Has Divxatope closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

DivX a Tope has not closed, but now it has another name on the Internet and it is DivxTotal. It handles the same concept of offering movies and series under the p2p (Peer to Peer) system, which consists of connecting through the computer of other users so as not to depend on a central server. If you have a uTorrent client, the download process will be quite simple since you only have to click on the link indicated on the page.

DivX a Tope is one of the best platforms to find the most classic or modern audiovisual content and has several categories to optimize search processes. However, these portals often suffer temporary blocks or permanent closures due to copyright infringement. Therefore, in this article you will see the best alternatives to DivX to Top to continue downloading movies or series.


MiTorrent is characterized by having an extensive catalog of classic and modern movies. It has an advanced search engine in which you can get the file you want by means of the title, the year of the film, the format, the quality, etc. It has specific sections for both series and movies, so it will be easy to locate the content to download.

Tags and genres are a great help to have more focus on searches. It also has a section to answer the most frequent questions you have, either how to download the movies on the page or how to register to have more benefits. If you want to use this platform, just click on this link ( https://mitorrent.org ).

Cinema Quality

One of the best websites to download any movie or series on the Internet is Cine Calidad. Its interface is simple but attractive and it has several genres that will simplify the search for the movie. Another advantage to mention is that it has links to download in uTorrent, MEGA, Uptobox and Turbobit clients.

You can get the most recent movies on this platform. You will have the possibility to choose in which language you want to download the content, either in its original language with subtitles, in Latin Spanish or dual (with both languages). To use Cine Calidad as an alternative page to DivX a Tope, go to this link ( https://www.cine-calidad.com/ ).

EZTV Torrent

It is a portal with a very simple interface that has varied content thanks to the offer of movies and television series, which range from the most modern to classic such as “The Prince of Rap” or “Friends”. If you are looking to have all the seasons of a series on your computer, then EZTV Torrent is a good option.

One of its benefits is that it is specially organized to identify if a series has uploaded all the chapters or there are episodes to upload. The search engine is optimal and has basic functions that allow you to find the file you want. If you want to try this platform, go to the following link ( https://eztvtorrent.co ).


The main attraction of 1337x is that you can get more than movies and series in high definition. You will also find applications, documentaries, games, music, among others. Its search engine is fast and offers various filters that will help you narrow down the search fields. Another plus point is that the portal has constant updates that eliminate suspicious or malicious files.

This ensures that the content offered is safe for the community. When you get the file you want to download, you can choose between the original language, with subtitles or dubbed into Spanish (Latin and Spanish). Having clarified these points, click on this link ( https://1337x.to ) to use 1337x as an alternative page to DivX Tope.


If you want a page that is simple, MejorenVO is an excellent option. It has a wide catalog of movies and series, in addition to the fact that the search engine has different filters to optimize the results of the page. Once you get the movie or series of your liking, the platform will immediately offer you the link to download the file in a uTorrent client.

You can get the content in its original language and with an external link to download the subtitles. Another advantage offered by this page is that it is in Spanish and you can choose the video quality from DVDRip to Blu-ray. Click on this link: ( http://www.mejorenvo1.com ) to enter the website directly.


This platform stands out for having a wide quality in movies and series, since you can choose between HD, 3D and 4K. It does not use invasive advertising compared to other web portals and it also has an advanced search engine that will help you quickly locate the file of your choice.

In addition to having a technical sheet and the synopsis of the film, you will be able to observe the scores it has obtained and the comments that have been made according to its quality. The main disadvantage is that all movies and series are dubbed into Spanish from Spain. If you want to try Gran Torrent, click on this link ( https://grantorrent.nl )


EliteFreak has a small catalog of movies and series compared to the pages that have already been mentioned. However, the films they offer are of high quality and have an information sheet with relevant data about the film or series. In the same way, you can choose the language according to the options of the platform.

It has a peculiar design but quite simple to use. The movie menu is not constantly updated, but when downloading the movies, it doesn’t handle too much advertising. If you want to try EliteFreak as an alternative page to DivX Tope, this is the link ( http://www.elitefreak.net/ ) that you should use.


The remarkable feature in EliteTorrent is that its movies and series have a quality that ranges from 720p to 1080p. It is one of the favorite pages among users for its ease of use and speed of download. Also, if compared to other web portals, most of the files to download do not exceed 2GB of memory.

It is worth mentioning that EliteTorrent is one of the oldest pages on the Internet to download movies and series, as it has overcome several attacks and blocks thanks to its frequent domain changes. In it you will get a great variety of genres, be it action, comedy, drama, children’s, among others. If you want to use this web portal, click on this hyperlink ( https://www.elitetorrent.in )


If you are a fan of Asian anime, drama or movies, whether from Japan, China or South Korea, then Nyaa will be a good choice for you. This web platform is excellent for downloading content related to anime and manga, so you will find a wide variety of books, images, software, movies, series, etc.

The page has a very simple interface, but the search engine has various filters that will help you find the file you want. Some movies and series have both subtitles and dubbing in Spanish, which has been beneficial for the page, since it has gained a lot of popularity. If you want to enter Nyaa, press this link ( https://nyaa.si/?c=1_0 )


This is a website where you can find a wide variety of series and movies that range from the most current to the classic movies. In addition to getting the link to download the file through a uTorrent client, you will also get other download methods such as 1ficher, Uptobox, Desiupload, among others.

The disadvantage that should be mentioned is that some movies (old and current) do not have a high quality compared to other platforms. However, you can download the film in the original language, Latin Spanish or with Spanish dubbing. If you want to use this platform, click on this link ( https://vidcorn.to/ )

These are some of the best alternatives to DivX Tope that you have available and operative to continue downloading the movies or series that are to your liking. It is necessary to remember that you must have an active uTorrent client to facilitate the download and, in turn, depending on the website, you must use a VPN.

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