The 30 best websites and programs to edit photos

If you are looking for programs to edit photos for free you can enter Canva, PicMonkey, Photoscape, Fotor, among others. Now, if you need a program with professional and design tools, you have Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photos, etc. According to the results you want to obtain in your photos, in this article you will find different tools that you can use both on the computer and on your smartphone.

The retouching in the photographs are necessary to maintain the aesthetics and provide an excellent publication in case the image is uploaded to a social network. In view of this, it is necessary to resort to editing programs to correct colors, add filters, adjust brightness, etc. You can use many of the tools that will be mentioned online or you will download the program to your computer for greater comfort.


Canva is positioned as one of the best websites for editing images or photos. Its interface is in Spanish and to access its tools, you must register and create a user through thislink. In the account, all the designs and editions that you make within the platform will be archived. Similarly, there is a mobile application available on Android (press thisdownload link ) and iOS (download the app with thislink ).


Despite the fact that Picasa is one of the oldest programs to edit photos, it still has tools that allow you to retouch the images without losing their quality. Its functions include converting photos into movies, modifying red eyes, removing stains, etc. It is only available for computers with Windows System.

You can download this program through the following link: https://picasa.uptodown.com/windows


If you want a tool where you can add effects, edit and compose images according to your tastes, Photoscape is downloadable editing software for Windows System. This program has a set of tools that will allow you to retouch photos in a professional way, correcting details such as light, brightness, shadows, color, etc.

If you want to download this program to your computer, press the following link: https://photoscape.uptodown.com/windows


Pixlr is characterized by being an online web page where you will have the possibility to edit photos for free and using professional tools. Its interface is quite attractive and its functions include the elimination of spots and objects, light correction, cloning, adding effects, among others. You have the option of using your web portal available through thislink or download the program for your Windows or Mac computer.

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a professional program used by various artists, creators, graphic designers and photographers to retouch photos with high quality. However, to download this program on your computer, you must purchase a paid membership, although you can use the 7 free days offered for new members. If you are interested in having this program, press the followinglink to access the Adobe Photoshop web portal.


This website is a tool for editing images, creating collages and posts for social networks, with which you will be able to obtain high quality photos. One of its main features is that you do not need to register on the web portal to use the photo editing tools. Once you’ve edited the image, download it directly to your computer. Having said these advantages, press the followinglink to enter FotoJet.


One of the most outstanding features of BeFunky is that it has an attractive and easy-to-use interface. It has a wide variety of frames, graphics, effects and filters to edit the images in the best possible way. If you need to create ads for social networks or a collage, in BeFunky you will find all the necessary tools for its execution. Click on thislink to enter your website.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint has a fairly intuitive interface, so you can access its tools quickly and without many complications. In fact, its functions are very similar to Photoshop and Paint. It offers different editing and selection tools to make the photo look professional. Once you finish with the image, you can export the file in PNG, JPG and GIF formats. If you want to use this program, click on itlink.


PicMonkey is characterized by being a basic and practical editor. It is an online web page in which you must register to start creating images according to your preferences. If you want to use professional design and editing tools, you will have to purchase a paid subscription within the same platform. Once these characteristics are clarified, press the nextlink to access the PicMonkey website.


Fotor offers the possibility of editing a photo, making a collage or creating a design using filters, stickers, emoticons, text, among others. Its platform is in Spanish and has a great variety of basic functions within its free version. To unlock the pro tools, you will need to purchase a paid membership. With that said, hit thislink to enter Fotor.

PicsArt Photo Studio

This photo and video editor provides the ability to add transitions and effects to create high-quality presentations. It offers basic and simple functions such as cropping, light correction, use of frames, blur, among others. In addition to having its web portal (enter with thislink ), there is also a mobile app available for Android (click on thislink to download) and iOS devices (press thislink to get it).

Photoshop Lightroom

This program is designed to edit photos from professional cameras. Therefore, you will see different adjustment tools that will allow you to edit the image with high quality. However, this tool is not recommended for beginners. If you have experience, you can download Photoshop Lightroom on Windows or Mac with thislink. If you have an Android phone, press thisdownload link. Now, if you have an iOS, this is thelink you should use.


The main attraction of PhotoFancy is that you will not need to register on the platform to start editing all the photos you want. It has basic and advanced tools such as mirror effect focus, automatic image correction, etc. In the same way, you can create collage, add text to the image and share the image directly through your social networks. To use PhotoFancy, tap thisaccess link.


Pixelmator is only available for
Mac systems. By downloading this program you will be able to retouch the photos with a wide variety of filters, effects and layers. It has a free version and a paid version in which you will have more professional tools at your disposal. If you are interested in using this editing tool, press thislink to start the download.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a payment platform compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. Its most prominent functions are the removal of imperfections and unwanted objects, use of limited layers, HDR merge, union of panoramas, unlimited layers and others. The general rate is $ 24.99. However, if you have an iPad, the Affinity Photo will be priced at $ 9.99. In case you want to purchase this program, press thislink.


Paint is one of the easiest photo editing tools within Windows. It is an application that is pre-installed and has various functions such as making figures, resizing, rotating the photo, adding contour, etc. Also, once you finish the editing or creation process, you can save the file in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF formats. Press thislink in case you don’t have Paint installed on your Windows.

PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro is also a paid program with a wide range of professional editing options. With this tool you will be able to export the edited photos and movies in HD format. The free version is available for download, however, after 7 days you must purchase a Premium plan, which ranges from $ 79 to $ 179. If you want to purchase PaintShop Pro, press the followinglink.

Paint 3D


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