Has Gnula closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

Many Gnula users wonder if this site has closed or no longer exists, since when trying to access the old address, it throws an error or does not appear. Well, the answer is simple, this torrent download platform still works. However, it is in another domain and it is not known exactly if it belongs to the same owners or the quality remains the same.

That is why, in the following text, a list of alternatives to Gnula that you can use to download torrents is shown in detail . Of which, some are focused solely on series or movies, while others support other types of files, such as music, applications, games, etc. However, you should keep in mind that pages like these change their web address constantly to avoid closures or penalties by the authorities.

Full HD

This website is focused on series, anime and movies, allowing you to choose between watching them online or downloading them to your computer. For this, you have buttons or options that facilitate this task and, in addition, the possibility of watching the trailer before selecting any title. Full HD has a wide and varied catalog that includes classics from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as some premieres of the big screen. Access them through this link: https://hdfull.co/

However, it is not as attractive in terms of content compared to other alternatives mentioned throughout this text. However, it includes different genres of movies, such as: action, comedy, romance, suspense, etc. It is worth mentioning that, at the top of the site, you will find links to other torrent download pages, such as Elitetorrent.

Popcorn Time

Although it is not exactly a website, Popcorn Time allows you to view series and movies in HD quality from the comfort of your Smartphone or computer. Since, it is an application compatible with different Operating Systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. To download it, you must go to its official website ( https://popcorn-time.tw ) and choose the option that corresponds to your computer.

Once you have it, you will have access to endless titles with which you can spend hours of entertainment without leaving your home. It is worth mentioning that this application works like any other streaming platform, such as Netflix. Therefore, when you click on a series or movie, it will start to play automatically. Now, for this to be possible, you must make sure you have a stable Internet connection.


This platform, in addition to being ideal for downloading movie and series torrents, also allows you to download content from anime and doramas (Japanese series) in HD quality. That is why Pelisplus is considered one of the best alternatives to Gnula, thanks to its wide and varied content and its simple and intuitive platform, which you can obtain through this link ( https://pelisplushd.net )

In which you will find an incredible repertoire, accompanied by a left side menu in which the quick access buttons will allow you to filter results by years, genre or file type. In addition, within each title you will see a small description, accompanied by the rating made by the public and comments alluding to the content in question. As an added bonus, this site has its owngroup on Telegram to keep you posted.

Cuevana 2

With its page free of annoying ads and HD quality in a wide catalog of series and movies that includes the most anticipated releases, Cuevana2 has become the favorite of many. In addition, with a modern and intuitive interface that classifies and displays content in categories such as: recent, new, and featured, finding what you want is not a complicated task.

In the same way, this platform offers a menu of options at the top of the window, where you can browse and choose between movies, series, genres and movies in Spanish. It is worth mentioning that this page supports online playback and also the download of files through different links that will appear once you open the title you want, all through ( https://cuevana2.io )


It is a fantastic option to watch movies and series online, although it also includes the most popular anime of the peculiar Japanese animation style. On the other hand, RepelisPlus offers the option to download any title you want from the catalog available online. It is worth mentioning that, unlike other sites mentioned in this list, this platform has a specific option in the menu created for the smallest of the house.

In addition, it has its own application for mobile devices ( app.repelisplus.vip ), compatible only with Android terminals, with which you can watch or download your favorite series and movies from the palm of your hand. So you will have an additional option to enjoy the best content, for free.


Cliver.to is one of the most visited sites on the Internet for downloading torrents, as it offers a wide variety of movies that you can watch online or download, depending on your preference. Its catalog of options is designed to facilitate navigation within the platform, as it includes a series of buttons with which you can view all the available categories.

Among which are options such as: most viewed, featured, premieres, trends, etc. In addition, you have the option to filter the movies by year of release or publication, thanks to the option located on the left side of the screen. On the other hand, one of the most outstanding characteristics of this website is that many of the titles can be reproduced in different languages, which you can find at ( https://www.cliver.to )


Although lately it has changed domain repeatedly, Cinecalidad remains a solid website for downloading movies through different servers. In the same way, it is compatible with “magnet links” or torrents that you can download using tools such as µTorrent. The use of this platform is very simple, since its catalog of productions on the big screen can be found when entering the web.

It is organized so that the most recent posts are displayed on the first page, however, you can navigate between the available genres at the top. On the other hand, if you prefer, you have a search engine where you can write terms or keywords associated with the title you want to download.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, this site included a section for the most famous series of recent years, adding those that are exclusive to Streaming platforms, such as Netflix. Therefore, you will not only find film premieres, but also television. Access it, through this link ( https://www.cine-calidad.com )


Unlike other Gnula alternatives mentioned in this list, 1337x works as a torrent search engine that navigates between hundreds of pages to deliver quality results. It has a super simple interface to understand and use, where its main attribute is the search bar that it shows on the main screen.

Now, to find the content you want, all you have to do is write the title or term associated with the file in question at ( https://www.1337x.tw ) and wait for the web to offer the results. Significantly, this page is not just limited to movies or series, but also allows download applications, games, XXX movies, etc. Therefore, when using it, you will have an excellent tool at your disposal.

Look at all

It is considered one of the most extensive Streaming portals on the Internet, thanks to its wide and varied menu of movies and series, among which are the latest film releases. Miradetodo has a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates the user experience, allowing you to enjoy the best online content, from the comfort of your home.

In addition, it includes a top navigation menu and a search bar that will make it easier for you to find the title you want. It is worth mentioning that, you can also filter the content by year, genre and quality of reproduction, both in movies and in series. If you want to access this site, use this link ( https://miradetodo.co )


It is the new version of Limetorrents.buzz. This page is an incredible search engine for different file formats, including: TV series or shows, movies (also for adults), games, applications, etc. All this with the highest possible security, because, until now, it is the safest website for downloading content, since it allows you to do it anonymously. Access it through the following link ( https://limetorrents.cyou )

It is worth mentioning that using it does not require great technical knowledge or that you are an expert on the Internet, as it is a fairly intuitive and simple platform to use. Just like you would in the browser, all you have to do is type in the search term related to the content you want and wait for the results to show up. It is also important to note that Limetorrents offers different download options, even admitting “magnet links”.

As you may have realized after reading this post, there are many alternatives to Gnula that you can use to get the most out of it. However, you must remember that this type of page frequently changes domain or web address. Therefore, you could find the annoying message “this website does not work”, in which case you should go to Google and search directly for the name of the page you want to visit, as it may appear with another URL.

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