The 25 best websites to watch movies online for free

Watching movies online for free is an affordable and comfortable way to have a good time from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Therefore, there is a wide variety of sites where you can watch your favorite movies in streaming and for free. In them you will find both the classic series and movies, as well as the great releases of the moment, all this in different formats and quality to choose from.

If it is a problem for you to find the ideal website, which is safe and virus-free, in this article you will find the best pages to watch movies online for free. Through this list, you can find classic films from well-known studios, independent films popular in other countries, and first-run films that are aimed at providing you with long hours of free entertainment. All you have to do is try several options and choose the one that best suits you.


PopcornFlix is ​​a website where you wo n’t need to register an account, and it stands out with an excellent catalog of independent movies. In addition, it is constantly updated, as new tapes are added all the time. In total, this platform has more than 1,500 films that include genres such as documentaries, romance, drama, family, horror, and action. However, its biggest disadvantage is its constant advertisements.

Official site: https://www.popcornflix.com/


YouTube is not only considered the best place to watch videos, but also a good option to watch movies in two different ways: Through its feature to rent movies, or by placing the name of the film you want to watch for free in its search bar. It is not surprising that YouTube is among the best sites to watch movies online, as it offers a large repertoire to choose from, including public domain tapes.

Official site: https://www.youtube.com/


Tubi is a website that offers you thousands of free TV shows and movies. Some of them can only be rented, although most can be viewed in streaming for free. It has a wide variety of genres and sections to find your ideal film, either in sections such as “Best rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, “Not available on Netflix” and more.

Official Site: https://tubitv.com/


IMDb is a popular website available for the United States, noted for an excellent selection of free movies and TV shows. You will be able to access this service through the use of a VPN and you will enjoy all the online content by having an account on the platform. The page belongs to Amazon, so you can see its content on Prime Video, Fire TV and other devices of the company.

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/tv/

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers you two options to enjoy entertainment for free: As a movie streaming service where you can choose your favorite from a long list or through a platform to watch live television that will allow you to watch different television programs. Regardless of this, you can enjoy its services in the browser and through its application available for mobile phones. iOS andAndroid.

Official Site: https://pluto.tv/


Kanopy is a streaming service that will give you access to more than 30,000 movies of all categories, whether documentaries or international. To access this site, you only need to have a library card, which is implemented thanks to the wide variety of public libraries and universities that are part of this platform and make their digital content available to users like you.

Their biggest disadvantage is that much of the multimedia content they offer is in English. However, there are Spanish-speaking institutions that have joined the huge Kaponpy community, so a greater number of films in Spanish are expected. In addition, the service has a subdivision that includes children’s programming, called Kanopy Kids.

Official Site: https://www.kanopy.com/

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a large non-profit digital library that has been on the Internet since 1996. It is an excellent option for those looking to watch movies online for free, since all content is licensed under Creative Commons, so all films they respect copyright. By choosing this site, you will have more than 1.2 million audiovisual content, including movies, blogs and documentaries.

Official Site: https://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms


Plex is a page to watch movies online for free that stands out with an excellent collection of movies, photos, music and other media that will allow you to manage them in a versatile and easy way. It is available worldwide, although the selection of films tends to vary by region. With this website, you will be able to access your collection of programs and movies from your favorite browser, as well as from different devices compatible with the Plex client software.

Official Site: https://www.plex.tv/


HD Online is a website where you will find a large database with free movies and series in high resolution. On this platform you will not have to worry about annoying and repetitive ads, so you can choose the series or film of your liking without problems. In addition, it is not necessary to register to have access to its extensive catalog, so it is an excellent option.

Official Site: https://w10.hdonline.eu/movies/


VUDU is a platform that offers an excellent catalog of free content, as well as being popular for the sale and rental of digital videos. This is an interesting option for those looking to watch movies online for free, as the site hosts full movies with ads. It is a service that requires registration, with it you can activate digital copies or rent content.

Official Site: https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/home

I see

Similar to YouTube
, Veoh is a company that owns a huge video base that will allow you to find and enjoy independent films, studio content and material developed by different users. With this page, you can watch movies online for free in two ways : through the browser of your choice or through an iOS device. In general, Veoh offers you a wide variety of movies and complete series in different languages.

Official Site: https://www.veoh.com/

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online, as its name implies, i
a platform that focuses on older films, so it offers you a wide variety of film classics that are essential to see for all moviegoers, with titles such as: A A Christmas Carol, Pinocchio and more. Some videos use Flash, this being its biggest disadvantage. Despite this, it is a platform to watch movies online that every old movie fan should visit.

Official Site: https://www.classiccinemaonline.com/

CONtv (Viewster)

CONtv, formerly known as Viewster, is a platform that bases its content on anime, although it has an excellent catalog of movies to watch, including television series, short films, and documentaries. Its biggest disadvantage is advertising, but it does not tend to be annoying when playing content. As a result, it is an excellent page to view free content and independent productions.

Official Site: https://www.contv.com/


Yidio is a page that re-routes free television programs and movies in an exceptional way. Its way of working is simple, it works by redirecting your content to third-party sites, such as other free or paid websites such as Netflix and Amazon. For this reason, some of the programs and films will require a subscription. However, it does have a filter to help you find free content.

Official Website: https://www.yidio.com/


HDFull is a great place to watch movies online. Its search options are easy to handle, you only need to filter the film you want by year of release, country and genre to find the one you like the most. And if you are looking for variety, this platform offers you a wide selection of movies and series to download to your computer or watch in streaming.

Official Website: https://hdfull.im/

Free Movies

PelisGratis, as its name indicates, is a website where you can watch the films you want in Spanish and online without registering. This platform has an exceptional search and filtering system, being well known among movie fans. In addition, it has the option to download the movie of your choice.

Official Website : https://pelisgratis.nu/


If you are looking for a site to watch movies online for free that offers high quality content, Gnula is your ideal website. It will allow you to enjoy different films in Spanish, as well as in their original version, although subtitled in Spanish. With this platform, you can access numerous premiere movies in HD resolution completely free of charge.

Official page: https://gnula.nu/

Look at everything

MiraDeTodo is an excellent page to enjoy current movies, from the 2009 releases to the present. This is a spam-free site where you can find a wide variety of tapes from this year and without viewing problems. Therefore, if you are looking for contemporary films, there is no better platform than this.

Official page: https://miradetodo.co/


RePelisHD.TV is considered one of the best pages to watch movies online for free, in which you must select the films that you like the most, whether they are new releases or from past decades. With this platform, you can enjoy varied and high-quality content. It also has sections that highlight the most valued and viewed tapes by users to make your search easier.

Official page: https://repelishd.me/


One of the most popular sites to watch movies online for free is Pelispedia, a website where you can find a wide catalog of films and series, in high quality, and with an exceptional content player. With this page, you can enjoy many movies in their original and subtitled versions. It also has several servers so that you can safely download the content to your liking.

Official site: https://www.pelispedia.de/


With this platform, you will not only be able to enjoy a wide selection of movies online, but you will also be able to download them to your computer or mobile device whenever you want through the MEGA server. In addition, FullMega Programs has other categories that might interest you, such as PC games, music, magazines and series.

Official Site: http://programasfullmega.com/


Pelis24 is one of the most popular pages to watch free online movies, with more than 13 years on the Internet, it is the website that will allow you to download or view your favorite films in high quality. Whether in its original language, subtitled or with audio in Spanish, this platform gives you numerous options to make your hours of entertainment unique for free.

Official Site: https://pelis24.app/


If you are fluent in English, FMovies is your perfect platform. In it, you will find a huge number of movies in HD quality and of all categories. It is a website with an easy-to-use interface that, in addition to tapes, has television programs and other types of content to watch. However, it has a considerable amount of advertising that can affect the user experience.

Official Page: https://fmoviesf.co/movies/


Cinecalidad is another of the most popular websites to watch movies online for free, as it offers a wide variety of films to download or view online. Also, they can be found in English, Spanish and Portuguese or with subtitles, as well as in Blue Ray and HD quality. You can count on advertising at certain times, although it is not the invasive type.

Official Website: https://www.cine-calidad.com/


Cuevana3 is a page to watch free online movies that has been on the Internet for a long time, making it extremely popular among many users. With this platform, you will find a large selection of content


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