How to download free MP3 music without registration

Some programs and Internet search engines allow you to download free mp3 music without registering. To do this, you only have to access their digital platforms and write the song you want to obtain, so that the download begins in mp3 or mp4 format. With this you will be able to get the melody for any other device (Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet) that is compatible with these playback formats.

In this tutorial, you will see a list of search engines and applications that allow downloading of music online. To use any of the options mentioned here, you just need to have a good Internet connection, the name of the song, the artist to search for, and enough storage capacity to download the file. After you get the song, you can save it or move it to a portable music player.

Download programs

Previously, many users did not use download programs since most of them downloaded malware files, which attack and damage the information that you store on your computer. However, there are currently several reliable alternatives that allow you to download files. With that said, check out the 6 best programs to download free mp3 music :

  • BitTorrent: it is a well recognized program in which you can download movies, series and music in mp3 format in short intervals of time.
  • iMusic : it has a music library and has a version available for iPhone, Windows and Mac. It is a paid program that has a free trial version.
  • Jdownloader: is a program whose operation is similar to RapidShare and Megaupload.
  • MP3Jam : is only available for Windows Systems.
  • Mp3rocket – This is a YouTube video to MP3 converter program .
  • uTorrent: it is compatible with most versions of Mac, Linux, Windows and, in fact, it has an application for Android OS. It is one of the most popular programs to download music due to its easy interface.

Using web page search engines

On the Internet, there are several pages that allow you to download free mp3 music. However, great care must be taken when choosing one, since it can have excesses of advertising, viruses or malicious files disguised as harmless downloads. In view of this, here is a list of the best search engines to find and download mp3 music :

  • 8Tracks.
  • Amazon Music.
  • ExitosMP3.com.
  • Flowhot.
  • Free Music Archive.
  • Fulldiscographies.
  • Jamendo.
  • JungleVibe, Mp3XD.
  • NewAlbumReleases.
  • MegaSearch.
  • Best Torrent.
  • Mp3Juices.
  • MusicQ
  • SonicoMP3.
  • WoowMP3.

Android apps

For Android devices, you just have to go to the Google Play Store and download any of the applications that will be mentioned here. When you get the app, you just have to open it and follow the steps or details that specify each process. Having clarified this, here are some applications from the Play Store along with their descriptions:


It is a free app in which you can find and download more than 3,000 artists, albums and songs according to their genre. You can use this application to listen to the music you want with the screen off. You will only have to have access to the Internet, either with Wi-Fi or the data network.

Youtube music

It is a platform established as an app and as a website where you can listen to songs in audio and video mode. Unlike the traditional YouTube platform, you can listen to music with the screen off, make lists of your choice, as well as download your favorite songs to your device. Although it is a paid platform, you have a totally free trial month.

Telegram (@vkmusic_bot):

Telegram begins to gain popularity due to its lightness and the use of its bots. With ” @vkmusic_bot ” you can write the name of the song, and the platform will give you a list of options to download directly to your Smartphone.

Apps for iOS

In the case of iOS devices, they have their personalized store called the App Store. From there you just have to search and download the applications to start downloading the songs of your choice in mp3 format. Look at all these apps and choose the one that best suits what you need:


This is the same application as the one mentioned in the Android section, only it is its version for iOS Operating Systems. Its operation is exactly the same as the version of the Play Store. You can get it, usingthis link.

Musicr – Listen to music player

Musicr- Listen to music player
Developer: Tuncer Tirnavali
Price: Free

It is a fairly practical and simple app that allows you to play and share all the songs you want on your phone. It has an extremely intuitive and simple interface, its song base is very wide and with excellent sound quality. In addition to this, this app is completely free and has good ratings in the App Store. If you want to download it, you can do it by doingclick here.

Payment platforms

Most subscriptions have a free trial period that can be set from 14 to 30 days. This aims to establish a guarantee that the service to be offered will be of quality. In view of this, here will also be a list of those platforms on which you can play and download mp3 music for free (up to a certain time):

You have various means to download free mp3 music without registering. In some cases it will only be necessary to search for the name of the song and, on the other hand, you will have to log in to your device to access that download. Regardless of the method you choose, you will have the file in mp3 format on your computer or on your Smartphone. Thus, you will be able to move it or transfer it to another device.


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