How to add a second new language to the Samsung Galaxy S10 keyboard

Managed to develop equipment from Smart TV which have many tricks , high-end telephone, latest generation appliances and many other products developed in the company. But nevertheless, it is always good to save and take care of the battery of your Samsung S10 that sometimes presents the problem that it discharges very quickly.

How to add a second new language to the Samsung Galaxy S10 keyboard?

Because Samsung products are exported to different continents, the company has had to implement its equipment in different versions and languages.

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The Samsung Galaxy keyboard does not escape these settings, which is why the default application allows users to establish communication links from different languages, being necessary to change the language of the Samsung Galaxy S10

However, this setting can cause some inconvenience for users who accidentally switch to a language they cannot understand. To adjust the keyboard language again or add another, just follow these steps:

Steps to add a second new language to my S10 keyboard

  • I swiped my finger in any direction to access the menu of available applications
  • You will find the icon for tools or Settings.
  • Enter the Settings menu and scroll until you find the option “General Administration”. At this point, various Settings are contained at the general level of the device.
  • You must enter the general administration of the device and select the option “Language or Text input” > Language.
  • Then, you will find different languages ​​available, click on “Spanish” or “Spanish (Spain)” if you are looking for.
  • If the setting is only necessary for the keyboard, follow the steps and when you reach the “Language or text input” option ,   click on “On-screen keyboard”.

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  • I entered the Samsung keyboard and in the option “Languages ​​and types” select the language you want to configure, if you cannot find the appropriate language, you can click on “add language”.
  • Select the correct one and add it in this way to the panel of available languages.

If you also want to delete a Language, you can click on the three points located in the upper left corner and select the “delete” option.

Technological innovations of the New Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy company has launched the S10 smart device that also has a new design version and operating system of the common Android software.

This new version has endless aspects that have been improved in order to provide a more than satisfactory experience to Galaxy users, one of which is called “Reversible charging”. This tool allows the cell phone to share the battery charge available in it, with another device.

There is a version called Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite that was launched at the beginning of this year 2020 and that has, among other aspects, a front camera with 32 mega pixels, so the resolution when taking selfies is more than excellent.

However, the previous design of Galaxy has two rear cameras that take care of the focus, resolution, and equalization of the colors when taking pictures.

The slim and compact lightweight design of the equipment also has different colors, including black, white, green and gray so that each user can select the tone that best suits their tastes and style.

The teams Samsung feature exclusive technologies developed with own menus for each application so that the user can configure various general aspects of the device, because of this very exclusive demand has increased internationally, focusing on the company with a 17% overall of South Korea’s GDP.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to add a second new language to the Samsung Galaxy S10 keyboard? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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