The 25 best websites to watch series online

The Internet abounds with a wide variety of pages to watch series and content of all kinds online and for free. However, not all websites in this class are of good quality, so you need to know those that allow you to watch your favorite shows without factors that can interrupt your experience, such as invasive and annoying advertising.

If you decide to search on your own, it is best to inform yourself through the opinions of the users and features offered by these platforms so that you can determine if it is reliable or not. Now, in order to make this work easier for you, in the next post you will learn about the best web pages to watch excellent quality online series, where you will find different display formats and a large catalog of content at your disposal.


Plex offers you a multimedia center and a streaming channel, where you will enjoy different news, podcasts and web programs. All this in addition to movies and series in high quality, being a website with more than 20,000 options on demand. In general, most of this content can be viewed for free, although it is a paid service.

Official Website: https://www.plex.tv/es/

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a totally free streaming website that mixes traditional channels and on-demand content. This is a legitimate service, which is supported by ads during its non-invasive ad breaks. In addition, the platform belongs to the company that owns studios such as Nickelodeon and MTV. As a result, on this page you will find a wide selection of series, including comedy, drama, horror and content for children.

Official Page: https://pluto.tv/


Tubi is a platform full of free series and movies that you can enjoy online, and without having to register. This is a very popular service for users who enjoy the content that studios like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate and Paramount offer. In addition, it has an application inGoogle Play Store andApple App Store.

Official Site: https://tubitv.com/


VUDU, like Tubi, provides a huge selection of free movies and series with the presence of non-invasive ads. The service belongs to Fandango Media, a subsidiary of the NBC channel. In addition, it offers the option of renting a movie for an affordable price, although many of its contents are free. It also offers 1080p television programs and films, thanks to its high-quality productions.

Official Site: https://www.vudu.com/

Playdede (Megadede)

Playdede is the successor to Megadede, after its departure from the Internet. It is an excellent page to watch series online thanks to its interaction with portals, which will allow you to watch all kinds of streaming content, including a wide selection of television programs and movies. Therefore, it stands out as an excellent service without annoying ads, and with a simple interface to handle.

Official Site: https://playdede.co/


Inkaseries is one of the best websites to watch series online where you will enjoy a wide variety of high-quality content, along with an interactive interface with an attractive design. On this website, you will find a section on your left side that organizes the series by genre in order for you to find the type of program that you like the most.

Official Site: https://inkaseries.org/


Gnula is an excellent platform to watch series online for free. In addition to programs, it has a selection of high-quality movies, as well as a great presentation of each of its contents without annoying ads during playback. On the other hand, it has series in different languages, and can also have subtitles to satisfy all users who want to enjoy the content in its original version.

Official Website: https://gnula.nu/


Series24 stands out as an excellent option to watch series online for free, being well known on the Internet. In addition, the content it offers is in HD quality, and for greater advantage, most of the programs present audio or subtitles in Spanish. With a large library of content, rest assured that on this website you will find the series you are looking for.

Official Site: https://www.series24.co/


Seriesflv has a large community of users, which is due to its exclusive, high-resolution content. However, unlike other options mentioned above, this platform does not have much variety of content, as its objective is to provide exclusive series. Most of its content is in Spanish, Spain, and Latin America.

Official Page: https://seriesflv.me/


VidCorn is an excellent page to watch series online that has an amazing catalog of content available for all ages and types of user. It is a totally free platform where you can enjoy all kinds of movies and series in high quality, although it usually presents advertising while browsing its interface. Despite this, it is a good option to enjoy your favorite programs in Spanish.

Official Page: https://vidcorn.me/


Pelispedia is one of the perfect web pages to enjoy a large catalog of series, as well as movies of all genres. Its greatest advantage is the variety of genres and titles it offers, as well as the quality of all its content. Also, it has a huge offer of subtitled material, which is perfect for users who want to enjoy their favorite shows in their original audio.

Official Website: https://www.pelispedia.de/

All Series

TodoSeries is an excellent option to watch the most popular shows today. The platform has options from A to Z so you can find your ideal series, as well as a ranking with the most visited so you can find popular content. Likewise, the page offers you lists with phrases related to your favorite series, along with their reviews.

Official Website: https://todoseries.net/

Yonki series

SeriesYonkis is a page to watch series online that has been on the Internet for several years, so it is considered by many as a classic in this regard. Thanks to its years of operation, it has a large database with quality film material, so you can enjoy both movies and series of all genres. The platform is interactive and has an integrated search engine to allow you to quickly find the content of your liking.

Official Page: https://series-yonkis.org/

CONtv (Viewster)

Formerly known as Viewster, CONtv is a great platform to enjoy content of all kinds, including series, movies, anime, documentaries, uploaded videos, and more. The page is in English, so you will require prior knowledge of the language to enjoy its wide variety of functions. In general, it is an excellent option to enjoy a variety of audiovisual content.

Official Site: https://www.contv.com/


If you are looking to enjoy a huge selection of series in English, CouchTuner is your best option. It is a website where you can enjoy content from major studios such as HBO, The CW, Otter Media, Warner Bros., and many more. In addition, it is a totally free service that has gained popularity on the Internet thanks to its high image quality and extensive catalog.

Official page: https://ww1.couchtuner.space/


Cine-Tube is a website that offers you different series and movies that you can watch for free. With this page, you will be able to see all kinds of content with subtitles or dubbing in Spanish. In addition, it is a totally legal platform, declared by the courts of Spain, so it is totally safe and reliable to use.

Official page: https://www.cine-tube.com/


With an amazing search engine to help you find the series you want for free, PutLocker stands out as a website with a wide catalog of movies and series that are constantly updated. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that most of its content is in English, and it is sometimes difficult to find material in Spanish.

Official page: https://putlocker-is.org/


PopcornFlix is ​​the best alternative to Netflix to enjoy your series online and for free at all times. It has a place on the Internet since 2014 and allows you to enjoy both shows and movies without a monthly subscription. However, sometimes the page inserts ads during the reproduction of its content, which can sometimes affect the user experience.


With SeriesPapaya, you will find a great selection of series of all genres and for free. Likewise, you will have the option of watching the videos in high resolution, both dubbed and subtitled in Latin and Spanish. Also, it allows you to directly download the content you want through servers such as Uptobox, Rapidgator, Katfile, and Uploaded.

Official page: https://seriespapaya.me/


SeriesPepito is one of the best websites to watch series online, since it stands out with a large repertoire of television programs in which you can find all kinds of genres until you find your favorite series, as well as movies. With this platform, you will find all kinds of content, from anime, suspense series to children’s category, both in English and Spanish.

Official page: https://www.seriespepito.online/

Say it.nu

Dilo.nu is a platform previously known as Seriesflv, a site for watching long-standing online series. With an excellent selection of television series to watch for free, without restrictions and in high quality, this website stands out as an excellent option for those users who want to enjoy long hours of entertainment for free.

Official page: https://www.dilo


SeriesW is a page to watch series online that has an attractive and easy-to-use interface, where you will find a wide catalog of programs to watch, from popular series to rough diamonds that very few people talk about. In addition, to help you know what each program is about, all series have a short description.

Official page: https://seriesw.tv/


YouTube is the number one video platform in the world, making it an excellent option for those who want to watch series online for free. Like movies, YouTube offers current programs and others that correspond to the universe of the most popular classics, both in Latin American countries and elsewhere in the world. In general, it is a site where you will find good quality videos in both English and Spanish.

Official page: https://www.youtube.com/


With HDFull you will find movies and series of all genres and for free, where you can view them online or download them to your computer, as well as to mobile devices. The platform has a very attractive interface, which makes browsing more comfortable, as well as an option to see the content trailers and thus know if it will be to your liking or not.

Official page: https://hdfull.im/

BetweenMovies and Series

Taking into consideration the interface of sites like HBO and Netflix, EntrePelículaYSeries is a web page to watch series online that is very popular, which stands out with an exceptional catalog of series from all kinds of studios and genres, as well as movies. Plus, you don’t need an account to access its content, making it a great option for downloading or streaming high-quality TV shows.

Official page: https://entrepeliculasyseries.com/

Through this list you will find the best web pages to watch series online for free, without invasive ads that can become annoying or cause problems on your computer. Also, these are options that have high image quality, excellent players and extensive series catalogs.

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