List of services and products offered by Google

When talking about Google, most people associate it with the most used browser in the world. However, this American company has many more services on its platform, which were designed and developed to meet the different needs of the public. These include: mobile applications, office automation tools, Operating System for Smartphones, cloud storage, etc.

That is why, in the following post, each of the Google services and the characteristics they possess are explained in detail . It is worth mentioning that most of them, such as Google Drive, Google Meet, Gmail, YouTube, among others, are available in the Play Store and even in the App Store. Well, they have a mobile version compatible with most of the iOS or Android devices. To find out everything about the subject, read on.

Google Chrome

It is the browser par excellence on Android devices, thanks to its simple interface and functions that facilitate the user experience, such as extensions. The latter are found in the Chrome Web Store and provide some additional features to Google Chrome, depending on the functionality of each one.

This browser was created at the end of 2008 for Microsoft Windows and is currently considered the number one in the world, far surpassing its main competitors, Mozilla and Explorer. It is worth mentioning that,Google Chrome is available for a variety of Operating Systems, including: Linux, OS X, Android, Windows, and iOS. In addition, it is found in the official Android store in different versions, such asChrome Beta andGoogle Go.

Google search engine

It is the most used search engine in the world, occupying millions of searches a day on different topics. This service is probably the best known by users, as it not only allows you to find information about any topic, but it is also the platform to access other services of the same company.

On the other hand, Google Search Engine is an excellent tool to position your website, online store, blog, etc. Well, it incorporates fantastic functions that allow you to fully develop this task. Which you can explore to maximize the sales of your products or increase traffic to your page and thus get more followers.


It could be said that it is Apple’s main competitor with the iOS Operating System, since Android is the OS installed in a large number of Smartphones around the world. It was developed by Google, taking Linux free software as its inspiration. It is worth mentioning that its success has been such that it currently has support for various equipment, including: TV, telephones, Tablets, computers and even vehicles.

Through this service, users can use other Google functions or features that are installed by default in high-end cell phones (Smartphones). These include the official Android app store,Google Play or Play Store, from where you can download or buy books, music, movies and apps.


It is the free email service, created and developed by Google Inc. It was launched on the market for the first time in April 2004, allowing millions of people around the world to create their own email, at no cost. It currently has more than 1.5 billion registered users and incorporates access to functions such as Google Docs, Google Meet and Hangouts, in addition, in some countries they are even allowed to send money from their Gmail account.

On the other hand, this platform has a version for companies, included in theWork Space, a specific area for company services, including Google Drive and Gmail. Which allows you to create a single domain to manage the information of your company and its different areas. It is worth mentioning that,Gmail is available on Google Play for free.

Google drive

Google Drive is the storage service in the cloud, created by Google for uploading files of different formats in a virtual memory within the network. It grants 15GB for free that is shared with other services, such as: Gmail and Google Photos. In addition, it has aapplication for Smartphones, also compatible withiOS, which allows you to synchronize the device and upload any content from your cell phone, as long as you have an Internet connection.

It is worth mentioning that this service also offers the possibility of sharing folders with other Gmail users, allowing them to view, modify and even download the files. On the other hand, if you want more space in your Google Drive account, you can purchase up to 5TB of additional storage to preserve your files. It is important to note that you can access this platform from any computer (computer or cell phone) to view your unit.

Similarly, it is worth noting that Google Drive integrates other services within its interface, such as: Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets. Which are a variant of Microsoft office software, but under the concept and image of Google.

Google Docs.

It is Google’s text editor, from which you can create or edit any document. This is a fairly good alternative to programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, as it has an easy to understand and use interface for almost any user . In order to access this function, you can do it from Google Drive or, by entering theGoogle Docs main website. and log in with your Gmail account.

Like Google Drive, this service incorporates Google Slides (alternative to Power Point), Google Sheets (variant of Excel) and Google Forms (especially for creating forms or questionnaires). Each of them available on the Google Docs page.

Google Photos

This service is a small version of Google Drive, exclusively designed to keep photos and videos in the cloud. It allows you to free up space on your Smartphone and access your gallery on any other device just by using your Gmail account, as it is available atweb and mobile version. The latter compatible with Operating SystemsAndroid andiOS.


It is the most popular online video streaming service in the world. This was created in 2005 as a visionary project between two university students and is currently considered the giant of audiovisual content on the Internet. It has more than 1 billion users and allows you to enjoy free (and also paid) online material of different categories.

YouTube is installed by default on high-end Android devices (Smartphones), allowing those who use it to log in with their account and enjoy personalized content. In the same way, this platform offers a web version from where you can even upload or edit videos for your channel. It is worth mentioning that large and small companies are committed to including ads on this network.

Google maps

This is Google’s location and navigation service, through which you can obtain images, information and even the exact coordinates of any point or establishment on the map. It can be used on computers and Smartphones, even if you don’t have a Google account. However, in the case of cell phones, you must log into your Gmail account to access the application store.

On the other hand, thanks to the constant updates of this service it is possible to obtain precise views of streets or avenues, through Street View. This is a function incorporated in Google Maps that allows you to “walk” the main roads of any city in the world, as if you were there.

It is important to mention that this application has a version for companies,Google My Business, also compatible withiOS. Which gives you the possibility of including your store or business premises on the map. Which, in turn, will allow you to receive reviews, upload photos and let other users who have visited the place upload their own images to attract other customers.

Google play

As is known, it is the official Google application store. It is installed by default on Android devices and allows you to download or buy any application or content available for the cell phone. In turn, it incorporates other services such asPlay Books,Play Music andPlay Movies, which contain books, music, and movies, respectively. It is worth mentioning that these are also compatible with the iOS Operating System.

Google Calendar

It is a Google service specially developed to help you with your daily schedule, on a personal or professional level. It is an additional alternative to the usual calendar found on Smartphones. Since, Google Calendar syncs with your cell phone, Gmail account and other devices to keep you up to date through notifications or alerts on your mobile. In addition, you can check your activities for the day from different computers.

Google Ads

The Californian giant also has its own tool for advertising search e


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