What is and what is the Google “I feel lucky” button for?

No matter how long you have been using the internet, you have probably seen the I feel lucky button in the Google search engine more than once and ask yourself “What is this for?” It is is that yes, although the button has always been there, the truth is that we almost always overlook it to a point such that even after so many years as Internet users, we have no idea what the I feel with button is for. lucky google.

For this reason, in this post we will explain everything related to this search function that is present in the most famous search engine in the world. Thus, we will explain what purpose this button has and what it can serve you for on these dates. Without further ado, join us!

What is the “I feel lucky” button?

As you probably already know, Google is the most famous web search engine in the world, which not only allows us to have a much more comfortable and intuitive navigation between websites, but thanks to its powerful algorithm, it positions the sites related to the search you have applied.

Thus, when we carry out a search from Google we find a bar to write what we want to search next to two buttons. These buttons are Google Search and I’m feeling lucky respectively. The first of these (the one we usually use regularly) gives us direct access to the list of sites that respond to our search intent. However, the second (I feel lucky) operates on a different principle.

In this sense, when we write our search intention and press this button, Google directs us directly to a wen page without having to see the list of options that we usually see when pressing Enter or clicking on Search in Google. This process is not random, and it is that the search engine directs us exactly to the web that is positioned as the first search result with respect to what you have written in the search bar.

What is it for?

Thanks to the above, what Google proposes is simply to save us the time of having to choose between different websites and avoid having contact with all kinds of advertising that is present in the search process. For this reason, when you use the Google I feel lucky button , you save time and go directly to the page you were looking for.

Of course, for this to work, it is important to be specific at the time of writing what interests you in the search bar, since not in all cases the search engine will take us to the website you had in mind or the one that responds in such a way effective to your search intent.

Is this button worth using?

This Google function gives us the great advantage of being able to directly access the site we want. So, for example, if we write Twitter and click I feel lucky, we will automatically access this platform without the need to run into advertising and without having to spend time choosing the correct option.

On the other hand, it must be clear that it is not always advisable to use this option. The reason for this is simple: if the page we want to access is not positioned in the first place with respect to our search and is, for example, in the second or third position, then Google will take us to another place that does not is the one you were looking for.

Therefore, whether or not to use the I feel lucky option when we Google something will depend on our particular needs. However, now that you know how this option works, it will surely be much easier for you to use this function. And best of all, now you know exactly what it’s for!

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