Las 15 mejores páginas web para leer manga en Internet

If you are looking for websites to read manga on the Internet, you can access some official platforms such as TuMangaOnline, Crunchyroll, LeoManga, etc. You also have other unofficial portals that also offer content in both Spanish and English. Access is free and on certain pages you can download the content for free or including a payment method. Thus, you will read the manga from your computer or Smartphone when you are offline.

All traditional Japanese comics are known as manga. Most of the Japanese anime come from these comics and in them, some details appear that are not represented in the anime. Therefore, if you are a fan of these stories, this article will mention the 15 best web pages to read manga on the Internet. In this way, you will access the content for free or by paying a subscription.


This is one of the best platforms to read manga on the Internet, since it has a fairly extensive and complete catalog. The best thing is that, if you register within the page you will have the advantage of saving the manga you are reading, providing the opportunity to enter again where you left the reading.

Its content is free, legal and does not have invasive advertising. In the same way, the manga that are complete and those that have been updated will appear within the page. Also, you can download them to your computer to read them when you have no Internet connection. To enter the TuMangaOnline portal, you just have to click on this link: https://lectortmo.com/


Although its platform is in English, you can translate it through the browser of your choice. MangaPark is one of the best websites to read manga online, since it has more than 50,000 manga and the reading is completely customizable. You can create a user to have more information or read without registering in the portal.

It has a practical and simple interface that has a basic search engine to find the manga by genre or name. It is advisable to use the web platform, since the mobile application has a lot of advertising that can make it difficult to read. If you want to use MangaPark, click on this link: https://mangapark.net/


InManga is one of the simplest and easiest to use websites with a moderate repertoire of manga and anime. However, the most popular manga can be found on this platform. In addition, it has a mobile app available onlyfor Android, but requires a paid membership.

On the other hand, it should be noted that advertising is practically nil, the platform is in Spanish and remembers the last views even if you are not registered on the page. In addition, you will observe the manga both for their popularity and for their gender. To use InManga as a website to read manga on the Internet, click on this link: https://inmanga.com/

Developer: InManga
Price: Free


The main advantage of Crunchyroll is that it has the ability to read manga and play the anime of your choice online. However, to access all the content, you must purchase a monthly subscription (it ranges between $ 8 and $ 12 per month) in which you will enjoy 14 free days.

In addition, it has more than 5 languages, so you can customize the page according to your language. Another advantage to mention is that it offers a mobile app available for both Android (download it with thislink ) as for iOS (this is thedownload link ). The web portal is in Spanish and you can access it through this link: https://www.crunchyroll.com/comics/manga

Crunchyroll Manga
Developer: Ellation, LLC
Price: Free

Manga by Crunchyroll
Developer: Ellation, Inc.
Price: Free

Leo manga

LeoManga is an ideal page to read the most popular and updated manga. However, you do not have the option to download them to read them when you do not have internet access. Its interface is quite simple and you have the option to register within the platform to have better benefits.

If you register, you will have weekly personalized recommendations and you will be able to upload the manga to the platform to have more interaction with the community. You can choose between the reading method per page or cascade. Having said these characteristics, this is the link https://leomanga.me/ available to enter your website.


MangaPlus stands out among other web platforms because it has a mobile app for bothAndroid as foriOS. Similarly, its interface is in English and Spanish, so its content will also be located in these two languages. It is important to mention that the vast majority of the content is in English, but the manga translated into Spanish are updated every week.

Another advantage to mention is that access to its platform is completely free, official and legal. For its part, the application has several advertisements, but they do not hinder the reading of the manga. Likewise, the premieres to be published will be simultaneous with Japan. To enter MangaPlus, click on the following link: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/updates

Developer: 株式会社 集 英 社
Price: Free

Developer: SHUEISHA Inc.
Price: Free

Sub sleeve

This is another website where you can read online manga in Spanish. It has a wide variety of comics and they are updated periodically so that you do not miss details of the latest news. It has an advanced search engine in which you will be able to find the content by name, genre or author.

On the other hand, Submangas offers horizontal and vertical reading for greater comfort when reading. It also provides the light and dark mode options to adapt the screen light while reading the content. To enter its web platform, you just have to copy the following link: https://submanga.io/


Animextremist not only offers a direct reading of manga, but also has a wide catalog of anime, video games, novels, wallpapers, among others. Its interface is simple and is in Spanish. You will not need to register to access its content and you can play the animes online.

When choosing the manga to read, you will see from the latest updates to the first chapters. On the other hand, you have the option of reading the comic or a full narration of the manga. To enter its web portal, you must select this access link: http://www.animextremist.com/mangas.htm


HeavenManga has classified the manga
(Japanese and American), manhwa (Korean comic) and manhua (Chinese manga). In this way, it offers a better organization and distribution to find the content of your preference. Its platform is in Spanish and has an extensive variety of genres for better location.

Another benefit that it has available is that you can watch anime online and it has an updated catalog. You will not have to register to see its content and you can adjust it to the size of the browser or place it in full screen. This is the link: https://heavenmanga.com/comic to access HeavenManga.


MangaToon is in Spanish
and you will get the content completely free and paid chapters. In the same way, you can watch all the manga online, although if you want to download one, you must do it from the mobile application, either on your Android phone or iOS device.

The graphics are excellent and you can adapt the reading of the manga to the Tablet, phone or the browser window. It has popular manga although it has a wide variety of short comics with different genres that range from romance to action. Enter MangaToon through this link: https://mangatoon.mobi/es


If you want to read amateur and unpopular manga, but with a great outcome, Toomics is an excellent website where you will find manga in Spanish and with different genres that adapt to all tastes. However, to observe some chapters you will have to purchase a subscription that ranges between $ 9 and $ 15 per month.

You can create a user with your Facebook, Google, Twitter account and an email, although it is not necessary, since without registering, the page saves the manga that you have recently seen. Even, according to the selection you have visited, recommend other comics that are similar. Select this URL https://www.toomics.site/es to enter Toomics.


MangaHere is a website for reading manga in English
. It has a very simple interface and a wide catalog from which you can choose according to genres, popularity or recommendations. The main advantage is that it does not have invasive advertising, so you will read the manga without any kind of interruption.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it does not offer the download option, therefore, you will only have to read the manga from the online platform. In the news section, you will see the latest updates and those productions that will be uploaded soon. Copy this link: https://www.mangahere.cc/ to access their website

Manga Fox

Manga Fox is another website where you will read manga only in English. It has a popularity section according to the scores it has obtained from other users. In the same way, classify the content according to the recommendations and latest updates so that you can choose between the best.

Its platform is easy to use and has various genres to easily locate the name of the manga you want to start reading. If you register on the page, you will be able to save the content you read and you will enter the exact point where you left the reading. It does not allow to download manga and does not have intrusive advertising. If you want to enter Manga Fox, go to this link: http://fanfox.net

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is characterized by having a simple interface although all its content is in English. The main disadvantage is that it has too much publicity, therefore, you will have different limitations when reading the manga. On the other hand, it has different sections to identify the comics that have the best scores, comments or recommendations.

Another detail to highlight is that it has a section in which you will see all the manga that have recently been uploaded to the web portal. Like other pages, order content from newest to oldest. If you want to enter Manga Reader, go to the following link: http://mangareader.cc


Manga Stream has an interface similar to Manga Reader. On this platform you will find popular manga in English such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Shaman King, among others. It has a lot of publicity, so you should carefully read the buttons for the continuation of the pages in the manga. Another detail is that the page organizes the comics according to their genre and the initial of the title. This way, you will locate them quickly.

The platform sorts comics from the most recent to the oldest. In the same way, you will only read the manga from its website, since the download of the content is not allowed. If you have a good command of English, you can read your favorite manga by going to this address: http://mangastream.mobi/

You have a wide variety of web pages to read manga on the Internet in English and Spanish, either legally and for free or with a paid membership. It is best to use more than one platform to check its operation and verify if it has the content (anime, manga, manhua or manhwa) that you are looking for.

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