Has TorrentLocura closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

As a TorrentLocura user , you may have noticed that this page no longer works at the usual web address. This is due to restrictions and penalties by Google, as this torrent download platform does not have the proper authorization for the distribution of this type of content. However, it is still present on the Internet under another domain, but there is no certainty that the service, quality or owners are the same.

Luckily, there are several alternatives on the Internet that you can use to replace TorrentLocura, which offer the same type of content to watch online or download to your computer. Now, you must be clear that sites like Thepiratebay, Zooqle or YTS, change their address on the network constantly to avoid the problems mentioned above. However, the following list shows the current URL for each.


This website contains a large number of movie and TV series titles, available to watch online or download to your computer through programs such as µTorrent. In its menu of possibilities you will find varied programming of different genres, such as action, suspense, crime, drama, comedy, etc. Therefore, the hours of entertainment during the weekend will be more than assured.

The modern appearance of this Y ts.mx site and its functions integrated through buttons in a top menu of options will help you download the content you prefer, quickly. On the other hand, one of the most outstanding advantages of this platform is that it lets you select the language and the output quality of each file. In addition, you can download the subtitles of the film or series in question, in case you want to view the original version of the clip.


This website works as a kind of virtual torrent library that connects the different download platforms for movies, series, applications, music, etc. By using this tool you can find thousands of results in a matter of seconds, just by typing a term or keyword related to the content you want to download.

On the other hand, although Thepiratebay appearance is not as modern or stylish as other pages on this list, its interface is very easy to understand and use. Well, all you have to do is type what you want to find in the search bar, select the type of file and click on the result that corresponds to your intention. To access Thepiratebay use this link ( https://thepiratebay.org )


With more than a decade of operation on the Internet, RARBG is one of the main alternatives to TorrentLocura, since it offers the possibility of downloading series or movies for free. However, although it is considered one of the best in its area, this site is blocked in several countries in Europe, including: United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark and Bulgaria.

However, if you are in any of these places, you can log in without problems with the help of a VPN in your computer’s browser. It should be noted that the RARBG platform ( https://rarbg.to/ ) includes different types of content in its menu, including applications, software, adult content, games and music.


1337x ranks as one of the most popular torrent search engines in the world today. Well, it has a nice, modern, easy-to-understand interface, in which its main attribute is a built-in search bar, as well as a series of options to choose from. Since it is a page that offers additional to downloading series and movies, adult content (XXX), music, applications, among others.

It is worth mentioning that, due to its popularity, 1337x.tw  is one of the most “persecuted” pages by Google to be eliminated from the list of results. However, its developers offer several alternatives to the main domain, which could be useful when entering the platform.


It is one of the Internet sites that guarantees reliability and quality in each of the files in its catalog. Also offering different display formats for series and movies, from CAM to 1080px and others. It is worth mentioning that it also has several language versions in the different titles, such as: Spanish, Latin Spanish and subtitles. Access all its content through this link ( https://www.elitetorrent.in )

To download any of the files on the page, all you have to do is click on it and then select the “Magnet” option. This will open a pop-up window from where you must install a program to download the movie or series in question. It should be clarified that, if you have tools like µTorrent, the latter will be very simple, because you just have to open the link and wait while the download is complete.


Although it is a relatively sloppy-looking page, it goes straight to torrenting, offering a huge list of possibilities in its main window. However, despite having movies, series and TV shows in its catalog, Torlock focuses especially on literary content and anime. So if you are looking for files of this type, this will be a great tool for you.

Now, you must bear in mind that the number of ads within this site could be annoying and invasive, in addition, some are of a pornographic type. However, you can get rid of all this with the help of an ad blocker.


It is one of the best known torrent download sites today, despite not being as old as others on this list. Zooqle has a repertoire that houses more than five million films, as well as video games and series or TV shows. Its interface is very easy to understand and use, since the files are distributed on the platform to facilitate downloading for its users.

However, if you prefer, you can use the search engine available in Zooqle to quickly find any file you want. You simply have to write a keyword or term associated with the title or subject of the file in question at https://zooqle.com/, in this way you will get a series of results that match that information.


This platform works as a meta search engine, whose function is to compare millions of results in a matter of minutes to offer you the best options in torrents. Torrent-Paradise has a very simple appearance, so it is simple to use. Also, unlike other options shown in this text, it doesn’t include as many annoying ads. You will simply have to write the name or title of what you want to find and that will be it.

It is worth mentioning that this website Torrent-paradise.ml will allow you to download through magnet links, not just movies or TV series. But also music, applications, programs, etc., so it is a great alternative to TorrentLocura in terms of functionality and quality.

Better torrent

Mejortorrent is a website with a lot of content to enjoy online or download to your computer, where you will find series, movies (some in HD quality), documentaries, among others. Its interface is very simple, as it shows the catalog of options in the main window, along with a left side menu and a search engine at the top. In the latter you can enter the topic or title you want to find, in this way the process will be much faster.

If you want to access Mejortorrent, you can do it easily through this link ( https://www.mejortorrento.com )


It is another of the alternatives to TorrentLocura on this list, as it houses hundreds of series titles and movies in HD quality, ready to download or play online. With Repelis24 you will have access to exclusive programming from other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO and Disney +, for free. In addition, its modern and intuitive interface will allow you to find any content you want, quickly and accurately.

Since, in addition to the series of alternatives that are shown on the screen, a menu also appears in alphabetical order so that you can navigate between the options. In this way you will find as many series and movies as you want. However, if you prefer, you can use the search engine incorporated at the top to find what you want much faster, all this through (https://repelis24.co )

As you could see, there are different alternatives to TorrentLocura that you can use without problems. However, you should keep in mind the observation made at the beginning of this text, about the change of domain or web address of the different sites on this list. Now, while this does not happen, you will have at your disposal the best series and movies to enjoy.

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