How to change the language of my Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone

How can I change the language of my Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone?

You may be interested in starting by learning how to change the language from Spanish to English. Well, here we will help you in this field and in others. We will not only teach you how to change the language, but also the reverse process, and how to do it from both the keyboard and the general system.

How to change the language of my Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone from the system?

The simple steps you must follow to achieve this are:

  • Go to the “Home” screen.
  • Swipe up or down from the center of the screen to access the “Applications” screen.
  • Go to the “Settings” option.
  • Find the option “General Administration”.
  • Enter the option “Language” and “Input”.
  • Once there, select the option “Languages” and choose the language you want, that is “English” (Unites States)

Surely you wonder how to reverse the process that we just carried out, if you want to do so.

laptop and samsun galaxi s10

The process to be carried out is basically the same as that we have just used, we access the “Settings” option until we find the “Languages” option again, where in this case we will search for the “Spanish” language. Proceed to tap on the “Apply” option and you will be ready to use this language, Spanish.

How to change the keyboard language?

You will agree that an unavoidable task when using a cell phone is to see ourselves in the situation of sending an email or message in another language. By putting a case on your Android keyboard you will be able to put the Korean language effectively. So you always need to do it properly in the corresponding language, and have the opportunity to use the spell checker.

In order not to make any spelling mistakes, we must carry out the following easy and fast process. The steps to follow are:

  • Go to the “Settings” application .
  • Select the “General Administration” option.
  • Once located in this section, we access the “Language” and “Input” options.
  • There we will see a section titled “Keyboard”.
  • Select the first option with the title “On-screen keyboard”.
  • The system will show us a list with the different keyboards that we have installed, we suggest that you be familiar with the keyboard you are using.
  • If for example, it is “Samsung keyboard”, we press this keyboard.
  • In the option “Samsung keyboard” we select the option “Languages ​​and types”.
  • In the option “Languages ​​and types” we will be given the option “Manage languages”
  • Once there, we can select the language that we want to use habitually ready, the keyboard from that moment on will provide us with the spell checker in the language we select and will also use the symbols that are used.

As you may have noticed, changing the language on a Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone has turned out to be super easy. Of course, if you still want to learn a little more about how to change the language on your Android mobile, we suggest you dive into some of the reliable pages that the Internet provides to do so.

Reasons that make a Samsung Galaxy S10 very attractive

If by now you are already determined to be a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone or perhaps you already are, well here are a few compelling reasons that will make you decide to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 cell phone or if you already acquired it, to be proud of having done it. The reasons are:

  • Dynamic AMOLED screen.
  • You can also rotate and use the landscape mode screen on the Galaxy S10.
  • Camera on the screen.
  • An incredible ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the panel.
  • Wifi 6.
  • Brightness up to 1200 Nits.
  • Double aperture and dual Pixel.

change language to samsun galaxi s10 with laptop

We say goodbye until a new opportunity, hoping to have been of great help. We were pleased to share with you all our suggestions and knowledge; Feel free to apply all of our suggestions because, if you follow them to the letter, you will have the best results.

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