How to watch cable TV over the Internet legally and for free

Do you want to enjoy the programming of your favorite TV channels from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC? then you may be interested in learning what platforms exist on the Internet to watch cable TV legally and for free. For this reason, although there are hundreds of options on the web that promise to offer you just this, the truth is that many of them are full of advertising or simply do not work as we would like.

If you’ve been through this, don’t worry, since this time we are going to show you which are the best platforms to watch cable TV online for free and without having to worry about excessive advertising and pages with a bad reputation. Keep reading if you want to know more about it and not miss any details.

Best platforms to watch cable channels online for free

Below we will present a list of the best online platforms that we can access from our browser to be able to enjoy the best cable television channels without having to pay and safely:


Pluto.tv is widely known as one of the best (and probably the best) website for watching cable TV channels. In this sense, we are facing a platform that is not only available to be used from your PC, but you can also use its app for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, iOS, and even PlayStation. In addition, in terms of its proposal, we are facing a complete platform that offers an image quality that leaves nothing to be desired and that, at the same time, offers a very good fluency rate to be able to enjoy our programming to the fullest.

Regarding its channel list, this free streaming service has more than 100 channels such as Fox, CBSN, MTV, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO, Discovery Channel and other great franchises, so it does not matter what type of content you want. enjoy, on Pluto.tv you will find everything to enjoy from minute 1.


Consolidated as one of the Freemium streaming platforms (free with the option to pay to have more content),Atresplayer is one of those options that is gaining more followers every day due to its excellent quantity and variety of content. Thus, we can highlight the fact that this platform has one of the most comfortable online players to use, it offers HD video format regardless of which device you are enjoying its content from and much more.

Being a platform of European origin, Atresplayer gives access to many channels from the old continent such as Antena 3, Hola TV or A3Cine. In addition, it offers a search bar to locate the content we want to see and know what time it will be broadcast. Thus, although it is not as good and wide as Pluto.tv, Atresplayer is an option that is very worthwhile if you want to watch cable TV without having to pay.


With more than 500 channels at our disposal and without having to pay a single penny, Photocall.tv is another way to watch cable TV over the internet legally. Here they are not only limited to offering you Spanish channels, and you can find a generous and varied list of channels, which range from Telemundo, to NBC, Univision, Fox Sport and hundreds more. So no matter what you want to see, there will always be something that fits your tastes and needs.

One of the great advantages and attractions of Photocall.tv is the fact that its platform does not have the annoying advertising that we usually find on free streaming pages. At the same time, it offers a player that is comfortable to use and capable of displaying video in HD resolution. On the other hand, some channels merit the use of a VPN to be able to run correctly and enjoy their content.


Simple, comfortable, free and without the need for registration, that’s right teledirecto.es, another streaming page that offers you the best TV channels over the internet just by accessing it and choosing the channel of your choice. Are you new to using these types of platforms? No matter! since teledirecto.es has a fairly simple interface in which you will not get lost at any time.

On this platform, you can access a top bar where you will see categories in which the channels are grouped according to their type of content (movies, sports, children, etc.), so you can save time or find what you want very quickly see if you make use of this tool. Teledirecto also gives you the option of registering for free to order the list of channels and have those of your preference always at your fingertips.


Mitele is not only available for PC, but it also has an app for smartphones that we can access and start enjoying many cable channels from around the world in a totally legal way. Although it does not have a list of channels as wide as other options, Mitele offers some of the best channels in America and Europe so that we can choose and enjoy our favorite content.

Unfortunately, Mitele contains ads that appear when we access a channel, but it is not invasive advertising that deprives us of enjoying our programming, so it will be enough to close these ads and they will no longer appear.


Teleonline is another totally free and legal streaming TV platform . It offers a quite generous list of channels and allows us to access any channel on its list from a fairly comfortable and attractive page that does not disorient or overwhelm us with ads and unnecessary advertising. In fact, Teleonline is totally ad-free.

However, this platform only provides us with open signal channels from all over the world in high resolution and live. Considering this, although we cannot access pay channels such as HBO or Fox, the truth is that we have a very comfortable and secure page to watch free cable TV online.


Among the best free platforms that provide live content is TDTChannels, a website that provides us with radio broadcasts and TV channels in a legal way. This platform has an open source database in which many people voluntarily collaborate to offer a comfortable and ad-free experience to people who want to enjoy live content through it.

Thus, all you have to do is access the TDT Channels website or access its Android app and we will be able to see a complete list of the channels that are on the air to be reproduced just by clicking on them. Best of all, TDTChannels does not redirect us to other pages, but has an integrated player that shows what we want to see right there.


Although it is a platform without as much popularity as Pluto.tv or Atresplayer, Planetfools.com has gradually gained popularity thanks to its simple, but attractive proposal. This is none other than providing us with a list of Cable channels so that we can access them without any type of registration and enjoy their live programming totally free.

Unlike the options that we have previously shown, Planetfools.com has advertising in the form of pop-up windows that appear every time we access a channel. However, once we delete it, it does not appear again and we can enjoy our series and movies without major setbacks. Because of this, we consider it an option worth giving a try.

What do you think of this list with the best platforms to watch cable TV online legally and for free?


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