How to improve the quality of a pixelated or blurry video for free online

There are several aspects to consider to improve the quality of a blurry or pixelated video. In this sense, it may be useful to resize the video or change the format to adjust it to the size required for the platform where you want to publish it. Likewise, applying lighting or color adjustments, among others, will serve to optimize the quality of a video in which the shapes are not clearly distinguished.

However, these options can be limited when it comes to improving the quality of blurry video, depending on the file to edit. Therefore, in this text you will find online sites, as well as free downloadable applications with more advanced functions for editing and optimizing videos. With this guide you will know very good options to improve the quality of your video files.


This is an excellent tool for video editing, as it has different functions to optimize a video or make simple edits without losing quality. It certainly appears at the top of the list, for being an intuitive and user-friendly tool, as well as for its variety of tools.

Being an extremely simple platform, the process for using each function is very similar. Below you will see the step by step of how to use Clideo to resize your video files :

  1. Enter the website Clideo.com, you can directly access the resize section using thislink.
  2. Press the option ” Choose a file ” to select the video from your computer, or from the cloud storage.
  3. In the ” Resize for ” section, select the platform to which you want to upload the file.
  4. Depending on the platform, you can additionally choose a specific format and adjust it to the size of the screen.
  5. Once you have made the necessary adjustments to the video, press ” Resize “.
  6. Finally, you can save the resized video on your mobile device or PC by pressing the ” Download ” button .

In this way, it will be seen correctly on the social network or platform where you want to publish the video. The other tools are used in a similar way, be it lighting adjustments, cropping, adding audio or any other.


It is an online application for editing or even creating videos. ClipChamp has several tools to adjust lighting, color balance, add filters, among others. Compared to Clideo, this is a less simple tool, since all the functions are found together in the same editor.

On the other hand, it is necessary to register to be able to use it and pay a subscription to gain access to more advanced features. If you want to try the different features that ClipChamp has to offer, you can follow thislink to the tool and create your free account.

Online Convert

It is a tool that is mainly used to convert videos from one format to another. Additionally, it has several options that allow you to improve the quality of a video during this process.

Although it has a simple operation, it is recommended for users with advanced knowledge about which settings are the best according to the conversion to be made. If you want to check how Online Convert works, follow thislink to the official website.

Other tools

Even though you have good options to use online, it is also advisable to know video editing programs that you can download to your computer. These softwares have more advanced alternatives to optimize the quality of your videos, here is a list of the best:

  • Wondershare Filmora : This is a tool that allows you to improve your videos, since you can adjust the resolution and even the frames per second of your video, manually. In the same way, it has filters and different very useful editing options. Download this software for free from the official website, using thislink.
  • Movavi Video Converter : This is a free video converter, to change the resolution and improve the quality of yo
    r videos. You can use the automatic conversion tool or edit your video manually. You can get the free or paid version from the official Movavi page, following thislink.
  • FonePaw : This is a simple tool, with which you can review and edit any video. It also has a converter that you can locate by following thislink. If you want to know their other products, access the official site with the followinglink.

As you have seen, there are different tools to improve the quality of a blurry video online for free. This is accomplished through the various editing functions available. Additionally, there are various editing programs that can be installed on the PC. To obtain the best results, the use of one of the aforementioned softwares is recommended, since they have a greater range of functions.

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