How to activate developer options on my Android device?

Android offers multiple alternatives for developers. There is a function that allows you to know the developer options to configure our phone according to certain requirements if you are an advanced user. If you wonder how to activate the developer options on my Android device? Then this article is for you.

Keep in mind that the following guide is designed specifically for mobile phones, but developer mode can also be activated on an Android Wear smartwatch . To continue with the mobile tutorial, keep reading.

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How to activate developer options on my Android device?

You should note that the developer options were created for application creation and device debugging. Therefore, it is not recommended to activate this option if you do not have knowledge of App development.

Pay attention to the usefulness of the developer options so that you can activate them only when necessary.

What are the developer options on my Android device?

The developer options correspond to the means to apply an advanced modification on our phone. These options remain hidden until activated by the user. Actions such as rooting your Huawei or other brand mobile or installing a ROM correspond to activities that you can perform in development mode.

Thanks to the developer options, it is possible to configure the behavior of the system in order to generate changes that are necessary for the device to function optimally.

Where are the developer options found?

Typically these options are not visible to the common user. However, in the Settings or Configuration application of the device, the setting for advanced users is kept latent.

Activating developer options on an Android device

To activate the developer options on your Android device go to “Settings” or “Settings”. Then, you need to look for the “phone information” section . There, you will find the section called  Build number “. Press six times on this section continuously until a message appears informing you that the developer options have just been activated on your device.

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What are the advantages of developer options on Android?

The developer options will allow you to make use of multiple functions such as: activate the USB debugging mode in Android  to test applications before installing them, the animation scale so that the phone works more quickly by reducing the animation scale and the dark mode that enable this attribute in all applications.

Similarly, developer options make OEM unlocking easy . This process consists of configuring the starter to unlock and configuring the running services to find out if certain applications have a service or process running.

Also, advanced users can activate the demo mode so that the status bar icons are not displayed. With this option the full battery, coverage and WiFi icons are displayed.

Other options in this mode

Also, with the developer options it is possible to observe the bluetooth search log, show hardware layer updates, view CPU usage, add error report, activate OpenGL traces, and limit background processes.

One of the strategies that can be executed through developer mode is related to the location of the device. If you want to enforce privacy, then you can enable the option “Allow test locations / Allow fake locations “, but remember that there are other ways to improve security and privacy on Android .

On the other hand, you can add a password to the backup from the development options. It is important to mention that if you forget the password there will be no way to recover the copy.

In the same way, it is possible to configure the terminal to close the applications just when you stop using them. This procedure is not highly recommended since applications tend to take longer to open later.

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