Has MegaDede closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

Unfortunately MegaDede is no longer operational on the Internet. MegaDede offered an entertainment service to watch different movies and series online that are classified according to their genre. You could even find updated content from different platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO.

However, it is necessary to mention that many of these platforms, when handling the P2P system ( connection through other users’ computers ), are persecuted to block or close them permanently. In view of this, in this article you will see the best alternatives to MegaDede that you have available to continue watching the movies of your choice or downloading the content on your computer.

Happy premiere

One of the best options to watch movies and series in Spanish without using subtitles is FelizEstreno. This website is characterized by having all its content in HD, in addition to presenting the technical sheets in which you can find the synopsis of the film, the duration, the year and an IMDb score.

The best thing is that you can play the movie within the web portal through different servers. Similarly, if you want to get the chapter of the series or the movie on your computer, you just have to press the download icon so that the page redirects you to another window where you will get the link. If you want to use FelizEstreno as an alternative to MegaDede, enter this link ( https://felizestreno.com/ )


PelisPedia is one of the most popular pages
on the Internet since it has more than 10 years of experience offering a wide variety of series, movies and television programs. You will be able to locate the content of your preference according to the genre in which it is found. The platform is easy to use and you will have the option of viewing the content online or downloading it to your computer through different servers.

Another advantage that you can take advantage of on this page is online music playback in order to have other types of entertainment. PelisPedia will offer you to see the content of the film or series in a quality ranging from 480p to 720p and selecting a language, which can be Latin Spanish or Spanish dubbing. This is the link ( https://www.pelispedia.de ) that you must click if you want to enter PelisPedia.


In case you are a fan of anime, VidCorn is an excellent tool to see the most recent and outstanding content in this category. The best thing is that you can count on the possibility of viewing the content online or downloading it to your computer through different servers. Similarly, it also has various categories of movies and series, both recent and old.

On the other hand, you can also choose between its original language with subtitles or a dubbing into Spanish from Spain or Latin America. All their productions have excellent video and audio quality to offer a better experience within the platform. If you are looking to try VidCorn as an alternative MegaDede page, copy this link in your browser to access: ( https://vidcorn.to )

Cat Series

Although Series Gato uses a lot of publicity when opening movies or series, it is undoubtedly one of the most complete pages where you can get a wide variety of both classic and modern films. To avoid saturation of ads, it is advisable to use an ad blocker so that you will enjoy all the content on the page.

In each movie to be played, you will find a comments section in which you can detail the opinions of different users about its quality. The platform is in Spanish and has different categories to improve the search for audiovisual content. To use this web portal, copy this link in your browser ( https://seriesgato.io/ )


Pelis123 is characterized by having the most recent productions from different platforms such as HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the movies or series of your choice without having to register on the platform. Now, if you want to download some content for free, you must create a user.

It offers a wide range of movies and series that are classified in various genres such as science fiction, crime, romance, suspense, among others. One of the advantages to highlight is that it has a section to add those films that have been highlighted among users. If you want to use Pelis123, you just have to copy this link and paste it into your browser ( https://pelis-123.com )


HDFull is one of the most complete platforms within these options
since it has movies, series, anime, cartoons, documentaries, among others. Its extensive catalog has been positioned as one of the favorites and can be organized according to the scores obtained on IMDb.

In each movie, you will detail a small flag which will indicate the language in which it is available. You will see that you can choose between its original language, subtitled and with Latin or Spanish dubbing. You will be able to observe the content both on the platform and on your computer through the different download methods. Make a copy of this link ( https://hdfull.sh ) to enter HDFull.


InkaSeries has positioned itself as one of the fastest platforms to download series or watch them online. The content that you can get on subscription platforms such as Netflix or HBO, you can find it here for free. The best thing is that you will not have to register on the web portal to access all audiovisual productions.

Within its platform, it has a section called ” Series Catalog ” in which you can detail the most outstanding and recent series along with a brief synopsis. Similarly, many of the users make comments and scores according to the quality of the content to offer more information. To access InkaSeries, select the following link and copy it into your browser ( https://inkaseries.org/ )


Unlike other web platforms, in Playdede you must register to be able to access all the available content of movies and series. Once you have done it, you will observe the different categories that will allow you to improve and optimize the search for the audiovisual production you prefer.

It is worth mentioning that Playdede has been created as a substitute for MegaDede due to a domain that was closed in 2020. However, it manages the same content catalog to keep users who used the previous platform. Having clarified this point, copy this link ( https://playdede.com ) to use Playdede as an alternative page to MegaDede.


This is one of the most frequent pages among users due to its popular series and the premiere of recent movies on the movie billboard. Its content is quite varied and you can get series, anime, movies and dramas. Your files are organized according to their genre to optimize the file search.

As an additional fact, it is worth mentioning that PelisPlus does not have a lot of invasive advertising, so you can enjoy the movies both in their online playback and through different download methods. To see the content available in PelisPlus, you only have to enter the following link ( https://pelisplushd.net )


PepeCine has a wide range of movies and series that are classified into various genres, either suspense, horror, action, etc. However, it is important to mention that in this web portal you will not download all the content that you observe. Only those movies or series that have the uTorrent link can be downloaded.

It is also necessary to emphasize that the platform handles many advertisements during the reproduction of its content. Therefore, it is recommended to use an ad blocker to avoid annoying inconvenience. If you want to use it as an alternative MegaDede page, you just have to press this link ( https://pepecine.top )

As you have been able to detail, you have more than 10 alternative options to MegaDede to continue watching the series of your choice online or to download the movies that you like the most. Depending on the web portal, the online reproduction or download process will be really simple, free and you will not need to register on their platform to access the content catalog.

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