Google: what does it mean, what are its functions and how to use it

Google has earned the title of being one of the most important companies in the entire world. He focuses entirely on the internet and also on the new technologies that are the epicenter of his activity, which is his web browser. Google stores all the websites in the world and in a few seconds, it allows you to search for what you need.

Official Web site https://www.google.com
Category Search Engine
Developer Alphabet, Inc.
Creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Launch 1997
Platforms Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
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Google is the most used and popular content search engine worldwide, belonging to Alphabet Inc. It specializes in various products and services, all of them related to the Internet. But, it is mostly known for being people’s preferred search engine. It is estimated that there are hundreds of millions of searches made every day.


Google is used to search for words or phrases on the internet. It is commonly used to locate websites, definitions, translations, blogs, and a host of other options. It has the option of searching for exact words or phrases in an article or mathematical operations and conversions, all in the same search engine.

Also, it is an excellent tool to locate potential followers or clients. For website owners, businesses or companies; is a site that allows them to increase their visibility, through the optimization of portals and making strategies.

Everyone uses Google, but very few people know its exact use . The main function of Google is to make it easier for users to use the internet, since just by entering a word, Google helps you find whatever you need. In addition, due to its growth, Google is essential to be able to activate your Android phone.

What does it mean?

The word “Google” comes from the word “Googol”, which in Spanish is gúgol; and it was invented by mathematician Edward Kasner. Its meaning is simple, 10 raised to 100; or in other words a 1 followed by 100 “zeros”. This term apparently originated when Edwar asked his 9-year-old nephew Milton Sirrota to come up with a name for a very large number.

Some interpret it by looking at Google as a giant number equivalent to the amount of information it handles. According to scientists, there is no such large quantity in the universe as a Googol, not even in space.

How does it work?

The Google search engine works through 3 basic processes to always stay updated. First, they “track” the information on the web. Thousands of websites are created every day, the company is in charge of updating, with its algorithms, its web page base to be always up to date. Once they have at their base most of the websites that exist, they begin to interpret the information; This process is called “ Indexing”.

Through this process, written information such as your images and videos are analyzed, they try to understand the content to classify and sort it in the Google index. It is in this space, where all the information is organized to access it easily.

Finally, when entering our query in the search engine, the entire system that makes up Google comes into play, to locate in its index the answer that has the most acceptance. Factors such as language, the device we use and the place where we are are taken into account, in this way, it manages to show quality results.


Google has certain characteristics that make it very particular. In its upper bar, you can see different tools and topics, for example, News, Images, among others. It has a voice search system, faster than typing. It records the history automatically and gives you suggestions of the most searched words related to your topic.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is the fastest search engine that provides the most relevant information.
  • It offers content according to the search carried out.
  • Create custom pages.
  • It has free tools, such as the language translator.
  • It allows you to search through files such as images.
  • It constantly works to improve the security of its users, as well as the speed of navigation.


  • Some personal data is kept “to improve” the results.
  • The searches are not in real time, but the indexes are previously stored in its database and, later, they are shown when an investigation is carried out by the user. With which, we do not necessarily have updated information at the time of doing a search.
  • Many times, in its intention to be the best search engine, Google makes many changes to its search algorithm and website ranking and, on some occasions, deteriorations have been evidenced.

Google Products

Google, as a technology giant, has at your disposal a large number of services that you can use, in most of them, for free.

  • Google Translator: It makes it possible to translate texts in different languages ​​and listen to their pronunciation.
  • Google Maps: Facilitates making locations in spaces, supported by GPS systems.
  • Google Earth : Allows you to locate anywhere in the world, with satellite-type images, excellent for those who love geography, with very accurate data.
  • Google Chrome: The favorite browser of most of the people around the world.
  • Google Now:  Intelligent personal assistant developed by the company.
  •  Google Assistant: Intelligent personal assistant developed by the company. Unlike the previous one, this one can participate in two-way conversations.
  • Google Play Store: It is a store that offers many applications for Android operating systems .
  • Google Drive: Excellent tool to host online files, such as videos, texts, spreadsheets, drawings, recordings, among others. It has 15 GB of space that is free.
  • Gmail: The most popular platform for sending and receiving mail today .
  • Android: The operating system of most Smartphone is also from the giant Google.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google as a university project in 1996, while they were still students. The original name of the project was BackRub, and in 1997 they decided to name it Google, as it is known to this day. It was officially founded as a company on September 4, 1998.

By 27 September the following year, they released the Google search engine, this being his anniversary date and surpassing soon their competition, AltaVista search engine created in 1995.
By 2000, Google had already gained much popularity and releases your platform for selling AdWords ads. For 2001 it innovated again, in this case by launching its image search engine, now with a word or phrase you could locate the images related to the subject. In 2002 Google news was inaugurated, a service that would work hand in hand with the famous search engine.

Currently Google is part of a banking entity, already having permits from the Irish Central Bank, which accredits it as a payment entity throughout the European Union.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students at Stanford University, both 46 years old. They were the creators of Google in 1996, based on a degree project. In the beginning, Google had the function of improving searches, which are done on the Internet. Due to its efficiency, it had rapid growth as a search engine, contributing to the fall of  altavista.com, which, at that time, was the search engine most used by users.

Also, as a result of its creation, desktop and web applications were developed that build and complete the company  Google Inc. Page and Brin, accumulated fortune of approximately 58.900 million dollars and 56.800 million, according to Forbes notes.

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