How to protect my gmail account to make it more secure? Step by step guide

Security is one of the most important factors when browsing the Internet, however, it is also usually one of the most serious problems that many users fail to solve.

An email account is a tool that stores a lot of valuable information, which is very convenient to keep under strict security. Well, this information in the wrong hands can generate a lot of chaos for the owner of it.

If you are interested in keeping all the Gmail security protocols up to date to avoid all the risks that we are going to know next, then you are in the indicated article and you must read it to the end so that you do not skip any of these.

Privacy Risks in Gmail What can happen if I don’t protect my email account?

When we leave our email account devoid of all reliable security, several unfortunate things can happen.

Find out with us what are these situations that can harm you if you do not take care of your email account:

Information theft

E-mail is a personal information center where all kinds of notifications arrive from all our accounts on the Internet and even from our bank accounts. Which means that if a criminal has access to your email, they have way to everything else. Being very easy for them to take a tour of your Gmail and scan only the vital information to control and manipulate at will through different softwares.

Access to all associated accounts

As mentioned in the previous point, after entering your email it will not be very difficult to access other accounts such as social networks, virtual wallets and bank accounts. But, if you also have other email accounts that are parallel or associated with your account, it hurts you even more, as these accounts may also be attacked.

Bank account embezzlement

You can lose all the money you have saved in your personal accounts if your email is compromised. You must remember that, even if it is different login data, with only the email the criminal can request a password and user change claiming that he lost the information. This is because when a user requests to recover the information of a lost account, the instructions to carry out this process reach the email account.

Impersonation of digital identity

Cybercriminals once they have taken control of your accounts, they can impersonate you and communicate with your loved ones. This can be used for many things, ranging from scamming them to sending different types of malware through chat rooms to invade their accounts as well.

This means that the real damage to an email account is not limited to a single person, but can damage the environment around them and this in turn can continue to spread. It is also important to remember that the ingenuity and technology of these types of people allows them to create damage to several at the same time in a matter of hours.

Learn how to protect your Google Gmail account to make it more secure

Next, you are going to learn some of the best methods out there to protect your account from cyber attacks . But, in order to apply them, you need to be in the “Settings” section of your email. To get there, log in and then click on the “Google Apps” button located in the upper right corner, identified with 9 dots. Subsequently select the “Account” option .

This will direct you to a new tab, from where we will be implementing the security improvements .

Then follow these steps:

Synchronize with mobile

Synchronizing the Gmail account with the mobile is an excellent way to prevent, because it allows us to use other protection methods that we will mention below. In addition, this allows us to have a recovery method in case of losing any access data.

To do so, apart from saving our email on the mobile, the verification of the telephone number must also be carried out. From the main section of “Settings” of the account we are going to click on “Personal information”, in the left side menu. While there we will go down to the contact information to click on “Telephone”.

From here we can add and verify the mobile number through a text message that Google sends. When it is done, a screen similar to this will appear:

Checking access with the mobile

Once we synchronize with the mobile we can make it help us to detect fraudulent logins on other devices. To do this, we go to the “Security” option , and in the access section we will choose the option “Use the phone to access”.

From here we will see the activation option for this type of access, so when entering a new computer it will ask us for our mobile device to continue.

On the mobile we will receive a notification similar to the following asking if the new login is legitimate.

Create a strong password

A strong password is another way to limit the ease of accessing our account illegally. Currently, a strong password is considered one that has a good combination of different types of characters. That is why our passwords must include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one symbol.

To create a good password we must go to the “Personal Information” section in the left side menu. In the profile area we will click on “Password”.

The next thing we will be asked to do is put our old password in a login window. Later, if we will have access to place the new improved password.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication or two-step verification is the best tool to prevent cyber attacks on our accounts. It is a system that allows you to use a totally random code when logging in. This code is obtained by mobile phone through a text message. This can actually make logins a bit tedious, but if we activate this we make sure to protect our mail as much as possible. To activate it, we enter the access section of the “Security” tab .

Something that we must highlight is that this is the equivalent of using the telephone to access, so if one is activated the other must be deactivated. Therefore, we must choose the option that best suits our demands and needs.

Remove permissions to risky applications

Most applications, both mobile and web, have the ability to sync with Google. But not all of them comply with the security standards that they establish, which means that there are potentially dangerous applications. What is recommended is to keep these tools with restricted access to our information. To do this we must go down to the end on the tab “Security” and make sure the option “Access to less secure apps” is in “No”.

Avoid newsletters from suspicious websites

For the same reason that we deactivate risky applications, we must also be very careful with the web pages in which we register with our mail. Well, it is very possible that some of them use that information to send us emails with harmful content. Therefore, if we have subscription to pages that may be considered suspicious, it is best not to review the messages that come from them.

General safety review

Gmail provides us with a method to detect some possible breaches in the security of our account. All we have to do is from the “Home” tab  select the “Security verification” option .

In the next window we will be told what the possible problems or vulnerabilities are, and if everything is fine then all the options will be green.

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