How to activate the Android P notification bar on another Android without root

Therefore, the developers of these devices are always looking to improve our experience with it, making them more comfortable to use and more intuitive. A goal that in the ever-changing world of technology always gets further. That is why we see how the operating systems of these devices are developed.

New looks and features are always being added to each of these devices. Either from an aesthetic or utility point of view, every year there are always new additions to these devices, such as being able to navigate faster with 4g . And it has not been an exception to the devices that have come out in recent years.

In the case of today’s devices, there is a great emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of mobiles. This, especially when many of the new models are “borderless” or “borderless “, that is, the mobile takes advantage of much of its front area just to have a screen.

This has led to the creation of many things, such as the notch. But it is not only limited to physical creations, but also aesthetic ones.

Android developers have wondered how we can implement better aesthetics in new devices? And the answer has come in the form of Android 9.0 Pie, also known as Android P.

This has been an operating system that has taken a lot of inspiration from the new designs that come with Google Material Theme. And, since these designs are so clean, rounded and quite modern, it is normal that we can get a little of it in the Android P options .

view android notifications

But, many people who do not have the option to use Android P have been a bit frustrated by not being able to access this content. Among this, is the Android P notification bar, which in fact is quite attractive.

But if you want to get it, there are always ways to do it. See below everything you need to know to be able to obtain it without having to root your device.

Getting the Android P notification bar

Being stuck on an Android version comes with a lot of downsides. Not only can you not access the new features of the new versions, but you cannot download or access apps that have been designed for them.

And this can happen with the new features of Android P. But there is no need to despair, all you have to do is download a little program called PowerShade.

PowerShade is an app that you can find directly in the Google Play Store. By just downloading it, you won’t have to do much more to get the Android P notification bar, as well as its shortcuts.

Just open it once the app is downloaded, and follow the process shown on the screen regarding permissions and others. Once that is ready, you will be able to exit and see your new notification bar; just as an Android native P.

mobile notification bar

What else can I do with PowerShade?

As we mentioned earlier, you will not only have access to the Android 9.0 Pie notification bar , but also to its shortcuts. But, that’s not all, you can also modify various extras on an aesthetic level in your new bar, where I even know the color and other aspects.

Although, also remember that there is a paid version through which you can change the transparency of the bar and other things.

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