How to know if I am on DICOM

To find out if you are in the DICOM, you must enter its official website, enter the “ Online Purchase ” section, press “ Buy ” and look for the option that indicates “ Obtain Law 20,575 report ”. From then on you only have to enter your data and obtain the report for free. In this way you will be able to identify if you are delinquent with any external entity and what is the total debt to pay so that you remain solvent and they can approve future credits.

DICOM is short for ” Business Information Directory.” It is a registry in which the commercial data of the people are included to evaluate the approval of bank loans. All Chilean citizens who have a debt or are delinquent with any entity will be registered with this institution and will not have access to credit unless they pay off their debt. Therefore, in this article you will observe the steps you must follow to identify if you are registered in the DICOM.

Steps to follow

In the following sections you will find the steps to follow to find out if you are in the DICOM registry. You can carry out the procedure through the Equifax website, Destácame, or CMF debts, by means of a telephone call, by a bank, attending a branch or requesting your payment certificate.

From Equifax

To know if you are registered in the DICOM through its website, you only need to have a computer and Internet access. Having this, then you can perform the steps that you will see below:

  1. Enter DICOM through thislink and click on ” Buy> “.
  2. Swipe and click on ” Get Report Law 20,575 “.
  3. Click on ” Get now “.
  4. Enter your RUT, identification serial number and email. Accept the terms and conditions of use and the personal data treatment policies. In turn, perform the reCAPTCHA that the platform will request and press ” Continue “.
  5. Answer the personal questions that the page will indicate to verify your identity. Once you answer them, you will get the DICOM report.

Note: it is important to mention that this report can be requested every 4 months for free. You must wait this amount of time to download it again. In case you want to have other more immediate options, keep reading the other alternatives.

Through a call

IF you are in Santiago de Chile you can call 700 30 30 to find out if you are in this registry of defaulters. On the other hand, if you are in other regions of the country, you must use the number 70 30 30 to request the commercial debt report. The price to pay for the call is $ 45 per second plus SLM during the call.

Through a bank

If you apply for a loan in a bank, they will request your personal information in order to know the credit history you have had in the country. Through this action, the bank will tell you if you are registered in the DICOM or are solvent in this institution and in this way, the approval of the credit you request will be faster.

Going to a branch

You can also obtain the DICOM certificate by going to any of the branches distributed in the country. Through thislink you can verify those offices that are available or close to your locality. You only have to bring your identification and the corresponding payment to the application.

Requesting a payment certificate

Another way to obtain the DICOM credit report is by applying for the DICOM Platinum 360 certificate. It is not a free option like the first alternative that has been described in the sections. In fact, the price is $ 15,900 and you can buy it by clicking on thislink. However, with this report you can also observe the details and types of debts you have.

Hiring a service

If you request a credit card, at that time the responsible entity will check if you are in the DICOM. Similarly, if you want to acquire the services of a telephone company, the company will ask for your personal data to check if you are in this registry. If you are, the organizations will ask you to pay the outstanding debt in order to request the credit or the services you require.

Using the Destácame portal

Another commercial report that collects information about your debts and delinquencies with external companies is ” Describe me.” With this platform you can also check if you have any debt that you must pay as soon as possible. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the web portal of ” Destácame ” through thislink. Click on the ” Sign up for free ” button.
  2. Enter an email and password. Press ” Continue “.
  3. Confirm the email by entering it.
  4. Now, add the RUT data and the serial number of your identity card.
  5. Fill in all the information requested by the platform. With this you will finish the registration.
  6. Then, press ” My debts “.
  7. Check if you have debts or not. To obtain the report, click on ” Obtain the certificate, Stand out me and prove your financial situation.”
  8. Choose one of the options offered by the page. To do this, you just have to click on ” Buy “.
  9. Cancel with your credit or debit card to finish the process.

With the debts of the CMF

The CMF is the “ Commission for the Financial Market ” and is an official State institution that is in charge of keeping the information on all debts from Chilean citizens. With this action, it ensures the proper functioning of financial institutions. To find out if you have a foreign debt using the CMF, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the CMF through thislink.
  2. Write your RUN and unique password. If you don’t have it, enter thislink. If you have forgotten them, you just have to click on thislink.
  3. You will automatically see the report of all the debts and the detail of each one.

How to exit DICOM

To get off the DICOM list, all you have to do is pay the debt with the creditor company. If at the moment you do not have the money to cancel this obligation, you have the option to repay the debt with the company and it will be obliged to withdraw your data from the DICOM.

The debt will no longer be overdue with the repaction, therefore, the organization with which you acquired the loan must remove your name from the delinquency and stop the collection legal actions. Similarly, the new payment terms must be written and restated for compliance.

Debts reflected in DICOM

In the commercial report granted by DICOM you will find all the credit debts with the guarantee of the State. In the same way, the debts of subsidies, mortgage loans granted by any financial or banking institution will be described in this commercial bulletin. Therefore, if you have acquired a tax debt, a credit card or a compensation fund, you will see the detail in this report.

You will not receive additional credit unless you pay the debts that have been registered through the financial entities. In case you have paid off the debt and your name continues in DICOM, you must go directly to the company and request the withdrawal of your personal data. In this way, the database will be updated and you will be able to carry out procedures without problems.

Unrecorded debts

Not all debts that you acquire as a natural person will be registered in the DICOM. In the following list you will see those debts that will not be reflected in this report :

  • Basic services such as electricity, water, gas or telephone.
  • Debts with other natural persons.
  • Highway debts or TAG.

Duties and rights as a debtor

It is important to know the duties and rights that you have as a debtor in case you are registered in the DICOM. The National Consumer Service (Sernac) has a list with certain obligations and rights that people who are in this commercial report have:

  • Debtors can cancel all or part of their debts without waiting for the estimated period of time.
  • Before signing the contracts to be acquired, it is recommended that as a debtor you read the entire document absolutely.
  • Organizations can renegotiate with delinquent clients and are obliged to respect their rights.
  • The debtor has the right to have any type of error in the collections corrected.

As you can see, the process to find out if it is registered in the DICOM is quick and easy. You only have to have your personal data available and choose some of the methods that have been explained in this post. Once you know the debt you have, you must cancel it to delete your data from the System and thus the banking or financial entities will be able to approve the credit you request.

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