How do I know the hardware my Android cell phone uses? – Fast and easy

Have you ever wondered how to know the hardware that my Android cell phone uses ? – Easy and Fast, so we recommend you read the following information in which we will talk precisely about this, so that you can once and for all know all the components of your mobile.

Just as  knowing the performance of the graphics card in Windows is very useful, knowing the capacity of the processor or graphic memory of the mobile will give you an idea of ​​the general capabilities of the device.

For this it will be necessary to use certain external tools, which will help you to know all the components that make up your mobile. Read the following guide carefully, because we will talk about the easiest ways to know all the components present in a cell phone.

What is the hardware of our mobile?

When we talk about hardware we refer to all the physical components that make up any electronic or technological device. The physical elements that are part of any device are called hardware.

In any case, it would be good if you knew the difference between the types of Hardware and Software , so that you can better understand hardware in general.

In short, the hardware determines the power and general capabilities of our mobiles, so knowing it is highly recommended. In relation to this, there are several ways to know the hardware present in a cell phone, today we will talk about some of the options to know this information easily.

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How do I know the hardware my Android cell phone uses? – Fast and easy

Surely you have wondered how to know all the hardware present in your mobile device, the truth is that for this there are several options, among which we find applications suitable for this purpose and also certain pages that fulfill this purpose.

Device Info HW

One of the best applications with which you can see all the information related to your device is Device Info HW. Device Info HW is an excellent application with which you can see without limitations all the hardware present on your mobile device.

It stands out for offering multiple functions with which we can access different categories, with the software it is possible to see general aspects of the system. You will be able to see the hardware, the camera, the multiple sensors present in the device, the battery and its status and even the applications installed on the system.

As you can see, the application stands out for offering an overview of your entire phone, in which you can see in detail all the elements that compose it and know the hardware present in the device. This can be especially useful for evaluating performance at a general level or making comparisons with other mobiles.

The application is completely free and you can get it directly from the official Google Play Store application store. Just go to Device Info HW in Play Store where you can find it, now click on the “Install” option .

Mobile internal parts


To know the hardware present in our mobile device, it is not necessary to download an application, as there are many websites designed precisely to show all the characteristics of a specific mobile, including of course the hardware of the device.

This time we want to introduce you to the Kimovil platform , one of the best web pages if you want to evaluate the components present on your mobile. It is one of the most recognized pages for this purpose and here you can see various comparisons related to many cell phone models.

Kimovil stands out as it thoroughly evaluates devices and even makes use of benchmarks. That is the case with Antutu, which can be an excellent guide to determine the performance of a mobile device.

You can access the page and use its services completely free of charge, this can be done through the following link Kimovil – Official Page. Once there, you just have to look for the mobile device you want to evaluate, something you can do just by looking for the specific model of said cell phone.

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