Has hispashare closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

Hispashare was considered one of the best sites to download movies, series or videos in HD quality, through torrent files. However, it stopped working, as it violates the copyright use policies, by allowing the transmission or download of unauthorized content. Which left many users heartbroken, looking for alternatives to the aforementioned page from where they can enjoy an equally good service.

Well, the following text mentions a detailed list of alternatives to Hispashare that you can use for the same purpose. Now, you should keep in mind that these types of websites regularly change their address or URL, in order to avoid penalties or sanctions by the government. Therefore, when trying to enter, you could find the annoying message “does not work or has moved to another site.” With that said, check out the best options, below.


It is a site that has been working for more than a decade, where you can find an almost infinite content catalog that, in addition, is updated daily to offer the best. On its platform you can find everything from unforgettable film and television classics to the most anticipated releases on the big screen. All this in a simple interface, with a not so attractive appearance, but well organized.

It has a left side menu in which all the categories available within the web page are found, for downloading content. In addition to this, this portal incorporates a news section that will help you keep abreast of the latest news. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to downloading movies, you can also download music, software, etc.

However, RARBG is censored in some European countries, including: Bulgaria, UK, Denmark, and Portugal. Therefore, to access from any of these territories, you must resort to the use of a VPN or Internet proxy that allows you to use an IP other than your real location. Access RARBG using this link ( https://rarbg.to/ )


Functions as a metasearch engine, from which you different download formats file, such as apps, music, movies, TV series or shows, etc. Its interface is very simple, as it incorporates a search bar within its platform, in which you can write any keyword or term related to the subject in question and navigate between the results. That is why 1337x is one of the main alternatives to Hispashare.

Now, you should know that this website has alternative domains that are mentioned just below the search bar. This is a viable alternative, in case you find that the site has stopped working. Although it is very unlikely that this will happen, as its developers are very attentive to the portal and its operation. If you want to access this website, go to ( https://www.1337x.tw/ )


It is another website with a minimalist appearance, whose main objective is to allow users to find torrent results, quickly and easily. Although it is one of the newest on the market, the number of users increases daily, making Zooqle one of the main torrent download sites.

On the other hand, its intuitive interface will help you navigate the site and explore the different options it offers in terms of content. So using this service does not represent great difficulty, even if you are an inexperienced user. Best of all, banner ads are kept to a minimum, allowing minimal time to find what you’re looking for. Access Zooqle through this link: ( https://zooqle.com/ )


It is a website that allows you not only to download series and movies, but also an incredible variety of files, including: music, books, applications, etc. Torrent-Paradise is a very simple page to use, as its main attribute is a search bar in which you can type keywords or terms associated with the file in question to find it. By doing this, you will get a list of results so that you can choose the one you want.

Therefore, if you want to test the operation of Torrent-Paradise, use this link ( https://torrent-paradise.ml/ )


It is another powerful metasearch engine that includes among its list of possibilities, the download of torrent files of: music, videos, chapters of series or TV shows, applications, etc. Limetorrents is the modified version of the old Limetorrents.buzz website, considered one of the safest pages for this type of task, as it allows it to be done anonymously.

That is, it hides your IP address so that you can download all the content you want. To do this, what you will have to do is type the name or associated title in the search bar. Subsequently, the platform will be in charge of searching among thousands of pages and offering all the results that match the term in question. Enjoy this website through this link: ( https://limetorrents.cyou/ )


It is another alternative to Hispashare that allows you to watch or download movies and series in HD quality, for free. Elitetorrent is considered “paradise” for many users, as it houses a large amount of content that includes movie classics and the most anticipated releases. In addition, it is characterized by being one of the web pages with the fastest online playback speed and Spanish-speaking titles.

However, it is important to note that many of the movies or series hosted on the site only reach 720px quality. On the other hand, among its main advantages is the availability of different languages ​​for the same title, that is, you can choose the one that best suits your taste to enjoy the content. To test the operation of Elitetorrent, go to its website: ( https://www.elitetorrent.in/ )


This page hosts an extraordinary number of series and movies that you can download or watch online, in HD quality. Repelis24 is positioned among the top portals to download torrents, thanks to its simple interface. In addition, its content includes exclusive titles from streaming platforms, such as Disney +, Netflix or HBO Go, which makes it an excellent alternative to Hispashare. All this and much more, in ( https://repelis24.co/ )


It is one of the oldest and highest ranked torrent download pages on this long list. Thanks to its latest update, Thepiratebay considerably increased its number of users, as its security level now allows you to evaluate files to be sure of their reliability. This site has a minimalist appearance in which you can find, among other formats, a wide variety of categories, such as: music, applications, books and even XXX content.

It should be noted that this web page does not contain content. On the contrary, it works as a kind of virtual library that allows you to search among hundreds of sites for any file you want. In addition, it supports downloading through “magnet links”, using tools or applications such as µTorrent. Access Thepiratebay, through the following link: https://thepiratebay10.org/


It is another of the most used torrent search engines on the Internet, previously known as Torrents.me. With this platform you have access to an endless list of files to download, as it works as a meta search engine that offers the best results to its users. Now, even though Torrends.to appears as one of the most viable alternatives to Hispashare, you must be careful when downloading content.

Since this site does not have a result filter, unlike other alternatives in the list. That is why it is recommended to carefully select the torrent to download. On the other hand, you should know that you can download anime files, movies, music, applications, games, etc. You can find all the content of Torrends on its website: ( https://torrends.to/ )


With this page you can enjoy the most anticipated film and television releases, in HD quality, in Latin Spanish or with subtitles if you prefer the original version. It is one of the best options to replace Hispashare, as its extensive content is hosted on a platform that is super easy to understand and use.

It has a category menu in a left side panel, where you can filter results by main trends, more views, etc. In addition, Cliver incorporates a search tool that will help you quickly find any movie title you want. On the other hand, a small lever on the top bar of this web page will allow you to change from the movie catalog to series or vice versa.

You can find operational Cliver, through the following link: ( https://cliver.site/ )


It is another of the public’s favorites, as it gives rise to an endless list of possibilities for your weekends to be entertaining. With YTS you can choose between watching movies and series online or downloading to your computer, in case you prefer to stream to a larger device. One of its main attributes is that it allows you to choose the resolution and output language of the video, when downloading the file.

On the other hand, its modern and intuitive platform will allow you to navigate between the different categories to find the movie or series you want. In addition to this, you will find a search engine that will help you filter the results to quickly find any title. To access YTS, use this link: ( https://yts.mx/ )

After reading this post, it is clear that you have many alternatives at your disposal to continue enjoying the best content. Whether you want to download or watch online, all you have to do is choose one of the websites from the list. Now, remember that these types of pages constantly change their web address.

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