How to have free Internet on your Android device: easy tricks

Getting free Internet on your cell phone is an advantage that any user would like to have. Well, it allows you to save a large amount of data and credit on the phone line, which you could use on another occasion or in an emergency. However, this is not something that can be easily achieved, as certain tricks must be used to “fool” the networks of the country in which you reside. However, it is not difficult to have the correct instructions.

In this sense, the trick is to create a new APN network on the cell phone. Which is done in a few simple steps from the mobile connections settings menu of the same. It should be noted that this is not fully functional, but it is worth trying. On the other hand, wireless networks that are “free”, that is, without any type of password, can be useful for browsing without the need to consume mobile data or credit from your telephone line.

Create a new APN network

To create a new APN network on Android and have free Internet, you must follow the steps shown below:

  1. Access the General Settings menu .
  2. Press ” More ” in the mobile connections section.
  3. Select ” Mobile Networks.”
  4. Click on ” Access point names (APN) “.
  5. Press ” Menu “.
  6. Choose the option ” New APN “.

Now you must write the following information in each of the corresponding fields:

  • Name : Free APN.
  • APN : internet.gratismundial.com
  • Proxy :
  • Port : 8080
  • Username : internet.gratismundual.com
  • Password : 123456
  • Authentication type : PAP or CHAP
  • APN Type : Default

Once everything is ready, press ” Save ” and activate the new APN on your cell phone by clicking on it. It is worth mentioning that for this method to work, your device must have an Android version equal to or greater than 4.0, and its Kernel number must end in 917. To verify that the data matches, go to Settings> About device and check the information in question.

Other alternatives

Currently many public or entertainment places, such as parks, shopping centers, cinemas, nightclubs, etc. They have free wireless access networks, that is, they are free for the use of the public, as long as they consume local products. These are known as “Wi-Fi hotspots”, where people can freely enjoy Internet service on their devices for as long as they want.

However, many of these carry a low level of security and are therefore risky for those who use them. Since hackers or cyber criminals take advantage of the vulnerability of the network to invade cell phones and find private information. That is why great care must be taken when connecting to these types of services.

To connect you simply have to enable Wi-Fi on your cell phone and explore nearby networks. If the device finds any, it will connect automatically and you can enjoy free Internet on your Android without any problem, for as long as you want. But remember the previous observation before doing so.

Final Recommendations

Although there are many tricks on the net that offer to have free Internet on your phone, it is recommended not to apply them. Well, they could lead to risks of breakdown in the terminal, since most need external applications, in .APK format. That is, they are not approved by Google Play for use. Since they represent a risk, according to the application store, for the information of the user or the device in question.

Taking this into account, it is clear that the only possible option to enjoy free Internet on Android is to create an APN network parallel to the usual one. However, this possibility is forgotten if you do not meet the technical requirements for it.

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