Has Dailysports closed or no longer exists? The best alternatives

You may be looking for alternatives to DailySport, as you have found that this page does not work or no longer exists at the usual web address. This is because this portal, like many others of the same style, is affected by penalties by the government due to the unauthorized publication of private content. Luckily, there are still pages that you can use to continue enjoying soccer and other sports online.

They are detailed throughout this text, in list form. Now, you should keep in mind that sites like the ones mentioned below constantly change URLs. Therefore, when trying to enter, you could find that the platform does not work or has been moved to another address. On the other hand, it is important to note that, although there are free options in this article, you will also find some that are paid.


BuffStreams is by far the best alternative to DailySport. This incredible website allows, not only to watch football in HD quality in Streaming with connection to TV channels, such as ESPN. But it also has different leagues such as the NFL, WWE, AFL and the UFC / MMA, in addition to various sports categories including: Formula 1, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, rugby, etc.

The interface of this website is very simple and, although it does not have a great design, its varied and organized menu allows you to access any programming you want. On the other hand, it is important to note that this platform is in English, however, this does not represent an impediment to enjoy the best content. Best of all, BuffStreams does not require payment for memberships or subscriptions in order to watch sporting events.

If you want to access this website, use the following link: ( https://buffstreams.tv )


With a name inspired by one of the best-known DC Comics superheroes, this portal is listed as one of the alternatives to DailySport thanks to its fantastic quality of reproduction. It also allows online transmission, not only football soccer, but also other sports like basketball, hockey, football, etc. Best of all, access to this type of content is free and available in much of the world.

On the other hand, the BatmanStream catalog is updated daily, allowing its users to enjoy the best games in the world in HD quality. Its interface is quite simple and intuitive, so you can navigate within the web without any problem. However, this site is subject to the creation of an account in order to view the content stored on it. However, it is a quick process and it is also free.

Enjoy all the content entered on your website: ( https://www.batman-stream.com )


Intergoles has a super simple platform to understand and use, in which its main window shows a long list of matches available to watch online. It is worth mentioning that although Intergoles is focused mainly on online transmission of the beautiful game also includes other sports such as basketball, tennis, etc.

On the other hand, the e – existence annoying ads or the need to give as many clicks to enjoy the matches are some negative factors of this website. However, it could be argued that the video and audio quality of their broadcasts compensates for this disadvantage. Access it through this link: ( https://www.intergolestv.com/programacion.php )

Red card

Although the appearance of this platform is not the best of the options on this list, Tarjetaroja has an incredible number of users around the world. With this page you will have access to streaming content of football matches of the European or Latin American league. But, in addition, it includes other sports, such as hockey, basketball, tennis, etc., so you can enjoy a fairly wide catalog of sports programming.

All its content is distributed in a long list that you have access to just by entering the portal, in addition to a series of important data, such as the transmission time and the language. Similarly, you will find the “View” button located next to the number of the TV channel. It is worth mentioning that, it may take several clicks before you can enjoy the game you want, which can be very annoying.

Access the Red Card through the following link: ( https://www.tarjetarojatvonline.com )


Arenavision is one of the most used platforms to watch sporting events online, for free. This page has an attractive design, in which you can see a navigation menu at the top of the site, from which you can access different playback options. In addition, this portal offers an extensive programming catalog, with which any sports fan would be more than happy.

However, it has a great disadvantage, and that is that Arenavision has many ads that are annoying for those who want to enjoy a good game. Which cannot be blocked through an Adblock, as this would prevent the links or transmission from being carried out correctly. If you want to test the operation of this site, this is the link to use: ( https://arenavision.site )



DIRECTV service is already something known throughout the world, as it is one of the most important television companies. Now, what many of its subscribers do not know is that they have free access to sporting events from the comfort of their Smartphone or computer, thanks to DIRECTV Sports. The latter, as long as they have an account or subscription to one of the payment plans of the company in question.

On the site you will find all the sports content you want in Streaming, not only from the best football leagues, but also from other sports disciplines, such as the NBA or MLB. To do this, all you will have to do is enter your MiDIRECTV account and select the programming you want to see in real time.


While its main focus is broadcasting boxing in HD quality, this is another one of the Internet sites that allows you to view sporting events in other leagues, such as the NFL and the NBA. Now, DAZN is a payment page, so, in order to enjoy the aforementioned content, you must subscribe to its platform. Which is a quick and easy process, in which you must provide certain personal information, such as name, surname, email, etc.

It has a cost of $ 1.99 or less and you can cancel your subscription at any time you want. Once you have access to the platform, DAZN sports content will be in your hands. It is worth mentioning that you can enter from different devices : computers, Tablets, Smartphones, video game consoles and TV or streaming devices, such as Chromecast. Access it through this link: ( www.dazn.com/en-VE/welcome )

Eurosport Player

This is an “On Demand” television platform (on demand or subscriber choice), owned by Discovery and available only on the Internet. In it you can enjoy live sporting events, in disciplines such as Rugby, football, cycling, among others. It is considered one of the most complete Internet sites to watch European sport. But, as expected, this service is paid and is available in most EU countries.

Now, if you are abroad, it is recommended to use a VPN from any of the places where the site works. On the other hand, among the most outstanding advantages of Eurosport Player are: the possibility of changing cameras, selecting any of those available in the field. Also, select the audio language that corresponds to your region, as long as this option is available in the territory. Use this link ( https://www.eurosportplayer.com ) to access the content.


As the last alternative in this list of suggestions is ATRESplayer. This website (https://www.atresplayer.com/), although it is not directly focused on football, has a good list of Spanish television channels. Of which, some include paid programs, with transmission of sporting events. This page arose as an initiative of the Atresmedia group, it is considered one of the cheapest payment options in Europe.

Now, in order to enjoy sporting events, soap operas, series and movies, you must complete the registration form, this is something very simple to do and costs only € 4.99. On the other hand, it is important to note that this website has an option that allows you to view the live broadcast.

As you can see, there are many alternatives that you have at your disposal to replace DailySport on your list of websites to enjoy online sporting events. However, you must remember that those that are free constantly change their web address to remain available on the web.

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