Error “err_connection_closed” in Google Chrome (this page is not available): solutions

Although Google Chrome is considered by many users as the best, it is not exempt from certain flaws. In general terms, to solve any kind of error it is recommended to reinstall the browser or reset the settings. In this post, you will find a general guide to resetting Google Chrome and solving the error “ err_connection_closed ” (this page is not available). Additionally, some alternatives that you can try to eradicate this problem are explained.

The Google Chrome uninstall process is pretty straightforward, as is restoring the browser’s default settings. However, some users would prefer to leave these methods as a last resort. Therefore, a series of options are also presented to solve the problem of “ err_connection_closed ”. Likewise, knowing these methods can be very useful if there is any other error in the navigation.

Reset Google Chrome

Restoring the default values ​​in the browser configuration, serves to correct malfunctions in relation to external factors that may negatively affect it, thereby eliminating the ” err_connection_closed ” error . Here is a guide with the steps to follow to reset Google Chrome :

  1. Open the browser and click on the three dots located in the upper right corner to open the options menu.
  2. Go to ” Settings “.
  3. Select ” Advanced Settings.”
  4. In the section ” Recall settings and delete ” there is the button ” Restore the original default values ​​of the settings ” press it.
  5. You must confirm the operation, to do this press ” Reset settings “.

The steps may vary slightly depending on the version you use. After doing them, check if the error has already been solved. Otherwise, your best option is to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome if the cause of the problem is the browser.

When restoring the default values ​​of Google Chrome, certain options such as content settings, cookies or site data, among others, will change. But saved passwords are not deleted, nor search history.

Uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome

This process is a definitive solution for any error caused by browser failures, it may be due to problems with Flash or add-ons, among others. Remember that, to uninstall Google Chrome in the correct way, you must do it from the control panel. In this way, you eliminate all traces that the application can leave on your computer, which can cause the failure to persist.

Once uninstalled, you can reinstall it to your PC through this link, which will take you to the official site from where you can download it safely and virus-free. After installation is complete, previously encountered issues should be resolved. Otherwise, there are still other alternatives that you can apply to solve this problem.

Other alternatives to solve the error

In this section, you will find a series of alternative options to eliminate the “ err_connection_closed ” problem . In addition, these are useful when errors occur due to specific causes such as problems in the DNS client or in the Proxy connection.

Restart the DNS client service

The Domain Name Services or DNS is responsible for decrypting the IP address of the domain you want to address and transforming it into domain names to facilitate reading by the user. Some problem in this service can cause different errors in web browsing, so it is recommended to restart it to solve them.

To achieve this, you must open the application ” Run ” and, through it, write ” services.msc ” with which you can access Windows services. A list will open where you must look for the option “DNS Client “, select it and then press the ” Restart ” option .

Check Proxy Server

Although using this service is important for some users, a configuration problem may be causing navigation errors. Therefore, it is recommended to disable the use of the proxy in order to check if this is the cause.

To achieve this, enter the section of the Control Panel called ” Networks and Internet ” and select ” Internet Options “. Afterwards, open the ” Connections ” tab and click ” LAN Settings “. In this section, you must locate the option corresponding to ” Proxy Server ” and uncheck it.

Use the Google Chrome cleanup tool

Chrome has a built-in option to thoroughly scan your computer for malicious software that may affect its optimal performance. You can locate it by entering the browser settings in the advanced options. Once in this section, simply look for the tool that says ” Clean computer ” and run it.

Check the System Firewall

This function serves as a protection where a malicious element is prevented from accessing the system, so its deactivation is not recommended. However, it is important to check your settings to see that all connections are not blocked.

Enter the option ” Systems and security ” within the ” Control Panel.” Locate the option ” Windows Firewall.” Then, you must go to ” Activate or deactivate Windows Firewall ” and verify in this space that the option ” Block all incoming connections, including those from the list of allowed programs ” is not checked in any.

Restoring network settings

To restore these settings, it is necessary to enter the command prompt of your Windows computer. Start the administrator by typing ” cmd ” in the search bar. You can open this tool if you are logged in as administrator or, if not, right click and press ” Run as administrator “. Run the following commands:

  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

With the first of these, a restoration of the TCP / IP settings is done . While the second corresponds to the Winsock interface (Windows Sockets). Once the commands have been used, simply reboot the computer.

Renew the IP address of the DNS server

It is well known the IP address used to identify the network. However, it can present problems at times so it is recommended to renew it. To achieve this, you simply have to access the command prompt and run the following commands:

  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / all
  • ipconfig / flushdns
  • ipconfig / renew

These commands will serve to clear the DNS cache as well as to release and renew the IP address. As with restoring settings explained in the previous section, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Although there are several options to solve the error ” err_connection_closed ” (this page is not available), as a definitive solution it is recommended to reset or restart Google Chrome, since any alteration in the browser is directly attacked. Additionally, it is important to always have an antivirus of your preference installed, for Windows Microsoft Security Essentials is recommended , which you can obtain by following thislink.

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