Fix or sharpen blurry or out of focus photos – free tools

Improving blurry photos can be a difficult task if you don’t have advanced editing programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Which allow you to use professional filters to eliminate blur or, failing that, improve it until it is almost undetectable. Luckily, there are free tools on the Internet that you can use to achieve similar results, with minimal effort.

Among the most popular are Pixlr orPhoto Effects, both are very easy to use sites that incorporate useful and professional-looking features for this type of work. On the other hand, desktop programs, such as Illustrator,inPixio orMovavi give you the ability to improve blurry photos like an expert, even if you are just starting in the area. To find out which is the best alternative, continue reading the next post.

Important guidelines

To fix your photos out of focus or blurry, you must use tools or programs that allow you to do so. But, before knowing which are the best for this, you must take into account certain important aspects, such as those described below:

  • Not all images can be improved : Although most applications to improve blurry photos use AI (Artificial Intelligence), not all can be fixed. Since the image quality and the level of blur influence the final result.
  • They can include a watermark: Although it is a detail that can be eliminated at any time with a simple crop, you should know that some programs may include a watermark in the final image.
  • Most are paid: The best tools are characterized by being paid or offering integrated purchases within their free version. However, they are the best alternative to achieve good results.

Free tools

To edit blurry, low-quality or out-of-focus photos online for free you must use tools such as Pixlr or Photoeffects. Both have intuitive platforms and almost professional editing features.


This website is one of the best available on the Internet for fast and effective photo editing. It has a series of options that allow you to focus, improve sharpness, increase, reduce, move parts of the image, among others that you will surely love. The best of all is that its use is free and you can download your file to your computer, in maximum quality and in different formats, including JPEG.

To use this tool you simply have to access their official website and follow the steps shown below:

  1. Press the ” Open Image ” button.
  2. Search your team’s library for the image you want to improve.
  3. Click on it to edit.
  4. You will advance to the editing window, click on the “ Filter ” tool and move the markers to modify aspects of the image.
  5. Press ” Apply “.
  6. When you are satisfied with your work, press ” Save.”
  7. A pop-up window will open in which you will have to select the output format, the file dimensions and, if you wish, assign a title.
  8. Press ” Download “.

After a few seconds you will have to select the destination folder on your computer and, finally, wait for the download to finish. It’s that simple you can modify all the photos you want, like a professional.

Photo effects

It is a fairly simple website, so it can be used by inexperienced users without any problem. Unlike the previous one, it does not have as many tools, but it does incorporate several alternatives to create your own photographs from existing templates on the page. With Photoefects, all you have to do is enterthis link and follow a simple procedure.

Which consists of uploading the file you want to edit, once loaded you can decide if you want to apply a filter, include text or let the automatic adjustment do all the work. At the end you will have the option to add stickers or comments, share it, cut or download the photo to your computer for free. However, despite the fact that it is a simple tool to use, the result is very poor, compared to other sites of the same style.

Other tools

Among the paid tools to enhance blur includedAdobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and inPixio. Which offer a trial version and a paid version, allowing you to use the program’s tools without any type of limitation. Once this period is over, you will need to purchase the software license to continue using it.

In the case of Illustrator, it is one of the most preferred by the public, as it has the “Automatic Vectorization” function. Which allows to considerably improve any image, without any effort. In addition to being a vector software, ideal for doing any type of advertising design at a professional level. It can be downloaded from theAdobe’s official site at no cost.

In the case of Photoshop is a slightly more complicated program to use. So it is not a great option for inexperienced users, since it requires the combination of filters, effects and other attributes necessary for the retouching of blurry images. However, it is still a good option for photo editing professionals.

For its part, inPixio is super simple to use, its download is free and its appearance is easy for inexperienced users to understand. Unfortunately this program is only available for the Windows Operating System. So if you use a Mac, you should try a different alternative, like the ones mentioned above.

In conclusion, if what you are looking for is a free tool that allows you to easily edit and improve your images, Pixlr is the best alternative. Whereas, if your desire is to obtain surprising results, a professional editing program is what you need.

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