How to view private profiles on Facebook

The easiest way to view private profiles on Facebook, in this case of a particular user, of course is by being friends with the person in question. But what if you want to see the information of someone you don’t know, maybe a friend of a friend or your ex’s new hookup? The easiest way to do this is to simply send a message to that person. When they respond, whatever the response, you will have access to their profile.

How to view private profiles on Facebook?

This method is pretty straightforward. All we need is some interaction with that person’s account; for which we must follow the following instructions:

  1. Enter your Facebook account and go to the “profile” of the person you want to see.
  2. Click on the button on the right of the screen that says “Message”, to be able to send you a message. Even if you have hidden all your information, this option will still be available.
  3. Write a message. The content does not matter,   the important thing is to get a response. You can say up-front who you are, or if you are doing something more clandestine, you can ask a question like “are you the [person’s name] that I met at the store the other day?”
  4. Wait for an answer. No matter what it is, the only important thing is that you get him to answer.
  5. When you receive the reply (if you do, of course), click on the person’s name in the reply window. You will now have temporary access to view their profile for 30 days.


  • There is a possibility that the person has completely disabled their name from Facebook searches. Fortunately, very few users do this. People who don’t want to be a part of social media generally don’t have a Facebook account.
  • Hacking a private Facebook profile is illegal. However, the previous method is perfectly legal, since by responding to your message the person is consenting to see their profile (by the rules of Facebook).

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