The best pages to watch or watch novels online for free

Since its inception, soap operas have become the type of television programming most frequented by many families. Now, with technological advancement and the rise of streaming platforms, you should know that you have numerous web pages as an alternative to online television, exclusively focused on the novels that you like so much.

Therefore, if you are a lover of soap operas, be they modern, old or produced in different countries, in the following post you will find a series of options to access them at all times and online. Here, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of options, each with its own characteristics so that you can determine which is the best for you.

Movistar Play

If you are a Movistar customer and have some of their contracted services, whether mobile, Internet or cable, you can enjoy Movistar Play for free. It is a totally independent addition to Movistar TV, being an exceptional online platform to watch a wide variety of Spanish novels of all genres, as well as movies, series and other repeat or live soap operas.

Movistar Play is the perfect service if you are looking to enjoy your favorite Spanish soap operas in high image quality and at any time of the day, since the reproduction of each content is professional in its entirety. Additionally, the service has payment packs that offer other types of channels, including news, weather, HBO and more.

If you want to enjoy your favorite novels or learn more about the payment plans and channels that Movistar Play offers, you can access their website here.


MiTele is considered in Spain the best page to watch novels online for free and this is due to its streaming TV programming. With this website, you will find a wide variety of producers and their programming, in which it is worth highlighting Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity and many more. In this way, you will find not only novels, but varied content without going to other platforms.

The idea of ​​MiTele is to give you access to its programming at all times and from any other device, thanks to its app for Smart TV, available both iniOS likeAndroid. It is important to note that the platform is completely free, but that it has paid elements to watch movies, for example. Another aspect to consider is your geographical address, since this platform is not available in all countries.


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The stars

If you enjoy the programming of the television network Televisa, this is your best option to watch your favorite Mexican TV shows and soap operas. With this platform, you will find a wide selection of content that you can access without extra costs, so it is an excellent alternative if you are looking for the best page to watch novels online for free.

For many, Mexican novels are the best within this genre, receiving numerous titles and world awards. For this reason, Televisa offers you its different soap operas, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day and whenever you want. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy productions such as Rubí, the Empire of Lies, and more.

If you are interested, you can watch your favorite Mexican telenovelas on Televisa here.

Blim tv

Despite not being totally free, Blim is an excellent option to watch novels online. It is a streaming platform that stands out with a large selection of multimedia content, especially soap operas, mostly produced by Televisa. Also, it has its own high-quality productions that have been highly valued by Mexican society.

It is a service to watch novels that has grown dramatically in recent years, and can be found in different countries in Europe and Latin America. In addition, Blim has a totally free month , which you can enjoy to determine whether or not you stay with the platform.

You can take a look at the content that Blim offers here.

See my soap opera

Ver mi Telenovela is one of the most complete online platforms to watch novels online for free, where you will find a wide variety of content. With this page, you will have at your disposal famous novels with all their complete chapters belonging to different television networks such as La1, Record, Telemundo, Nova, Televisa and more. In this way, you can find a wide selection of soap operas.

This platform will give you access to all the novels you want with their entire seasons and chapters, and without annoying ads that may affect your experience. In addition, you will not have problems when carrying out your searches thanks to the different sections that the platform itself offers, whether it is the most searched, the most viewed or by television network.

If you want to enjoy the great selection of content that this website offers you, you can access it by copying the following link in your browser: http://www.vermitelenovela.com/


Tlnovelas is one of the best options when it comes to watching novels online for free. It is a site that has a long segment of novels, available only in Spanish and mostly Latin. Therefore, if you enjoy this type of soap opera, you will love all the Mexican, Colombian and Venezuelan content that this website presents.

This page stands out for numerous benefits, the most interesting being its section of lists of chapters and novels that it offers, so it will be easy for you to find a specific episode of the novel that you began to see. In addition, to make your search easy, it has a search engine for you to enter the name of the soap opera you want to view. All this thanks to the traditional and interactive design of Tlnovelas.

If you want to enjoy the number of novels that this platform offers you, you can access it by copying the following link in your browser: https://tlnovelas.net/

Caracol International

The Caracol television network has an online platform that you can access if you are a fan of Colombian novels. With this website, you will have access to all its programming at all times, including also the news and sports sections that are usually broadcast on the channel.

Caracol TV has a varied programming, including world-wide award-winning magazines, entertainment shows and soap operas, which have caught the attention of many genre enthusiasts. So, through this page you will enjoy soap operas such as Rafael Orozco, Pasión de Gavilanes, and more.

If you are interested, you can access this platform here.

Your TV HD novels

If you enjoy novels produced in different countries, Tu TV novelas HD is the ideal place for you. It is a platform to watch novels for free and online, where you will find numerous content developed in different nations, whether they are Korean, Turkish novels and even television series.

Thanks to its high video and audio quality, it is a page that you will not want to miss if you enjoy this kind of television dramas. However, the only disadvantage that Tu TV novelas HD presents is advertising, being able to appear ads during the search for novels and even be redirected to another place when viewing the content you want.

Despite this, it is a very complete and free platform that you can enjoy by copying the following link in your browser: http://tutvnovelashd.com/

Your Telenovelas online

With Tus Telenovelas Online you will be able to enjoy one of the first OTT platforms for novels, perfect to cover all your tastes. It has a monthly Premium subscription of 5.99 euros, where you will find a wide variety of unlimited multimedia content. It also presents a free subscription where you can enjoy dozens of episodes and novels without problems.

Its greatest advantage is its versatility, being available for mobile smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as for computers, Smart TV and Chromecast when purchasing your Premium subscription. In general, it is a portal where in addition to your favorite novels, you can find yoga classes, documentaries, movies and series to spend long hours of entertainment.

If you are interested in accessing this web platform, you can do so by copying the following link in your browser: https://www.tustelenovelasonline.com/

White TV

Tele Blanca is consolidated as the best page to watch soap operas for free thanks to its wide catalog of online soap operas. In addition to offering live programming from different popular television networks for broadcasting novels of all kinds. This, while offering high image and audio quality to enjoy your favorite dramas whenever you want.

This platform has a simple design and sections with different channels to make your searches easier. In addition, you will have the possibility to watch live and direct news channels such as CNN in Spanish, El Canal de las Estrellas, Telemundo, TV Azteca and many more. Therefore, it is a versatile proposal with an extensive catalog of content of this genre.

If you wish to visit this website to view the different novels and programs it offers, you can do so by copying the following link in your browser: https://www.teleblanca.com/


If you are looking for the best page to watch novels online for free, Atresplayer is an excellent option, standing out as a platform where you can find novels that were successful in the past or that are popular today. In general, the majority of telenovelas that Atresplayer offers are those that have been broadcast on the Antena 3 television channel.

However, not all of its content is available for free. Therefore, if you want to access their selection of series, shows and novels, you will have to pay a Premium membership. Despite this, its greatest advantage is the lack of advertising cuts and the amount of international and Spanish soap operas that it can offer, being a website impossible to ignore if you are looking for a page that has great entertainment alternatives.

If you would like to enjoy the content that Atresplayer has for you, you can access it by copying and pasting the following link in your browser: https://www.atresplayer.com/telenovelas/

With this list, you have a wide variety of options to cover your tastes, either because you enjoy the dramas of different productions, such as Spanish, Colombian, Mexican, or because you are looking for a page that has other types of content, such as series and documentaries to complete your training hours. In general, choosing the best page to watch novels online for free will be up to you.

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