How can I increase the WiFi signal on my Android mobile

How can I increase the WiFi signal on my Android mobile?

There are several ways to increase the WiFi signal you receive on your Android device. Many of them range from the simplest to more complex actions, but we can assure you that all of these are effective.

What do I do if the problem is easy to solve?

Although sometimes you may not receive quality WiFi signal due to somewhat complex problems, you may not be able to do so due to situations that are easier to solve.

Something that could cause you not to receive WiFi on your device, you must be the optimal place for it to send a signal correctly, so you need to know the best place to place it . All you have to do is find a suitable place to put your router.

Router wifi move

And if this does not work, a good option is to purchase a WiFi repeater, which allows you to expand the range of the WiFi signal that your router may currently be sending.

Another likely reason is that your phone is doing something in the background. You can solve this by checking if Google Play, Dropbox, Google Photos or any similar application are working without your consent.

If this is the case, you can wait for the application to finish this action or stop it if you like.

What if the problem with my WiFi signal is more complicated?

Despite your attempts to increase the WiFi signal on your Android device, you may not be able to improve anything. In that case, it would be good if you considered the option to investigate the situation and be able to see if the problem is more serious.

Something that can affect the WiFi reception of your device is its design. Some mobiles have metal housings or faulty internal WiFi antennas that may prevent you from receiving WiFi signal normally.

If that is the case with your device, something you can do is take it to your closest trusted technician. This will give you the help and information you need to improve this situation. Perhaps the problem is that your router is not up to date, so you need to find out if it is up to date.

It could also be that your router is defective in one way or another. This would prevent it from functioning normally, so it is recommended that you send it to review with a technician if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Remember that before jumping to conclusions, you should make sure if it is your device or the router that is the problem. Keep in mind that it can also be a general network problem that is preventing you from boosting the WiFi signal on your Android device.

What applications can help me increase the WiFi signal on my mobile device?

One measure that you can also take to improve the WiFi signal that your mobile device receives is to download applications that improve the WiFi signal.

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Some of these applications are:

  • NetSpot.
  • WiFi Booster & Easy Analyzer.
  • Acrylic Wi-Fi Home.
  • OpenSignal.
  • WiFi Manager.

Each is different from the other in design, but they serve the same clever function of improving WiFi. With this variety of options, you can choose the one that you like the most and suits your situation.

All these can be easily obtained through Google Play, so that you can download them as soon as possible and thus optimize the WiFi signal that your Android device receives.

Something that can really help you enjoy the increase in WiFi on your device more is knowing how to share the Android screen on any computer through WiFi . So you can make the most of this improvement.

You can be sure that, although you may face problems when it comes to increasing the WiFi signal on your Android mobile, if you follow these steps you will be able to enjoy your device to the fullest, taking much better advantage of the options that technology offers.

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