How to activate the notification light on the Samsung Galaxy s10?

Samsung was born in the heart of South Korea.  Its founder being a young man from a wealthy family named Lee Byung-Chul who is initially dedicated to exporting food products.

Later, with the rise of electronic products of the time, Samsung began to sell household appliances such as stoves and radios. Thus, it gained fame in the industry and thus later became one of the leaders in the manufacture and sale of smart electronic devices today.

What are the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its origin?

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was created and designed to celebrate ten years of the Galaxy “S” generation in the mobile phone industry. Which means years of growth, study and technological innovations to provide consumers with the best in mobile technology.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 has a unique operating system and design and navigation aspects , which make it a desired Smartphone in the industry. Due to its new features, it is likely that some options available to personalize the mobile are unknown, for example, the settings in the notifications.

How to activate the notification light on the Samsung Galaxy s10?


notification light on Samsung Galaxy s10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 have general configuration aspects that include the use of LED lights to indicate to the user the arrival of new notifications such as messages or calls. If you want you can customize and change the color of the notification LED

However, with the emergence of new social messaging networks such as WhatsApp Messenger or Instagram, it is likely that it will be necessary to readjust these options so that these applications are also included in the notifications.

Steps to activate the notification light on the Samsung Galaxy s10

Today we will teach you how to activate notifications through LED lights on your Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile using the following process:

  • Swipe in the applications menu and look for the “Settings” icon represented on the mobile in the shape of a gear (similar to a nut).
  • Click on the settings application and select the “Screen” option from the list .
  • You will find some settings options such as the home screen, simple mode, navigation bar and Edge screen, select in the latter.
  • Once you enter you will have to press on the blue sliding button to activate the “Edge screen lighting”.
  • When activating we can enter this option, to adjust the lighting of the notifications:
  • You must activate the option to “show Edge screen lighting” by placing “always”.
  • You can choose the type of lighting you want for notifications, entering “Edge lighting style”. There you can choose the color you want to use and the available effects.
  • In the last section you will have the option to choose in which applications you want to activate notifications by LED light.

Other options available on my Samsung Galaxy S10

As we have mentioned before, the Samsung Galaxy S10 encompasses a series of modifications and available tools that set the standard in the growth of the Galaxy “S” generation. So there are some innovations that should be known to you, the most important are:

  • Galaxy Samsung S10 has an AMOLED screen that has 100% sharpness and color and also has splendid lighting.
  • The device only weighs about 150 grams and measures about 2.3mm.
  • One 8 GB RAM memory , plus 128 or 512 GB of external memory.
  • Biometric authentication system that has an intelligent sensor that records the biometric pattern of the fingerprint and allows the individual to protect the information on their mobile with an almost impenetrable barrier.
  • The device has an Android 9.0 version.
  • 12 MP + 12MP + 16MP camera
  • 3400mah battery .
  • Also, today Samsung devices have their own virtual voice assistant .

There is no doubt that the company Samsung is making more and more efforts to launch powerful smart devices. Emphasizing that generally each new release provides an improved version.

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