Has SkyTorrent closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

If you are one of the users who constantly search for torrents of movies or TV series to download, you most likely had SkyTorrent among your favorite options . Well, it was an excellent option in which cookies or annoying advertisements were not a problem. However, this platform closed leaving millions of followers without a comfortable and safe tool to download their favorite content.

Luckily, there are still several alternatives to SkyTorrent that you can use to watch movies or series online and even download them to your computer to view them offline. They are described in the following text, however, you must bear in mind that these types of pages change domain constantly. This is due to the recurring closures suffered by the authorities, but as long as it does not happen, you can enjoy them.

Popcorn Time

It is an application compatible with different Operating Systems, such as: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux, which allows you to watch as many series and movies as you want. Although it is not a website, Popcorn Time ( https://getpopcorntime.is/ ) has an impressive catalog that houses the most anticipated film and television releases. Therefore, your only concern will be to have a stable Internet connection to enjoy the episodes you have been waiting for so long.

Also, unlike other platforms mentioned in this list, with this application you will not have restrictions on the content and you will be able to view it in HD quality, with subtitles. It is worth mentioning that, you should not wait for the movie or series to download, because you will be able to see it instantly when you click on it.

You also do not have to register to enjoy everything that this application has for you, simply go to the official website and download the file corresponding to the OS of your computer. Later, run the installation and you’re done. Hundreds of titles to spend the weekend entertaining with the best of the big screen.


It is a relatively new website, so it still maintains the same domain with which it started in the market. This platform gives rise to a hundred torrent files of series and movies for which, normally, you would have to pay to be able to view them. And, despite not having an appearance as striking as other portals of the same style, Zooqle offers its users the best quality of reproduction in all its titles.

In turn, it integrates a search engine in which you can enter terms related to the type of file you are looking for to find it faster. On the other hand, this platform not only hosts series and movies, but also video games and television shows. Access all its content, through this link ( https://zooqle.com/ )


It works as a torrent file tracking or search engine specially created to find Japanese anime content. So, if this type of series is to your liking, with Nyaa.si (https://nyaa.si/) you will have at your fingertips an excellent tool with hundreds of options to choose from. Its interface is very simple to understand and, although its design leaves a lot to be desired, this website goes straight to the point, offering a list of possibilities on its main screen.

In addition to this, you will find a small description of each name in the list, where the weight, duration, publication date and download links are shown. All this, accompanied by a search bar in which you can enter terms or keywords that allow you to quickly find the title you are looking for. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Japanese anime, you will also find music, eBooks, software or applications, etc.

Torrends.to (formerly torrents.me)

It works like a meta search engine that finds results on all torrent pages you can imagine, however, you should keep in mind that this page does not filter the results. So you will have to compare or search among the comments of other users to be totally sure of what you want to download. To enter Torrends.to use this link https://torrends.to/

On the other hand, its intuitive interface will allow you to discover all sorts of content, not only concerning audiovisual material, but also games, anime, apps, music, etc. It is worth mentioning that, at the bottom of the page, you will find a list of the most recommended torrent websites and from which Torrends.to emits its results.


It is another of the alternatives that you can use to replace SkyTorrent, as it is a website that includes a secure database, free of viruses and with HD quality. So you can be sure that, once the download is complete, you will be able to view its content without any problem. It is worth mentioning that, compared to other options on the list, Torlock does not have such an extensive file library.

On the other hand, this page contains many annoying advertisements, including some with pornographic content. However, this is something that you can fix quickly, you should only use an AdBlock to prevent this from being visible. If you want to access this page, use the following link ( https://www.torlock.com/ )


Another portal that works as a meta search engine is Toorgle, this website quickly searches and analyzes more than 450 different sites, offering results on any topic you want. Now, it is important to clarify that these are not previously analyzed, so you must be careful when choosing any of the available files.

On the other hand
its appearance is very intuitive and easy to use, since it is very similar to Google, access the page using this link ( https://www.toorgle.com/ ). It is worth mentioning that this website has advertisements that could be annoying when looking for the content you want.


It is a page very similar to SkyTorrent, so it is considered one of the best alternatives to the aforementioned website. It has a minimalist appearance that, in turn, incorporates a search engine that will allow you to navigate between millions of results. All you have to do is write a keyword or term associated with the title in question in ( https://torrent-paradise.ml/ ) and wait while Torrent-paradise does the work.


YTS is a fairly comprehensive website that offers the best of cinema and television in HD quality from the comfort of your home. With this page you can choose between watching content online or downloading to your computer to stream it to a larger screen with the help of a device like Chromecast. It offers a modern appearance, with a series of buttons that make it easy for the user to search for series or movies.

One of the main advantages of accessing ( https://yts.mx/ ) is that it allows you to choose the language and the output resolution of the content you want to download. In the same way, it offers the possibility of downloading the subtitles of the movie or series in question.


It is the modified version of Limetorrents.buzz, this is a powerful search engine for files of different formats (movies, TV series, adult content, games, etc.). It lets you make downloads anonymously so, so far, it is considered one of the safest seekers torrents on the web.

Like other options already mentioned, all you have to do is type a keyword related to the content you want to download and wait while the results are displayed. It is also important to note that Limetorrents offers different download options, including “magnet links”. To enjoy all the content, use this link ( https://limetorrents.cyou/ )


This is another meta search engine that offers results in a matter of minutes, for this, all you have to do is write a term or keyword related to the title you want to download. Torrentz2eu represents a reliable alternative to SkyTorrent, as it has a minimalist appearance that allows you to browse among more than 30 million files that you can download to your computer through this link ( https://torrentz2eu.org/ )

As has been noted throughout this text, despite the absence of SkyTorrent on the web, there are still many alternatives that you can use to download torrents from the Internet. You simply have to choose the option that best suits your style and start enjoying the best content.

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