Lottery in Google Doodle: how to play this game in your browser

If you want to learn how to play the Google lottery Doodle, the following post describes step by step how to do it in the browser of your cell phone or on the PC. This popular adaptation of the logo of the top Internet search engine, was created to pay tribute to the Mexican board game, whose tradition spread throughout much of Latin America. Its creators, a group of boys of Mexican American origin, were inspired by different images for the boards.

Among which are titles such as “La dama”, “El gallo”, “La campana”, “El sol”, etc. This multiplayer category game was published on December 8, 2019 in 30 countries, so that users from different parts of the world can play online. So, like other Google Doodles, the lottery requires an Internet connection to work. Learn everything you need in this text.

Game mode

The game mode is very simple. When entering the Doodle (you can access by doingclick here ), an instructional guide is provided to teach each player the correct way to play, which you can skip if you wish. Now, once finished, you will be asked to select the type of game you want to play, “Random” or “With friends”. In this sense, for the first one you will have to wait while other online players join your table.

While, in the other game mode, you can send a link provided by the same system to your contacts, who, by pressing on it, will be able to join the round. It should be clarified that the player who manages to make the lottery wins by placing the beans in the images so that they coincide with the indicated pattern, which is shown at a specific point on the screen. But, you can only place the ones you have available on your board, as they are dictated one by one.

How to play

You should know that, you can play the Google lottery Doodle on your computer or Smartphone. The way to do it in each one is detailed below.

In the computer

To play the popular board game on your laptop or desktop computer, the first thing to do is open the browser on your computer and follow the instructions shown below:

  1. Type ” Google Doodle ” in the search bar.
  2. Please click on the arrow to slide to the left.
  3. Select ” Lottery.”
  4. You will be taken to a new window in the browser where the Doodle Lottery logo will appear, click on thePlay ” button and wait while the game loads.
  5. A mini tutorial will appear to teach you how to play, if you wish, you can skip it by pressing ” Skip instructions “. If not, pay attention to each step to learn everything you need to know about the game.
  6. Finally, select the type of game you want ( random or with friends) and complete the necessary process for each one.

Remember that, in case you decide to play “Random”, you must wait for other players to connect to your table to start. In this simple way you can play the Google lottery in your PC browser.

On the cell phone

Now, if you prefer to play the lottery Doodle on your Smartphone, you will have to access the browser and follow a process similar to the one needed on the PC. See what it is, below:

  1. Type ” Google Doodle ” in the search bar.
  2. Swipe from right to left on the Doodles files menu.
  3. Click on ” Lottery “.
  4. Press the ” Play ” icon on the Doodle logo.
  5. Wait while the game starts and, in case you want, skip the initial instructions.
  6. Finally, select the game mode you prefer (Random or with friends).

By following the procedure described above, you can play the Google lottery on your cell phone, whenever you want.

Google Doodles are very entertaining for users, because these fun adaptations of the traditional search engine logo allow you to spend a different time anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. As you could see throughout this text, the procedure to play the lottery in the browser is very simple, just follow the steps described and voila, get ready to have fun with friends.

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