Google Maps: what it is, what it is for and how it works

Google Maps is an online navigation software created and designed by the Google company more than a decade ago, at the beginning of 2005. It emerged in order to provide users with assistance when getting somewhere. It offers maps for more than 220 countries around the world. In the same way, it provides the specific location of millions of companies in an easy-to-use interface, from which GPS navigation data can be obtained quickly and easily.

The application offers a satellite view and aerial images of streets, avenues, establishments and roads that allow you to find the precise location of any place or route you want. In the same way, you can view traffic in real time, in addition to knowing the nearest means of transport, so you can save time with the help of this popular tool. On the other hand, this tool has visitor reviews that will help you get a perspective of the site.

How does it work

Google Maps bases its operation on a service made up of various applications, which allow you to find any place in the world, by means of different tools. To do this, it uses the GPS signal of the cell phone, in addition to other functions, such as connection to the network or real-time location. Therefore, you need the Internet to run this application on your computer.

In the same way, it allows you to zoom in or out of the image to have a better view of the map. In addition, with the help ofGoogle Street View will have the facility to walk the streets and avenues, as if you were there. It is worth mentioning that this is a free service that you can use on computers and mobile devices, even if you do not have a Google account.

On the other hand, Google Maps has a variant for business, which helps companies to better position themselves within the application and offer users important information. In this sense,Google My Business offers specific answers such as: what type of company is it, in what environment does it operate, contact information, among others.

How to use it

As a user, to know the specific location of a site or establishment using Google you do not need to register. Well, just access the browser from your computer and enter the name of the city, street or place you want to find, in the Google search bar. Now, in order to find the precise location, click on the ” Maps ” option that is displayed on the top bar.

On the other hand, if you do it from the application, the process is much easier. Since the interface is simple to understand and offers different alternatives to find in your location, including: restaurants, service stations, supermarkets, coffee shops, etc. As on the computer, just type the name of the establishment or address that you want to find and click on the magnifying glass icon.

Now, if you want to use Google Maps as a business, you need to log in and log in with your business account to locate it on the map. To do this you will have to fill in the corresponding form and make sure that the information that appears on the screen is correct. In this way you will be able to receive reviews, publish photographs and clarify the opening hours for the public.

On the other hand, to scroll the map and search for nearby places, you simply have to slide your finger across the screen in the direction you want. But, if you do it from the computer, click anywhere on the map and drag in the direction you want to navigate. To zoom in or out, scroll or use your fingers if you’re doing it from your mobile.

How to download

This application is installed by default on high-end Android devices (Smartphones), in the System applications folder. However, if you can’t find it or you own a cell phone with iOS OS, you can download Google Maps for free fromGoogle Play orApp Store, depending on the equipment you use.

Get coordinates

This location software offers the facility to obtain coordinates in real time, of the location shown on the screen. It is an excellent tool if you want to inform someone of the precise position you are in, especially when navigating. Now, to obtain them you will have to press and hold the screen for a few seconds in the location where you want to know the information in question.

They are displayed at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by the name of the state, country or city in which you are. By having them, you will be able to share them, save them, start navigation or order the directions to get there.

Map types

With the constant updates of this application, different modes of displaying the map have been incorporated , being able to choose between: default, satellite or relief. In the same way, you can set the map details among the available options, for this you have traffic, public transport, cycling, 3D and even use the Street View function.


The navigation function of Google Maps allows you to receive directions in real time while moving along the route. To use it, you simply have to search for the location in the app, activate the directions and click on the icon with the blue arrow to receive instructions from the device. It is very useful if you find yourself driving the vehicle or cannot find a place while you are going down the street.


This application is extremely practical and versatile, so it is quickly adapted to different devices and Operating Systems. Which makes it easy to access the location of any place you want. Since you can use it on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC, regardless of whether it works with Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS. Similarly, Google Maps supports different browsers: Safari, Opera, Mozilla and also Explorer.

What is it for

Google Maps is used to locate on the map any address, establishment, service or business you want, no matter where you are in the world. In the same way, it allows you to get directions on how to get there, through the different routes or using the different means of transport. On the other hand, with this application you can obtain precise coordinates to find the location of a specific point.

Complementary services

The American company has been in charge of developing different complementary services for Google Maps. Among which we can mention: Google Street View, Google Local, Google Earth, etc., learn more about each one, below.

Google Street View

This function incorporated into Google Maps allows you to travel and visit places without being there, giving you images and videos of streets, avenues and establishments. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to upload your own photographs for the whole world to see, in this way you can add the place you want to the map. It offers a view of 360 ° images taken by a camera created by Google, this application isavailable in the Android store, free of charge.

Google Local

With this service, Google offers a smaller version of the images available on the map, for local searches. It should be mentioned that search filters can be used, such as the type of establishment, for example, for the different geographical areas in which Google Local is available.

Google Earth

It is a program specially developed for viewing the globe, through satellite images a
d aerial photographs. This has multiple variants, but is characterized by its free version compatible with different devices and Operating Systems. It is available atGoogle Play, although you can also access it from your computer’s browser.

Google My Business

It is an application created and developed for Google corporate clients who seek to bring clients to their establishments. With it, large or small business owners will be able to exchange comments with their public and respond to concerns, comments or reviews. In the same way, they will have the option of uploading photos of their products to the network, so that anyone can see them.

Unfortunately, recent updates to Google My Business has left many users dissatisfied, as it has constant flaws that make the app less popular. However, it is still an option that you can try in the future.

Google Indoor

It is a complementary service to Google Maps that allows you to “enter” public buildings, such as: airports, shopping centers, stadiums and public transport. In this way, visitors can know the internal structure of the establishment and plan their visits, to save time when finding their favorite sites.

Google Send To Car

This complementary service allows you to send any address you want to the GPS equipment of your vehicle. This way you avoid writing the location manually or repeating the search for it. Now, it is important to mention that it works mostly on computers, because from the mobile app it could throw errors. To add your vehicle you simply have to visit the address ofSendtocar and click on the corresponding button.

Other versions

Google Maps has an alternative version for mobile devices that is much lighter than the original. It is available under the name ofGoogle Maps Go and is in the Android store to download at no cost. However, as it is a reduced variant, it is necessary to install the plugin Navigation for Google Maps Go, of this to be able to use this function.

Web or desktop version

This application can be used without problems in its web version, by accessing theofficial site of Google Maps and applying the methods mentioned a few lines above. It should be mentioned that this is much more comfortable, if you take into account the size of the screen, but its functions or characteristics are exactly the same.

As can be seen throughout this post, Google Maps is a fairly complete application service that will allow you to travel the world from the palm of your hand.


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