The best tools to remove background from an image online

Eliminating the background of an image, whether it is your own or taken from the web, is something that everyone has needed at some point. It is a design job that any inexperienced user would find difficult to achieve, especially when you do not have the right program, which is false. Well luckily, there are online tools and applications that you can use to erase everything that hinders you in photography.

In this sense, the most popular of all is Remove.bg, but there are many other free alternatives online with which you can remove the background from any image. They are specialized websites for this task, which help to speed up the process that would take a few minutes in other photographic editing and digital retouching programs, such as Photoshop. Learn a bit about the best on the list below.


On this page, background erasing is done manually in three simple steps. The first is to upload the image, then you will have to separate the important parts from those you want to delete. Lastly, just wait while the tool does its homework.Quitarfondo.com is one of the easiest websites to use, compared to others that offer the same service.

Although this portal does not have an adaptation for mobile devices, you can use it perfectly from your cell phone, applying the same steps that you would use on your computer. This tool makes separating people, animals, objects and plants from the original background very easy. As an added advantage, it supports any image format.

Clipping Magic

This website uses artificial intelligence to erase the background of the images, but it also allows you to mark what you want to keep from what you want to delete. In this way, a more accurate result is obtained. The cutting process is the same as many other websites on the market. However,Clipping Magic allows you to import photos from your computer or the Internet.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the tool allows you to separate elements for free, it adds a watermark to the final result. However, this is something that can be removed when subscribing to the web.


It is a totally free automatic background remover, in which you can copy the image from a URL, drag it or upload it from your computer’s library. After uploading the photo,Remove.bg is responsible for distinguishing the background from the main elements and removing it in a detailed and perfect way, including animal fur or human hair.

Once the work is finished, the site offers the option to download a preview (image smaller than the original) or the version that you uploaded at the beginning. However, the latter requires the payment of “credits”, a form of payment of the platform. However, 600x400px resolution images are downloaded without having to pay for them.

Background burner

This tool merges automatic and manual erasure. It consists of the same steps as all the previous ones, but it varies in the process. Well, once the image is uploaded to the site, the latter offers you several alternatives with the background removed, among which you can choose the one that has been the best and save it directly or modify any detail with which you are not totally satisfied.

It is important to mention that, in some cases, it is necessary to register in order to obtain the final result of the images. To enter Background Burner doclick here.


It is very simple to use, as it has an automatic background eraser and, although this can show a bit messy results at the end, it also allows you to use the tools to fine-tune any detail you want. OnPIXLR, unlike all the previous alternatives, you do not need to register to download the image.


It is a more professional background remover. Well, its interface is similar to Photoshop and, although the tools shown are not exactly the same as the Adobe program, the operation itself is practically the same. Upon entering you will be able to choose between a new project, open an existing image, use free templates and even import files in .PSD, .PDF, .Sketch, .XD formats, etc.

It is the most difficult tool to use, compared to all the previous ones. However, if you want to use it you can clickthis link.

Any of these online alternatives to remove background will help you in the task you need. Take into account every detail and put some of these tools into practice.

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