How to change the default apps that open files on Android

Changing the default applications can be very useful in case you want to use another program to open files. Today you will learn the proper method to make this change without major inconvenience.

What are the default apps?

If you have questions about the default applications of your Android device, do not worry here you will learn exactly what they are. Something that you should know in case you want to customize your device to your liking.

The default applications are effectively those applications that open by default when you try to open a specific link, file, or document. For example, if you open a website and by default it opens with Chrome, you can change the default browser on your Android mobile and open the link with another browser of your choice.

In any case, this can be annoying if you have other applications designed for this purpose. It is at these times that you should change the default applications. Today you will learn how to delete default apps and change them on Android.

How to change the default apps that open files on Android

The basic option presented to us, Android devices allow us to change the basic default applications of our system. If you want to make this change easily, follow the instructions below:

  1. The first thing to do is head to the Settings options on your Android device. Although this may vary in some cases, the procedure is usually the same.
  2. Press on Applications, in the upper right part of the screen you will find three points, Through them you can access other options present in this section. Click on the Default applications tab.
  3. In this section you could change the default Applications for certain functions, such as the default browser, default applications or messaging services.

Default apps

This method is especially useful for the basic functions present in our Android devices. Using it you can change the default options present on your mobile, customizing it appropriately.

Even so, it will be necessary to use other applications, before this it is best to know the best applications to open files on Android and replace the old ones with better ones.

Delete default apps by default

If you cannot find the function that you want to remove from the default options, you must carry out the procedure by locating the application that opens automatically. This process is fairly straightforward, but you need to be aware of that default app you want to disable.

While the above method can be useful for basic purposes, it will not show all the functions that you may want to change. To solve this, follow the steps below.

  1. Go first to the Settings options .
  2. Now look for the Applications section , in this case you have to be aware of which application is occupying that default function, for example suppose you refer to the gallery, then go to the application.
  3. At the bottom, the option Set as default will appear, click here.
  4. It will show on the screen that the application is the default option for some functions. All you have to do is click on the Delete defaults button .

Android defaults

This method is especially useful in the case that you have downloaded a more efficient application than the one that comes by default in the system. This way you can make the next time you open a file run with the new application.

In any case, it is worth pointing out a recommendation, for example there is the possibility of opening all kinds of files on Android mobiles if the appropriate tricks are known, being able to improve the performance and capabilities of your computer

Change default apps

The process for changing default apps is not complicated. Once you have deleted the previous default App, you just have to open that file, link or document again and select the default application you want.

After the previous steps, there is nothing left but to finish organizing your system. For this we recommend methods such as organizing Android applications by sections  that will allow you to navigate much more easily on your mobile

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