Buy domain and hosting separately: is it possible?

When we are going to create a web page there are two very important aspects that we must take into account: the domain and the hosting. Although they can sometimes be confused, it must be borne in mind that they are two different things. The domain is basically the name of the page and the extension, such as, for example, redeszone.net. Instead, hosting is where we are going to host the page, the content, so that visitors can enter. Could we buy the domain and hosting from two different companies ?

How to have domain and hosting in different sites

The domain is key for any page. So will the accommodation, of course. However, the name that we choose, the extension that we are going to use, will be something fixed that we cannot change unless we decide to create another new website. It is something that we must take into account when we start a project to create a website.

On the other hand, hosting is something that we can choose at any time and change it if we wish. For example, if you have hired it with a company and later find another offer that interests us more, with better benefits and price. One of the factors that could cause us to opt for another alternative is the storage capacity.

So, could we contract the domain and hosting separately ? The answer is yes. We can contract the domain with a registrar and the storage with another totally different platform. In this way we would have a domain pointing to a hosting that is in a different company.

Many users start with a simple hosting, a shared hosting that allows the basics for the operation of the web. With the passage of time, they may outgrow that and require more resources. This could make them opt for a dedicated hosting, which would be more expensive but with more possibilities.

For this reason, at first we may have contracted the domain and hosting with different companies or it may be that in the same and later we are interested in changing the web storage to a different one. This is something we can do at any time. In addition, it is something relatively common and one that many page managers take into account.

Point the DNS to the suitable hosting

Let’s say that we have contracted a web domain with a company, but we want to use the hosting on a different hosting. That domain will point the DNS to the hosting of that company, but we are interested in pointing it to the hosting where we are actually going to save our site files.

For this to be possible, what we have to do is change the domain’s DNS and make them point to that server that we have elsewhere. We must have these data when hiring a web storage. The normal thing is that the company sends us an email indicating that the hosting is activated and the access data. In case we do not have them, we would simply have to contact them.

Once we have this data, what we have to do is enter the control panel of the company where we have contracted the domain, select the specific domain and look for the option to modify DNS, DNS or Nameservers. It will depend on the company, but the process is similar.

When we are at this point, we simply have to change the data that we have previously obtained from the hosting we want to target. This will allow the website to function properly and for visitors to have no problem viewing them.

Something similar to the image above should appear. There we would simply have to put the corresponding data and click on Change Nameservers or Change DNS, depending on the company where we are.

The change of DNS in a hosting is not immediate

Keep in mind that this change does not occur immediately. Once we put the corresponding DNS and we give it to apply, we will have to wait a while until they propagate through the Internet and the changes really take effect.

This is usually a process that takes less than a day, but we may have to wait even more than 24 hours. Therefore it is not something that has immediate effect only after having changed it in the corresponding domain. This will happen regardless of the hosting we have contracted.

Is it better to hire the domain and hosting in the same company?

We have seen that it is possible to have the web domain with one company and the hosting with a totally different one. It is a common process and it is also simple to carry out, as we have explained previously. But, does it have advantages to have the domain and hosting in the same place?

It is more practical

If we consider practicality, the truth is that it is worth it. We will have everything in one place, with the advantages that this entails in terms of being able to access easily, solve possible problems that appear, etc. We will have an improvement by having everything in the same place. We also avoid having to contact different companies in case a problem appears or we need some type of information.

Lowest price

But we can also get benefits in terms of the price. Especially this happens if we hire both things at the same time. In many cases they even give us a discount for the domain or offer us the first year for free. We can find, therefore, better offers when hiring the whole pack instead of each thing separately.

Improved speed and SEO

In addition, there may be advantages to improve speed and for SEO. If we have contracted a domain in Spain, it is important that the hosting is in the same country. We can achieve this if both are in the same company. We already know that it is very important to take care of everything related to SEO and that our site is correctly positioned so that it reaches the largest number of visitors possible.

In short, it is possible to have a domain and hosting in separate companies. However, we must also take into account the advantages of having them in the same place.

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