Has Downloadsmix closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

If you are wondering if the DownloadsMix site is still working, the answer is yes. However, this website to download movies violates copyright policies, which causes you to be “targeted” for penalties and constant shutdowns. That is why, in the following post, some alternatives are mentioned that you can use to continue enjoying online content or downloading the best movie premieres.

Now, it is important to mention that all the options described here constantly change their domain (web address), to continue working without any problem. However, they will be very useful to spend hours of entertainment with the best of cinema, it is worth mentioning that they are free alternatives that you can access from your computer. To know what they are and what they are about, continue reading this text until the end.


This is a site that is renewed with each appearance and where you will find, in addition to movies, the most popular Marvel series to watch online or download through µTorrent. In the same way, its developers plan to include the download through the MEGA server, something that many users appreciate. Among its content you will find from the most beloved classics of cinema, to the highest-grossing premieres of recent months.

Its list of films is divided into categories ranging from drama and comedy to suspense and science fiction. So you will find what to entertain you throughout the weekend. In addition, Cinecalidad has a super easy to understand interface and even has a search engine and a request box so that you can request the film that you do not see on the page. Access all its content through this link ( https://cinecalidad.link/ ).


It is another alternative to download or watch movies online with HD quality and surround sound. Elitetorrent is characterized by being one of the sites with the fastest online playback speed and Spanish-speaking content. Among its list of categories available in movies are: horror, suspense, comedy, drama, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

Now, it is important to mention that some of the films available on the site are in 720px resolution. However, their quality is still as good as the others, on the other hand, certain titles are available in several languages, so you can choose the one that best suits your region. If you want to access the site, use this link ( https://www.elitetorrent.in/ ).


It is an alternative to DownloadsMix that allows you to watch online content of the best movies and most popular TV series of the moment. Although you will not be able to download any of the options available on the web, Pelis-123 has a simple platform, easily accessible, in which the only obstacle will be deciding what you want to see. It has three navigation menus, in which you can choose by language, series or the highest-grossing movie premieres so far. Find everything at ( https://pelis-123.com/ ).

Cliver.to (formerly Reypeliculas.com)

It is considered one of the best alternatives to DownloadsMix, because, unlike the aforementioned website, Cliver.to does not have as many advertising or invasive ads. In addition, it offers HD quality movies to download or enjoy online, alone or with whomever’s company. Which are distributed in different categories, including the most recent releases and the most viewed.

With this website you can find science fiction titles such as “Wonder Woman 1984”, animation, such as: “Stripe and the last dragon” and romantic comedies, such as: “To all the boys I fell in love with: Forever”. Which are exclusive premieres of platforms such as Netflix and Disney +, in different languages, including Spanish, Latin Spanish and subtitled. Access it through ( https://www.cliver.to/ ).


It is a website with an attractive and intuitive interface, with which you can enjoy titles ranging from 1929 to the most recent movie releases. The organization of content within the platform ranges from the novelties at the box office, to the oldest classics on the big screen. In addition, it incorporates a section in which you can view the next movies that will be uploaded to the site. So you will know exactly where to find the one you have been looking for so much.

Similarly, they include popular series and anime within their website, to ensure entertainment for their users. It is worth mentioning that Pelisplus has a group on Telegram, the instant messaging app, which you can access by following this link ( https://t.me/pelisplushdtv ).

Mega downloads

It is another option on the list, as it has a wide catalog of movies to watch online or download to the PC. The latter, in case you prefer to save them in your personal repertoire to enjoy them at any time in offline mode. It is worth mentioning that Megadescargas.guru also has a search engine that makes it easy to find any movie, filtering results by name or year of release at the cinema. You can use this link to the official site ( https://megadescargas.guru/ ).


This is by far one of the best sites on the Internet that has an alternative to DownloadsMix to download or watch movies online. It has an intuitive platform that is very simple to use, even if you are not a web expert. In addition, it houses a large repertoire of titles that includes everything from 1929 classics to the most anticipated releases on the big screen. So the hours of entertainment in Repelis.io are more than assured.

As an additional complement, this platform has a search engine where you can filter the results to find the movie you want, quickly. In turn, it allows you to select between titles in Latin Spanish and subtitles, in case you prefer the original version of the film, you will find everything at ( https://repelis.io/ ).


It is a website that hosts movies and TV series transmitted by the most coveted streaming platforms in the world, such as “WandaVision” and “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. All this, added to a catalog of Japanese anime, stored in an intuitive interface that has a search engine and a navigation menu that makes it easy to navigate the page. It is worth mentioning that you can register at pepeliculas.org through this link ( https://www.pepeliculas.org/ ) and interact with other users about the content.


Although the amount of advertising on this site is somewhat invasive to users, Yts.mx offers a wide catalog of movies with different qualities to watch online or download. Now, it is important to mention that, although the titles are in their original version in terms of language, it is also very easy to find the subtitles for them. On the other hand, its developers recommend the use of a VPN for downloading content. Access all the content through this link ( https://yts.mx/ )

Cuevana 2

Although it does not allow you to download content from the web, it is an excellent platform to watch movies and series online. It has a simple, attractive-looking interface that does not represent an obstacle to viewing the best of cinema and television. All you have to do is select the clip you want and wait while it starts to play. To enter this site you can click on this link: ( https://cuevana2.io/ )

As you can see, the alternatives to DownloadsMix are many. However, you should be aware that the address of these websites can change at any time. This is due to restrictions or penalties by the laws or governments of each country, however, most will be available with another name or domain on the Internet.

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