterized by being informative complements of the use of navigation.

Although they differ in small ways, the relationship between them is very particular. This is because each one is intended for a specific content, with the aim of storing navigation data considered relevant.

On the one hand, the cache is stored by the browser and the applications, which is responsible for remembering aspects of the pages to facilitate future loads.

However, cookies are files that web pages create when they are visited, with the aim of improving the use of the Internet browser and the loading speed of pages you have already visited.

Have you considered clearing the cache and cookies on your computers?

Any device that has access to navigation will store this type of data, including those that operate with the Android OS.

The effect that this information may cause depends directly on the degree of data collection stored in the device, since as it accumulates it directly affects the speed with which it operates.

clear the cache and cookies of your computers

Deciding to clear the cache and cookies will also allow the information provided to the Internet to be kept completely private.

This is because this data is used so that the browser generator knows what to show (based on your searches) as you enter different pages.

Unfortunately the Internet is a potentially dangerous site, and the information can be used against you to track you, as well as the exposure of your personal data. For this and other things, it is recommended to constantly delete this data from the device.

Start clearing the cache and cookies in the simplest way

There is a large number of programs that allow access to different corners of the Internet, which have expanded their compatibility to reach mobile devices.

clear cache and cookies in the simplest way

Despite the fact that Android has a default browsing style, many users mold it to their taste and preferences. That is why it has been decided to determine the instructions to clear the cache and cookies depending on the browser you use.

Google Chrome for Android

When we refer to “default browsing” we are talking about Chrome, as this is the browser that the operating system adds by default.

To begin, open the drop-down menu within the application and enter the “Settings” section. Within this list of settings, you will find the “Privacy” section.

Among all the options present, click on “Delete browsing data” to choose what you want to delete, checking the box “Cookies and site data” and other aspects of your preference.

At the end of the selection, you only need to press the “Clear data” button for the procedure to be carried out automatically.

Mozilla Firefox

Characterized by being a browser with exclusive functions, Firefox also allows you to clear the cache and cookies through its options menu.

By entering “Settings” you will be able to read an option called “Clean private data”, which is what stores Internet browsing data.

After checking the “Cookies and active sessions” box, you can click on “Clear data” to clean the device of all the accumulated cache.

Opera for Android

Although Opera has different versions, the methodology for cleaning private information is practically the same.

By clicking on the browser logo, access the “Settings” menu until you find the option “Clear browsing data.” Within “Privacy” you can choose the “Cookies and site data” to be the content that you will proceed to eliminate.

In the same way in which it was done in previous times, you will finish by pressing the “Delete data” button so that the content disappears automatically.

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