On which devices is Disney Plus available or supported?

There are several devices compatible with Disney Plus, in which the application is pre-installed at the factory or in which you can easily download it from the official store. In this guide you will know which are the teams where you can see all the content of this Streaming platform and the different recommendations and requirements necessary to enjoy this service without any inconvenience.

Next, you will learn about each and every one of the methods you can use to watch Disney Plus series and movies. Although mobile devices and home equipment such as a Smart TV stand out, you can also log in with your account from the PC. You can even take advantage of your video game console or use other devices created especially to connect the television to this and other streaming platforms.

On mobile devices

The Disney + Streaming service can be viewed from mobile devices through a free application. Which you can obtain, downloading it from the official store of the different Operating Systems. Next, you will find a more detailed explanation about the requirements to take into account for this.

From Android

All smartphones and Tablets that have Android version 5.0 or higher, can enjoy the Disney Plus platform without any problem. To do this, you just need to go to the Play Store and download the official application, which you can get by following thislink.

From iOS

The Apple mobile devices compatible with Disney Plus are: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with version 12.0 or higher. If you want to purchase the application, you just have to enter and download it from the App Store, for this you can use thislink.

From Amazon Fire Tablets

Those Tablets that have the Fire Operating System version 5.0 or higher, will be compatible with the app. So if you want to enjoy all the content that Disney Plus has for you, you can download it through the followinglink.

In browsers

Disney Plus can be enjoyed in the vast majority of browsers and many requirements are not necessary. In the following list you will find the different Operating Systems together with their corresponding browsers. In addition, the recommended versions for optimal use of the platform will be detailed.


For those who own Apple-branded equipment, the following Disney Plus-compatible browsers are available :


If you are a user of this OS, you can use the following browsers to enjoy Disney Plus content :

Chrome OS

For this Operating System, Disney Plus can only be used in the Chrome OS 79 browser and all its later versions.

Other Operating Systems

There are other Operating Systems such as Linux, which are not compatible with this Streaming platform. Likewise, browsers on mobile devices for both Android and iOS are not supported, including also those found on game consoles and smart TVs.

NOTE: It is important to have a stable, high-speed Internet connection. If you intend to use an external display, it is recommended to use an HDCP cable to enjoy HD content.

On consoles and other streaming services

Disney Plus is also available for Streaming devices and even on the most popular video game consoles. This is possible, thanks to the download of the application on these computers. Here is a list of supported devices:

Apple tv

From the 4th generation of Apple TV HD onwards, you can enjoy an excellent affinity with the Disney Plus platform. It also has compatibility with 4K tvOS 11.0 and higher equipment. To get the most out of this service through Apple TV, you should follow these tips:

Additionally, it is recommended to use HDCP and High Speed ​​HDMI for HD content. For higher 4K Ultra HD or HDR picture quality, an HDCP 2.2 cable will be required.


The Disney Plus service can support up to Ultra HD 4K & Dolby Atmos, depending on the specifications of the Roku device you own. For more information check the details of your device. The models that have compatibility are:

Unsupported devices :

PlayStation and Xbox

The models of the Sony PlayStation consoles that are compatible with this Streaming service are:

On the other hand, the Xbox consoles that have Disney Plus compatibility are:

To start enjoying the content, you must go to the corresponding store of each console and download the official application.

Fire TV, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast

In the case of Amazon Fire TV equipment, it is possible to use Disney Plus with all its models and in the same way in those Smart TV Fire Edition. Likewise, there is compatibility with Apple AirPlay terminals , as long as the televisions are Apple tvOS 11.0 or higher, 3rd generation or later and the TVs that support AirPlay 2.

At the same time, you can enjoy this platform through Chromecast. The supported devices are:


It is also possible to use Disney Plus on a Chromebook, this can be done through the integrated browser of these devices, since it has compatibility with the platform. To do this, you simply have to download the official application and enter your account.

On Smart TV

Some Smart TVs are also compatible with the Disney + Streaming platform. In the following list, you will see the available equipment and the supported versions:

On how many devices can you watch simultaneously

In Disney Plus you can have up to seven different profiles in the same account. However, you will be able to watch the content simultaneously on only four devices at the same time. Regardless of whether you are using it from a mobile, Smart TV or video game console.

As you have seen, this post details all the devices where it is available and on which Disney Plus is compatible. In addition, the different indications and tips to take into account regarding the software versions and the use of the connections are mentioned, to get the most out of the platform. For more information go to the help page ofDisney Plus.


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