How to remove a Google account from your Android mobile

To remove a Google account from your Android phone only you have to enter the same settings and in the section of ” Accounts ” you must choose the Gmail you want to remove from the device. In this way, you will stop synchronizing different data such as the calendar, contacts, text messages, photo gallery, among others. If you have an account that you will no longer use in the future, then this is a good alternative to free up space on your phone.

Android devices have the ability to sync multiple Google accounts at the same time. In the event that you no longer need to link some of these accounts on your device, either because you must free up memory or because you no longer need the synchronization of that email, in this article see the steps you must take to remove a Google account of your Android mobile in an easy, fast and simple way.

Make backup copies

Before removing a Google account, it is recommended to take a backup to have a recovery option available. Therefore, you just have to follow the path: ” Settings> Backup and restore> Copy my data> Yes “. Similarly, in ” Backup account “, you must add a frequently used email so that all the data that you want to recover in the future is stored with the account you want to remove.

Steps to follow

In the following steps that will be described below, you will see the procedure to follow to remove a Google account from your Android phone :

  1. Enter ” Configuration ” or ” Settings “.
  2. Swipe and go to ” Accounts “.
  3. Click on ” Google “.
  4. Choose the account you want to remove.
  5. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  6. Click on ” Remove account “.
  7. At the confirmation question, select ” Remove account.”

Note: it is important to mention that according to the version of Android you have, the steps may have small variations. However, the goal is the same.

Link an account

If you want to synchronize a Google account to your Android mobile, either recent or old, you just have to follow the steps that you will see below:

  1. Go to ” Settings ” or ” Settings.”
  2. Go to ” Accounts “.
  3. Press ” Add account “.
  4. Select ” Google.”
  5. Enter the Gmail email you want to add and log in. With this step, the account will automatically be linked to your device.

The procedure to remove a Google account from your Android mobile stands out for its easy execution. In fact, its simplicity allows you to remove or synchronize multiple accounts at the same time. Therefore, you will only occupy those profiles that are of the utmost importance, be it work or academic. This way you will have a better organization and control of the data that is stored and synchronized directly to your device.

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