How to surf the internet from windows 8 and get the most out of the web? Step by step guide

There is no doubt that computers have become one of the most important computing devices for humanity, since thanks to them endless activities can be carried out easily and quickly. However, it should be mentioned that for these computers to be truly productive it is necessary that they have an Internet connection that allows them to get the most out of it .

Therefore, if you have a computer with Windows 8 , then it is important that you know how you can navigate correctly from your computer and thus be able to take advantage of everything that an Internet connection offers you . Keep in mind that having the PC without Internet greatly shortens all the functions that you can perform with it, so it is essential to know how to navigate the network correctly.

Taking into account the importance of the Internet today, and that despite them many users still do not know how to navigate the web and be able to make the most of all this, here we are going to show you how you can perform this procedure in a way easy and fast and thus begin to expand all your options on your PC, for this follow in detail everything that we are going to teach you next in the post.

Learn step by step how to surf the Internet from Windows 8 and enjoy the World Wide Web

Surfing the web is a fairly simple procedure to perform and which has been done at least once in the life of each person, especially today when the Internet has become the right hand of the human being and has also become become the main reason people use computers and mobile devices .

Taking into account all the possibilities offered by having these devices with a network connection. In accordance with this, here we are going to show you how you can start surfing the Internet with your Windows 8 computer.

To do this, follow each of the methods that we are going to teach you below:

Install a browser

The first step to be able to enjoy an Internet connection on your PC is to install a browser, it should be mentioned that in the case of the Windows operating system it comes with a browser pre-installed from the factory which is Internet Explorer and which can be obtained currently on Windows 10 version as Microsoft Edge. Therefore, Microsoft Explorer becomes the first alternative for Win 8 users to take their first steps on the Internet.

But the truth of all this is that there are many other web browser options that you can install. It is important to bear in mind that only through these softwares users will have the opportunity to carry out web browsing from their computers or mobile devices, so it is essential to have an excellent web browser. Thanks to browsers, users will have the opportunity to visit the web pages they like.

According to the importance of browsers to be able to carry out this browsing process, here we are going to leave you some of the web browsers that you can install on your Win 8 operating system and thus begin to take your first steps on the Internet from your PC:

  • Google Chrome : For quite some years now this browser has been considered the best option for surfing the Internet by many users, and it is that it has a minimalist appearance and a great capacity to include extensions that allows to improve its functionality, as well as a customization according to the needs of each user. In addition, this web browser is fully integrated with your Google account, and can be used both on mobile devices such as Android and iOS, and on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  • Mozilla Firefox : Without a doubt Mozilla is considered one of the best alternatives when looking for a good browser. It stands out for being quite safe and does not leave any navigation traces, it is also quite fast and customizable . In this way it can be said that it offers a fairly complete web browsing experience, although it has never been able to compete with the speed offered by Chrome.
  • Opera: It should be mentioned that Opera does not have the same popularity as Chrome or Firefox, but without a doubt it is one of the best options when looking for an excellent browser. One of its advantages is that the minimum requirements for its operation are very low and it also does not leave any browsing log, so it gives you fairly discreet web browsing, something fundamental for what is privacy. Finally, it should be mentioned that it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers, as well as for mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Edge : This browser has become the new browser for Win 10 and which has been released to replace the old Internet Explorer. This time Edge has been launched with the aim of competing with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, for this it has been greatly improved and offers full integration with Cortana , which will allow you to control your web browsing with your voice and it is worth mentioning that only it is available for the Windows operating system .

Therefore, these are just some of the most popular browsers that you can currently find in the web market and that will help you take your first steps in what is Internet browsing and thus start visiting different websites that attract your attention.

Open website

Once you have  installed your browser of choice , the next step to start your Internet browsing is to open a specific website, in general, most users make their web browsing from Google, to access there it is important that you add that address web in the web address bar of your browser, in this case you must insert keep www.google.comin mind that just like this site you can insert thousands of more pages that are registered on the web.

This means that after the browser is installed, all you need is to know different web pages that you can access and spend time on them, be it music, entertainment, news, web search engines, among others. All this will allow you to start taking your first steps on the web in a very easy way, although it should be mentioned that you must be very careful with the websites you visit, since many of them can be unsafe and cause you some damage to your pc.

The essential websites that you should know to have a better experience on the Internet

If what you want is to start getting the most out of your Internet, it is important that you can make use of some specific websites that will undoubtedly help you get the most out of your network connection and in turn be able to get very good experiences. positive.

That is why here we show you the essential websites that you should know, for this follow the list that we will explain below:

Google and other search engines

Google is currently the number one reference on the Internet to perform different types of web searches, it is that this tool is a web search engine that receives millions of queries every day from its different services. In this way, this search engine provides at least 22 special characteristics beyond what you want to search for, where it includes synonyms, time zones, stock prices, maps, data on earthquakes, sports results, among others.

All this is done in order to be able to offer the most complete information possible for users in each of their searches, this is how Google has become one of the most searched sites when carrying out web browsing, since that thanks to it you can know everything you need, you can even use it to go or search for a specific web page. However, it is important to mention that this is not the only search engine currently available on the market .

So users can find many other alternatives available such as:

  • Bing: This is another of the most used search engines currently and that has become one of the best alternatives to Google, it has a very attractive design and includes a computer image of some historical date that allows its visitors to stay updated on this sense. In Bing you can search for images, maps, news, sports results, among many other topics.
  • DuckDuckGo : It consists of a search engine characterized by not tracking your information and which stands out for obtaining answers thanks to where it offers you all the information you want to know even without having to enter a specific website . In addition, it stands out for having excellent privacy, which is why it is considered a very good option for all those who are concerned about privacy.
  • Yahoo!: It is considered one of the most complete search engines, it gives you the possibility of separating the results of your search in different themes, which allows you to find what you want more easily. In addition, it allows you to search in different languages ​​and in which you can share specific formats.

Social media

One of the main reasons for Internet addictions by people is largely due to what social networks are, which are becoming increasingly entrenched in society. Previously, these platforms were only used for entertainment purposes to the public and to improve and increase communication between users, but all this has been changing and that is how this platform is currently very important for what is the personal and business sphere .

In this way, the use of social networks will become one of the main reasons that will help you get the most out of your Internet on your Windows 8 computer, since there you can spend very entertaining moments and also upload or manage content for your business or online or physical company. Therefore, it can be said that social networks have become a very important factor for what is the success of the Internet today .

Streaming platforms

Another of the most important reasons and why many users access the Internet today is to enter what are the streaming platforms , these platforms are those that allow consuming online content without the need to download it, therefore that undoubtedly saves you a great deal of time and above all helps you reduce the risk of downloads for your computer.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a technology that allows events or content to be  broadcast over the Internet, either through a web computer or mobile device. In addition, one of its main characteristics is live content, which allows many people to be present at a distance in what is happening at a specific time .

In this way, if what you are looking for is to get the most out of your web browsing, then it is essential that you visit these websites and start enjoying all their content online, surely you are going to spend very fun and pleasant moments that you they will allow you to enjoy your Internet connection at all times .

Tips to surf the Internet safely from your Windows 8 PC

It must be borne in mind that one of the priorities of the Windows 8 operating system is to guarantee its users safe Internet browsing, which is why it provides different types of services on the Internet, such as email, social networks, files shared images, online images, among some others.

All this in order to guarantee protection to each of its users. However, it is important that each of the people take their own measures when browsing the Internet, especially today when all this can mean a lot of dangers.

That is why here we are going to teach you some tips so that you can surf the Internet safely from your PC:

Use a good antivirus

Without a doubt, antivirus is the best ally when you want protection on the Internet, since it is not only enough to be careful with the websites that are visited and with the social networks that are connected, so these softwares will offer you extra protection by preventing you from accessing dangerous web pages that could lead you to have a problem. A good option for this is to use a free antivirus which will help you protect your computer from any threat to which you may be exposed.

The most advisable thing in this case is to use an antivirus that is constantly being updated, which will guarantee effective protection at all times. This is very important as new threats appear every day and are increasingly difficult to identify and defeat . In addition, these softwares will help you maintain protection against the classic malware , viruses , phishing , among many other threats that are present there.

Parental control

In the case that you have small children or nephews living with you, then it is very important that parental control can be activated on the computer, especially if the smallest of the house use the PC constantly. The parental control is a tool with which adults can monitor all activities on the computer, and control access to different web pages and applications.

In this way, the system allows you to filter web pages so that access to them is prevented or in this case you can limit the use of time during the week, this will prevent children from spending a lot of time using these computers. For greater control you can see how long it lasts using an application or browsing a website, among many other information of great importance for parents.

Use only trusted WiFi networks

One of the biggest dangers when browsing the web is when you are connected to a public wireless network, since in general this tends to become synonymous with danger, since any malicious person can use it to extract content and information of the other users connected to said network.

Currently it is very easy to get public WiFi networks, and they are usually in airports, shopping centers, shops, bars, squares, among many other places. While these free networks can come in handy most of the time, especially when mobile data plans are so expensive .

But the truth of all is that they can compromise Internet security, placing all your personal data at risk. That is why it is best to avoid using these types of networks unless you really need to . Since taking these basic measures can help you have a much safer browsing from your Windows 8 laptop and thus be able to keep all the information you have stored there safe.

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