The 16 best websites to make summaries or summarize texts

In this post you will find the best 16 web pages to summarize texts. The first 11 tools on the list serve to automate the process and include two alternatives for mobile, while the remaining 5 pages are made up of spaces to write without distraction and platforms to create mind maps. In this way, you can make summaries automatically or from scratch, based on your own ideas.

It is important to know that, due to the variety of options to automatically summarize texts that exist, it is advisable to check their operation with some reading that you already know. This way, you can quickly identify the best alternative. When finding the perfect tool, it might be a good idea to combine its use with that of the mind mapping and writing tools to get a unique end result.


This is the most popular tool for summarizing text s written in more than 10 different languages. In addition, it works with scientific or historical reports, as well as argumentative descriptions, among others. Thus, this is a good alternative to summarize practically any type of content and even to change the words or translate them into Spanish.

To use Resoomer it is not necessary to register, you can access the website and use the online tool or install the extension that corresponds to your browser. It is available for Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. If you wish, you can use a sample text to check the excellent performance of Resoomer.

Official site: https://resoomer.com/es/


Parafrasist is used to summarize texts and paraphrase them at the same time or separately as you prefer. The main function of this tool is to facilitate the understanding of the content to be summarized, so it is responsible for locating complicated words and changing them to synonyms that are easier to understand.

Additionally, you can extract text from YouTube videos, summarize and rewrite them. However, this last function is part of the features that you get after registering on the platform. The free version contains ads, while the Premium subscription offers unlimited, ad-free use.

Official site: https://parafrasist.com/


This is an online text summarization tool that works with articles uploaded to websites or documents in PDF and TXT formats. Its algorithm identifies keywords in a text to locate the main idea and display this sentence or paragraph to the reader. In this way, the tool removes sentences that are not directly related to the title.

Official site: https://smmry.com/


Made by the University of Santiago de Compostela, LinguaKit is a composition of tools for the textual and linguistic analysis of a writing. This Kit is aimed at professionals in different areas such as research or journalism, as it allows you to analyze and improve the quality of writing. It is free and works with texts in 4 different languages that are: English, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese.

LinguaKit has a tool for automatic summaries and a full analysis function. However, some other tools are very useful, if what you want is to quickly know the content of a text. For example, the triplet extractor will allow you to obtain the subject, the relation and the object in order to read the idea to be transmitted more quickly.

Official site: https://linguakit.com/es

This is a mobile application with different tools to facilitate the task of paraphrasing and summarizing texts. For example, it has a database to resolve doubts and problems that can be very useful when making a summary. The defect of this app is that the interface is in English.

Official site: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sudoai.sudo_summarizer

Calmly Writer

This is a simple platform for writers, who can enjoy a quiet space without distractions. The general idea of ​​Calmly Writer is to provide writers with a calm platform to write or summarize. You can download this paid program to install on your computer or try the online tool.

Official site: https://www.calmlywriter.com/


A simple and straightforward online site so you can make summaries without any distraction. If you want, you can set the ZenPen in dark mode or in full screen with a simple click. If the different tools of a text manager are a nuisance when you want to make a summary, this online alternative is ideal for you.

Official site: https://zenpen.io/


This is a paid tool, similar to the two options previously presented as its only function is to create a distraction-free space for writers. However, it does have some additional features such as sound effects, customizable themes, alarm system, daily goals, and much more.

Official site: https://gottcode.org/focuswriter/


This is a completely free online tool that can be used to organize your ideas in mind maps. Images or concept maps are an excellent method to summarize content and convey the most important parts of a text in a simple and easy to understand way. MindMup will allow you to save your files in Google Drive, share them or download them in PDF.

Official site: https://www.mindmup.com/


As an alternative to MindMup it is interesting to present WiseMapping. One of the most important advantages of this tool for creating mind maps online is that the interface is simple, in Spanish and very easy to use compared to other platforms. Additionally, it presents the possibility of making maps with other people as a collaboration.

Official site: https://www.wisemapping.com/

The web pages for summarizing or making summaries are very varied. Mainly, there is a great variety of tools to extract the main idea from a text automatically. However, it is advisable to check its operation before summarizing any work of academic or work relevance. On the other hand, if you are a person who prefers to do things alone, you can turn to a text manager or a mind map creator.

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