How to search for people in Reniec by ID, name or surname

Whether for work, legal or commercial purposes, if you are a Peruvian citizen, you have probably on more than one occasion seen the need to consult personal information about an individual using their DNI number or through their full name and surname. For this reason, the government of Peru has the Reniec online platform, which offers a fairly complete database with detailed and publicly accessible information on citizens of legal age residing within the nation.

Despite the fact that this platform is very crowded and is the official means to search for people by ID, names or surnames in Peru through the internet, the truth is that not everyone knows how to take advantage of this tool. For this reason, this post will explain step by step how to use this online platform.

How to consult by DNI

Reniec’s online platform offers the option to search for citizens through ID. If you know this information and want to know more information about that person, then we explain what you should do:

  1. From your web browser, access the Reniec website using this link: https://www.reniec.gob.pe/
  2. Once this is done, go to the option Security elements of the DNI.
  3. Once the virtual keyboard appears on the screen, enter the DNI number that you want to consult.
  4. Next, solve the Captcha that will appear on the screen and press Consult.
  5. Now you will see on the screen all the identity data of the citizen corresponding to the DNI that you have consulted.

How to consult by first and last name

If you do not have the ID of the citizen you want to consult, do not worry, since knowing their names and surnames you can perform a search within the Reniec online tool. The steps you must follow are these:

  1. Enter your web browser and go to the Reniec website using this link: https://www.reniec.gob.pe/
  2. Go to Search Options and enter the names and surnames of the individual to consult.
  3. Again you must enter the Captcha code that will appear on the screen and press Consult.
  4. Wait for the search results to load and you’re done.

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